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Tuesday, May 7, 2019


The Roughriders announced on Twitter on Tuesday morning that they’ve released veteran kicker Tyler Crapigna.

The 26-year old from Nepean, ON missed all of 2018 due to a hip injury. That opened the door for Brett Lauther to have a record-setting season as Crapigna’s replacement.

Crapigna was an original 5th round pick by Calgary in the 2014 CFL Draft out of McMaster University. He was acquired by Saskatchewan interim GM Jeremy O’Day in October of 2015 for RB Jerome Messam.

In retrospect, both teams won that deal.

Crapigna made several clutch kicks in his time with the Riders and earned the trust of his coach and teammates.  If he’s over his injury issues, he’ll kick again somewhere in the CFL.

As for the axiom, “You can’t lose your job due to injury”, Crapigna’s story proves that’s a case-by-case proposition.



Anonymous said...

I wonder why JO wouldn’t let both kickers compete for the job in camp?

Rod Pedersen said...

This was a group decision I’m sure. They wouldn’t have made it easily or lightly.


Tim said...

Releasing him now probably helps Tyler the most. He has more time to sign with another team. I would have preferred getting something for him in a trade, guess they probably exhausted those options first.

Helix said...

That saying "can't lose your job to injury" has always been a lot of baloney. More like "next man up" is closer to the truth. I agree if Crapigna is healthy he will kick again somewhere in the cfl.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this opens the door for a certain former Seahawk's kicker!

Anonymous said...

I fired a woman on maternity leave well the day she came back from maternity leave i never lost a wink of sleep

Anonymous said...

Was a big Luka Congi fan and then he got injured, fabulous kicker on behalf of the football Roughriders of Saskatchewan. Crapigna didnt think twice when taking his job and now it's his turn to be kicked to the curbside. que sera sera adios Crapigna. That's pro sports for ya.


Anonymous said...

Uh, Mac, Luca was gone way before Crapigna ever showed up. Get your facts straight.


Anonymous said...

BC desperately needs a kicker. I'd expect he may land there. As for getting something in a trade, it's pretty obvious the Riders weren't keeping Crapigna on the roster. Why would teams give them anything? Same thing with Elimimian. Hervey mentioned after last season he wasn't going to bring back Jennings, Arcenaux or Elimimian. How do you trade a guy eveyone knows is getting released eventually. He was being shopped but no one bit.

Anonymous said...
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