Realty One

Friday, May 3, 2019


Welcome to Friday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind.  As always, they come in no particular order:

--The Riders wanted receivers in the draft. Mission accomplished! Is it a revival of the Canadian air force? Justin McInnis and Brayden Lenius give the team some young, talented Canadian pass-catchers. Add him to Mitch Picton and that area of the roster is no longer a concern. While you can't give official grades on drafts for a while, the early prognosis would be Jeremy O'Day did quite well in what was his first draft as a GM. I would expect barring injury or an extended stint in the NFL that both will be on the opening day roster and both could start, but that might be a stretch.

--The Toronto Argonauts appeared to have held a draft party Thursday.  That is solid!  Did any other teams do that. By watching the TSN coverage, it appeared as if the Argos invited some people to show up and they had a good showing. One can only wonder why the Riders didn't do a draft party.  Good on the Argos for drumming up interest.

--Brad Marchand is getting under everyone's skin again. I love it. I've said it once and I will say it again. I would have Brad Marchand on my team every day of the week. He is an agitator extraordinaire and he is a 100 point man. That combination is rare in the game. Yes, every now and then he may cross that line, but he is the game's ultimate villain. Was the hit on Scott Harrington that hard?  Mrs. Scruffy has hit me in the back of the head harder than that while at Costco on a Saturday afternoon.  If that is anyone else, we aren't even discussing this.

 Leafs fans hate him and for good reason.  Is he any worse than Darcy Tucker?

--The Carolina Hurricanes aren't the most talented team in the Stanley Cup playoffs, but no team is working harder than Rod Brind'amour's squad which should be no surprise. If a team was ever like their coach, it is this one. They made the Islanders look foolish at the end of Game 3 on Wednesday night  They just skated circles around them in the final 10 minutes. Could "The Jerks" win the Stanley Cup?  Find Steve Martin and get him to a game.

--What is a Roope Hintz?

--Have people forgotten about common courtesy?  It doesn't matter if I am downtown, south Regina, north Regina or wherever, I just keep seeing people who A) refuse to hold a door open for someone--man or woman or B) if they do, there is no thank you from the person whom you've held the door open for --man or woman. Let's be better!

--Is the Jon Ryan situation going to come right down to training camp?  You know he wants to be here and I'm sure the Riders want him as well.  Its just a matter of $$$$ if you ask me.

--I have no problem with fighting in hockey as long as it isn't staged. I do have a problem with two players fighting at a spring camp and the bout being put on social media as the SJHL's La Ronge Ice Wolves did this past weekend.  Was the camp so bad that that was the only highlight?  Is that the image the Ice Wolves are trying to present?  Well, they do have former Blade Kevin Kaminski as their head coach and those who remember him know he would drop the mitts from time to time.  At the end of the day, this was just a stupid mistake.  I am guessing fights happen at spring camps all the time, but they aren't put on social media.

--It takes some stones for 200 lady hockey players to say they aren't playing next year unless a major overhaul to their game is given.  The ladies are right in saying they won't play until they get the proper resources, but will anyone listen.  Here's hoping.  Say what you will about women's hockey, but the game is getting better and while it will never rival men's hockey in our lifetime, they deserve some recognition.   The NHL should be stepping in here and creating a WNHL much like the NBA with the WNBA.  Why can't this be done? You can't tell me they couldn't put teams in the original six locations and then some.  Would you follow a team if they put one in Saskatchewan?

--Who ya got in the WHL final? One has to think Prince Albert is the favourite, but I think this could be a long series.  Goaltending may very well decide it and if that's the case, expect some low-scoring games with Ian Scott and David Tendeck patrolling the pipes.  I may have to shell out and get WHL Live for the finals. It will be a great series.

--That's all I got.. Have a great weekend!


concience said...

The league needs a Semenko back to take care of a Linsman type "RAT" like Marchand. The guy should be fined and suspended far more than he is and I don't understand how anyone could say that punch to the back of an unsuspecting player on his knees is just like a small slap.

Anonymous said...

Marchand could play on my team too Scruff. Oh wait, he does!!


@mrt_man said...



Anonymous said...

Darcy Tucker was a gutless puke. That is the best way to put it.

As for the draft, I love the fact O'Day ignored the norm and grabbed receivers and not o-linemen. The easy pick was OL, but he recognized the void, filled it and then some. I wonder if he was looking at guys like Hunter Karl later on and they were taken before he could get to them.

Sure would be nice if Access had the WHL final. It really looks bad on the league when the WHL final can't be found on TV, but second-rate SJHL hockey can be.

GardenGnome said...

Solid draft for O'Day. With McInnis in on a couple of NFL camps O'Day hedged his bets with Lenius. One would think that we should be good but the draft has no guarantees. Big 6'5" Devon Bailey was a high draft choice & hasn't stuck with Edmonton, Mtl or Riders. Vandervoort was a good sized high draft & just released by BC. Picton was a star USports WR & spent last year on the practice roster despite our lack of National depth there. Still I think O'Day did alright. He's made some very good moves since taking over the position.

Sam Korne said...

The Riders have got complacent and repetitive. Good to see the Argos and other teams try to do some new and different things. Tailgating added and now a draft party. Atleast they're trying.

You could set your clock to the timing of game day activities and promotions. Its the same promo at the same time of the game every game. As a season ticket holder its just repetitive noise. After a couple of years you just quit following any of their game day promo's and say get back to the game. We'll see if there is any changes to the line up this year but the program is likely the same every game as it would actually take some effort to change things.

Socialmisfit said...

I find it rare people don’t thank me if I hold the door open or someone holds door for me. Maybe the problem is people are entitled and think they are owed a pat on the back for a small good deed? Who cares if you get a thanks just do it cause it’s the right thing to do!

I wonder if Brad Marchand punched Mcdavid, Crosby or someone like that in the back of the head if fan and league reaction would be different? It was a gutless calculated dirty move. Good hockey player but is a sideshow. I don’t care how hard the punch was it was a head shot to a vulnerable player and look at Marchand response after his punch shows you what he is made of. Coward!!

Would be fun to see Jon Ryan as a Rider, I hope I am wrong but he is in his late 30’s now maybe his skills have dropped off significantly? Wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened to a pro athlete at this stage in his career.

BaffledBill said...

I don't know if it's just the different spaces we travel in, but I see people holding doors open for each other all the time - men and women, whether letting someone go first or to follow, doesn't seem to matter. And I usually hear "thanks". But all in all I don't care how anyone feels about it, I'm gonna keep doing it.

By the way Scruffy, I'd like to see you mesh your 3rd point (Marchand) with your 6th point (common courtesy). Whatever happened to respect for your opponent?

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone’s running away from the oilers, maybe they’ll move to Quebec, where they will become a force again.

BradyY said...

Sorry man you need to explain your comment about everyone running away from the Oliers? Please enlighten us as there was no mention of them in this column?

Anonymous said...

If Scruffy is basing his "door open" policy on what happens in downtown Regina, he is 100 percent accurate. I see it as well.

As to the person who types in caps all the time, it is called being a gentleman. Many ladies may consider themselves independent thus they don't need you doing it, but be a man at all times. I do it. Some thank me, others don't.

Anonymous said...

Oilers are a basket case. Poll earlier over 90% don't want Holland but after McCrimmon promoted in Vegas & goofy idea of a 3 headed monster with Mark Hunter, Sean Burke & Keith Gretzky sharing decision making it looks like they've circled back to Holland which would be a very unpopular choice in Edmonton. Holland was great in the pre-CAP era when Mike simply wrote the cheques. Not so much when there is a budget. Stay tuned. How long before McDavid is fed up?

Anonymous said...

Women's hockey will never get the same pub that men's hockey does. There is a spot for women's hockey, but the idea that the sport can be as big as men's hockey is laughable.

You would not get 1000 people at Brandt Center or SaskTel Center for a professional women's game.

Anonymous said...

Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club, PATHETIC!
From A to Z that organization administration not NHL caliber. Commissioner Gary Bettman intervention needed immediately.

Rock Baer