Realty One

Friday, May 17, 2019


--How many Jon Ryan jerseys has the Rider store sold?  I am guessing a few with a lot more ready to go. The story of hometown boy who goes away, makes a name for himself, wins a Super Bowl ring and returns to finish his career off with the hometown team to fulfill a dream he has had since he was seven  is one that 95 percent of the fanbase loves. They'll love it even more if Ryan gets a Grey Cup ring to go with his Super Bowl ring. For the five percent who don't, well you can go suck an egg.

One can only imagine what type of ovation he will get when he steps on the Mosaic Stadium field for the first time. A standing ovation for a punter?  Don't laugh.  This is Saskatchewan so it just might happen. If it does, it will be one of those "Only in Saskatchewan" moments.

Ryan says this is what he has dreamed of since he was 7. When you think of the career he has had, one could easily forgive him if he had forgotten about that dream a long time ago. He never did. Somehow, one thinks this day was one the 37-year-old had been waiting for. What a thrill it must be for him and his family.  You won't find a better person on this planet than Barb. I can only imagine how ecstatic Bob would be knowing his boy was kicking for the /=S=/.  What a great story! Let's just hope he isn't kicking 9-10 times a game. Speaking of 9, he got his number 9. Will we ever find out what he gave David Watford for it?

--Do the Calgary Stampeders finish first in the West again or is this the year someone beats them out? I think Calgary has finished first every year since 2012. If any team is going to beat them to the tape this year, it will be BC. Sorry Winnipeg,  sorry Edmonton!

--Now that the Friends of the Riders Touchdown Lottery is done, one has to ask if Tom Shepherd saved the green-and-white. With their dire financial situation, Shepherd found a way for fans to help with the bottom line by creating a lottery that resonated with Rider Nation both in rural Saskatchewan, urban Saskatchewan and across the country if not North America. Nearly 22.6 million dollars went into the Rider bank account because of the lottery. That wouldn't have happened without Rider Nation and Shepherd.

--There is labour peace in the CFL.  In the back of our minds, I think we all knew the CFL couldn't afford a work stoppage, but the two sides definitely teased with us until the last second before getting something done. In looking at it, there is a lot to like for the players. I love the fact players can now stay in Canada and work here in the off-season. It will allow some to maybe move their families north of the border and become a part of the community.  A community that maybe they will stay in once they become a free agent.

--We sit and bitch at officiating no matter the sport, but can we all agree that the officiating in the Stanley Cup playoffs has been beyond terrible. The latest example coming Wednesday in St. Louis as a hand-pass led to a goal in overtime to give the San Jose Sharks yet another huge break in these playoffs. That's three for those who are counting! How do the four on-ice officials miss that hand-pass?  The NHL says that can't be reviewed. Why?  It's time that changed!

The NHL rewards its best officials with a Stanley Cup assignment. Maybe this time around it's the officials who have screwed up the least. This has gone past embarassing. Changes are needed moving forward. Current players are calling for it and so are former players. If we can hear from the teams about why they won or lost, let's hear from those calling the game when a controversial call is made that decides a game.

--The Prince Albert Raiders were the last of the four teams to be decided for the Memorial Cup as they won Monday night. They play in the first game Friday in Halifax against the host Mooseheads. As much as I would like to see the Raiders do well, I just think that a gruelling seven game series followed by a trip across the country is too much. I hope I'm wrong. I just remember the Seattle Thunderbirds beating the Pats in 2017 and then getting their clock cleaned in Ontario as they only had a few days to recover.  Screw this talk of moving the CFL back by a couple of weeks, let's do it with the WHL.

--There was anger Monday night with Sportsnet over the fact Game 7 was not on the network that holds the CHL rights.  I understand the anger, but could Sportsnet really take the risk of coming to Prince Albert and setting up for a game that wouldn't have been played had the Raiders won Game 6.  I still say your blame should be centred on the WHL.....them and SHAW Communications for their ludicrous decision a few years ago to stop their sports programming.

-I love the fact Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole are growing playoff beards. I can't believe they hadn't done it before.

--I had no idea former NHL Commissioner Clarence Campbell was a Saskatchewan boy.  Did you?  He's from Fleming!  If you don't know, he is going into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame as is Wendel Clark.  I thought Clark was already in.  What took him so long?

--The UFC is coming to Edmonton in late July.  The timing couldn't be worse for me so you won't find me sitting at Rogers Place. .  When can we get the UFC back in Saskatoon or even Regina?

--Saskatchewan is getting a 3rd area code? I think I know one person with in this province with a 639 area code.  Saskatchewan will always be the 306 to me.

--The Big Bang Theory wrapped up Thursday night.  How do I get my Kaley Cuoco fix now? Oh right, I just watch the re-runs on just about every channel.  TBBT was one of the few TV shows that I actually watch anymore.  There are way too many reality shows, medical dramas, etc. etc out there for me.  The only show I really try to watch anymore because it grabs my attention is "Billions".  That being said, there are some shows on Crave I need to start watching like "Brockmire".  As for network TV, nope!

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

no more touchdown lottery?? Ever?

She loves football too! said...

Come on Scruffy, with that big physique of yours. You have to be somewhat curious as to how you would do as an Alaskan Homesteader. With the ba zillion different Alaskan reality shows on TV now. You have to be curious about one of them.
We live in somewhat of an Alaskan environment here in good old flat Saskatchewan. Fortunately spring comes earlier here and Fall is a little later. So our Winters are not as long.
Wouldn’t you like to know if you could keep up with Susan Aikens at Kavik River camp.
Head over to the outhouse late fall. Knowing your bottom end will soon be frozen like the Tundra. Head out and Shoot the Grizzly stocking camp. Hunt, shoot, skin and butcher a Caribou. Fix the kilometer long gas line to your live in portable Quonset. Oh and that’s just Day one.

3RD and 1 said...

Anon 1... did you not see the article 2 down from this one? It couldn’t have been explained any better.

Anonymous said...

"I love the fact Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole are growing playoff beards. I can't believe they hadn't done it before..
I wish Onrait and The Toole would shove them in their mouths. If these guys think they are funny . Wow there must be a lot of fans out their with their taste up their Rectum. These guys are a Disgrace to Canadian Television.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the WHL schedule. Start at least a week earlier. OHL and Q playoffs are always done 4 or 5 days ahead of the Dub.

Anonymous said...

She loves football too must make some therapist some good coin.

Thanks for wasting 30 seconds of my time. Then again, looking at the comments section is my fault.

Anonymous said...

Inductees of the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame have to be nominated before they can be considered. Nomination forms are available at the Hall's website.

Anonymous said...

The person thinking Onrait and O'Toole are bad isn't making any coin for anybody because they are simply too stupid thus no help can be offered.

Anonymous said...

The WHL took 4 games off the schedule to match the O and Q because the W teams always show up dead tired to start the Memorial Cup tournament. This was said let the league playoffs end a week sooner. Never happened. The WHL schedule had weeks where the teams played only 1 game then after New Year had 3 in 4 and 4 in 5 more than just the "long trip west". Since the league has gone to a computer driven schedule there have more than enough head scratching moments. At the very least tell it to have the regular season end one week sooner and give our kids a chance in a national championship.