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Thursday, May 16, 2019


Tom Shepherd, the Founder and President of the Friends of the Riders Touchdown Lottery, announced today that after 33 years the Friends of the Riders Touchdown Lottery is being discontinued.

“At 76 years old I have come to realize that the time has come for me to wind this venture down,” Shepherd said. “I have spent the last 33 years volunteering and giving my all to the Lottery but it is no longer practical for me to go forward.”

“I’m going to miss the excitement, fun and commitment and interaction with people across our great Province,” Shepherd added. “They make the Roughriders not only an amazing Saskatchewan asset but also one that is the envy of football fans from all across Canada.”

In over three decades, the Friends of the Roughriders Touchdown Lottery has raised nearly $22.6 million for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. That money helped usher the Riders through tough financial times, providing an opportunity for the fans to help its community-owned team become the successful organization it is today.

“Tom’s contributions to the Saskatchewan Roughriders cannot be understated. He’s poured countless hours of his life into making sure the club was the best it could be,” said Roughriders President and CEO Craig Reynolds. “His commitment to the Roughriders and the CFL has been marked by inductions into the Plaza of Honour and the CFL Hall of Fame. We can’t thank Tom enough for his tireless work for the team in general and through the Friends of the Riders Touchdown Lottery and we wish him well in his retirement.”

The Lottery has also distributed more than $32 million in prizes and Shepherd along with the Saskatchewan Roughriders wish to thank fans as well as the numerous businesses and individuals who have supported the Friends of the Riders Lottery over the years.

The Roughriders will announce plans to honour Tom in the coming the weeks.

(Riders PR)


Anonymous said...

There is nobody else that can do this? I've been automatic buying my ticket. In recent years the Lottery was gravy. There was a time though when I was a young buck and didn't have the $100 to shell out. I did it not to win a prize, but to keep the team going.

Tom Shepherd is instrumental in the Roughriders still being here, and I just want to thank him for his service. There was a time when I was big mouth saying it's an old boys club. That's easy when I'm in my early 20s. Mid 40s you realize guys like him and Fred Wagman, Phil Kershaw were putting time into a venture that was not fashionable and it took away from other areas of their lives.

Tom is in there, but I'd like to see Phil and Fred get their due in the Plaza of Honor.

I did win a trip to Grey Cup in 2002. It was well worth it then and now to pay for that ticket.

Y'er Welcome

3RD and 1 said...

Tom deserves so much credit for his Lottery. I work for a business that supplied hundreds of prizes over the years.
I asked Tom so many times if he would like some help but Tom was the builder of the Lottery and he wanted to do it all himself. Which he did and he did a hell of a job. Never took a penny to pay himself. Always donated every single buckle ever made.
We will miss the Lottery Tom but it sure will be a blast seeing you honoured for your dedication and volunteer service that has been so far and above.

Anonymous said...

Tom Sheppard for Province of Saskatchewan merit award for his dedicated service.

El@ said...

Class act and dedicated individual who is passionate about his team and the CFL, deserves highest accolades, thanks for everything you've done Tom, without you and countless volunteers this team would not be where it is today. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your time and energy required to do this for 30+ years. Mr. Shepherd is an important part of Roughrider history. It's unfortunate a succession plan and structure were not in place to allow the Lottery to continue.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom for your contribution. Now can Roy get a spot in the Plaza?

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!
Mr Roy Shivers, the man who saved, built the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club from the ashes of destruction. Thank you Mr Shivers wherever you are today.

2019 +

SWC said...

Thanks for saving the team Mr. Shepherd.

concience said...

What the hell? Roy Shivers gutted the Riders for MANY years when he pissed off Henry Burris enough to make him leave. We could have won several more Grey cups if Henry had stayed. Shivers has done NOTHING FOR THE RIDERS OR FOR THAT MATTER< THE LEAGUE. Whoever keeps saying he saved the Riders can go suck a lemon

Anonymous said...

I've been buying these tickets for 10+ years. Never with the intention of winning but always as a way to help the team. Is there any plans to replace the lottery with something else?

She loves football too! said...

What? Roy Shivers? That’s a joke right?
Roy didn’t do anything that saved this team. All Roy ever did was save his own ass. Plus he tried hard to drive his race down the gullet of Rider fans.
I was so relieved when they let him go. It was such a relief to watch him and his Soul train head on down the tracks for good!
Besides what the hell is he doing in here. This article is about a man that gave up his time and effort to help raise money for the Riders.