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Tuesday, May 7, 2019


1. CFL DRAFT STILL IRRELEVANT: Once upon a time, I just loved doing CFL draft stories. That all changed in 2007 after watching U of R Rams receiver Chris Bauman go first overall and his teammate, Chris Getzlaf, go in the 5th round. Teams do all kinds of homework on this stuff but the reality is, nobody really knows jack about a player’s drive, how his body will hold up or what their own team’s needs will be once the injury bug hits by Labour Day.

Want to make the draft matter? Combine it with CFL Week and put it on in front of a jam-packed large studio audience. Wouldn’t know who’s going to be taken by the NFL yet but who cares? Would just add to the intrigue of the selections and very few of those guys spend much time in NFL camps, anyways.

2. ROUGHRIDER DRAFT WAS RELEVANT: One of the turnoffs about this draft thing is the heavy saturation of linemen who make up the lion’s share of players who will actually have a meaningful impact. But seeing a stud receiver come our way is a totally different ballgame. Like Jeff Fairholm in ’88, Dan Farthing in ’91 and Andy Fantuz in 2006, Justin McInnis is a first-round pick who could be an offensive weapon for the Riders to build around for a half-decade or so. If nothing else, the Roughriders drafting of receivers in each of the top 2 rounds should limit the excuses for the Rider offense to under-perform again in 2019.

3. STILL HOPE FOR CANADIAN QB CHANGE: Jim Popp’s obsession with Canadian quarterbacks is the best thing to happen all offseason. The Argo GM is clearly holding out hope that he’ll be able to take advantage of using a Canadian QB to help his ratio situation. 2005 Grey Cup champion head coach Danny Maciocia and others have been banging this drum for a while and it would appear that Jim Popp has jumped on board. The solution here is simple: Drop to 6 Canadian starters and mandate that each team gets to dress 3 quarterbacks each week, one of whom has to be Canadian. This isn’t rocket science you guys.

4. STRIKE VOTE: 5 of the 9 teams might be in an illegal strike position. So, does Randy Ambrosie somehow think the season can go ahead without 4 teams? LOL

5. ADAM DE LA CRUZ: Greatest news of the Queen City last week was word that not only will Regina Red Sox star 2nd baseman/closer Adam De La Cruz be coming back for 2019 but so is his little brother, Sam. A couple of New Yorkers who grew up near Yankee Stadium want to spend their summers in Regina. That’s pretty cool! #itsfinallymay!

6. PITTS A GREAT CALL TO THE HALL: Some are questioning the Canadian Football Hall of Fame’s induction of Ernie Pitts into the class of 2019 due to the suspicious nature of his death nearly 50 years ago. His wife killed him but was ruled to have acted in self-defense. The Hall handled this perfectly. It doesn’t sound like he was a saint off the field but he was still a person who deserves to be remembered with dignity like we all do. Ernie Pitts paid his debt to society with his early demise and his family had to wait a half-century to have some kind of a happy ending to his story. Thank you to the selection committee for making your own choice, controversial or not.

7. ARGOS STILL NEED RICKY RAY:  Marc Trestman had an 11-9 record and Grey Cup ring to show for a season with a healthy, productive Ricky Ray. A 4-14 last-place finish with a pink slip at the end without Frito Ray.

Corey Chamblin started his Roughrider time with 27 wins, 19 losses and a Grey Cup ring with a healthy, productive Darian Durant as his quarterback. He went 2-15 without Darian on his way out the door.
You get the picture: The Argos, whoever their head coach is, and Cory Chamblin are just like any other CFL team: No established quarterback means no glory. Ricky Ray can take all the time he wants to decide about playing this season or not. Even if he wants to skip training camp, the Argos will be waiting with open arms to welcome him back. As they should.

8. WHL FINALS: The Prince Albert Raiders grabbed a split at home in the first 2 games and I can’t see them losing 3 in a row on the west coast, either. I’m going to have to take the Raiders in 6. It will be nice watching the Memorial Cup on Sportsnet and have one team for all of Saskatchewan to cheer for.

9. ALL YOU RAPTOR DOUBTERS: Just Kawhiet the bleep up. Masai Ujiri is a genius. #inmasaiwetrust

10. WEEKLY WISDOM: Do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always got.

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Anonymous said...

My ‘weekly wisdom’ for McGuire is to quit writing this column and find a job that you aren’t horrific at.

Anonymous said...

Pt 1. The draft is a crap shoot. But some of these guys will make an impact. Problem is it's not always the guys you think. Pt. 2 O'Day picked guys in areas we are weak namely, receiver, safety & defensive line so that's great. Pt. 7 At some point you have to develop a young starter or you end up with, well, Collaros. What's the point of bringing in Ray for one season where he may or may not last a half season. He's played 31 games in the last 4 seasons. You gotta see what Franklin can give them with a game plan suited to him, not with a guy like Trestman who never wanted him to begin with. Pt 6. Gotta go with you on that.

Anonymous said...

This has gone on for way too long, another gm, no quarterback. What don't these Rider gm's understand? Saskatchewan hasn't had a bonofide qb since Kent Austin left, no joke. The Roughriders need to scour scout the ends of the earth to find at least 10 qb's to bring in for tryouts, there's got be one that sticks into a long term starter. Doesn't seem to be any urgency with the Roughriders with a looming Grey Cup on the horizon 2020. Seems lazy lackadaisical non organizational.

Uri Pue

Anonymous said...

Finally a common sense comment about the Raiders. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

a grey cup on the horizon in 2020? they aren't playing one in 2019?

Anonymous said...

the riders should go and grab one from the qb store. or better yet go out to the qb orchard and find one. i mean there are so many qb's available in the cfl. thats why two of them make $700,000 and the rest all have question marks.

Anonymous said...

The riders went shopping at the qb store this spring and the gm failed miserably to bring in either Mitchell, Reilly. As said during free agency, $800,000.** woild have brought one of them to Saskatchewan. By the way, you're hired, start immediately as riders top scout and head out to the nearest horse apple's orchard.

Anonymous said...

Apparently they have been given a free pass to the west division basement 2019, 2020 which they have gladly accepted.

Anonymous said...

Leanne says:

Other than the National/International ratio, I don't want any game-day roster spots designated for a particular nationality. I want the best Nationals and the best Internationals (be they American, Mexican or European) on my game-day roster.

Designating a QB position as Canadian is particularly problematic -- are there 9 Canadian QB's game-ready to dress for every game, every year? And every team would have to be ready with a back-up in case the first guy gets injured. That's 18 Canadian QB's every year.

I wish every Canadian QB all the luck in the world in achieving their football dreams, but designating a game-day spot is not sustainable.

Anonymous said...


The league wouldn't designate a QB position as Canadian only. If a rule change is made it would be to include a Canadian QB in the ratio if he were Canadian, which they do not currently do. The league would not expect every team to have a Canadian QB as you said that would be unrealistic.

Anonymous said...

Stocking up on old overpaid injured hasbeens, it's the Roughriders way.