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Wednesday, May 15, 2019


The tentative agreement between the CFL and CFL Players' Association reached Wednesday morning gives some American players additional job security.

According to two sources, the proposed three-year deal includes a new ratio for three American starters who've been with a team for three seasons or have four years of combined CFL experience. The clause would prevent clubs from being able to replace the three with younger, less expensive players.

Not only would it give the American players more job security but also helps a team build continuity.

The tentative deal also leaves the Canadian ratio intact. A CFL team's 44-man game-day roster must consist of 21 Canucks, of which seven must be starters on offence or defence.

The CFL and CFL Players' Association reached a tentative deal early Wednesday after two straight marathon bargaining sessions. They met into the night Monday, reconvened early Tuesday and continue talking until early Wednesday morning before coming to terms.

The new deal is pending ratification by the players and acceptance by the league's board of governors. CFL officials were expected to approve it at a board meeting Wednesday in Toronto.

The CFLPA presented the agreement to team reps Wednesday and it was expected to then be given to the union membership later on.

A ratification vote date hasn't been divulged but is not expected to be held until sometime next week. The current contract is set to expire Saturday.

With a tentative deal in place, players are expected to report for the start of CFL training camps Sunday.

Other proposals reportedly in the tentative deal, according to the sources, include:

- A rookie salary scale that's said to start at $85,000 for the first overall pick, then go down from there depending upon draft position. Currently there's no rookie cap in the CFL.

- A proposal to incorporate a ``global'' player.

- Players to receive three years of medical coverage, up from just one year currently. Health and safety was a majority priority during bargaining for the CFLPA.

- Canadian quarterbacks to count towards the Canadian ratio of 21 nationals on each team's game-day roster. The current deals calls for three quarterbacks of any nationality on the roster.

- Players to receive 20 per cent of revenues from the CFL TV deal as well as commissioner Randy Ambrosie's CFL 2.0 initiative.

- CFL salary cap to continue to increase by $50,000 annually. Minimum salaries are to increase to $65,000 from $54,000 in second year of new deal.

The tentative agreement would run concurrent to the CFL's television contract with TSN, which goes through the '21 campaign. It also gives both sides time to see what fruit the 2.0 initiative bears.

Acceptance of the deal would eliminate the prospect of an ugly two-tiered CFL player strike. Had there been no deal reached by Saturday, players with the B.C. Lions, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Montreal Alouettes would've been in a legal strike position come the start of training camp Sunday and wouldn't have reported.

Players on CFL teams in Alberta (Edmonton and Calgary) and Ontario (Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton) would've had to show up because they wouldn't have been in a legal strike position until May 23. But that's when the union could've orchestrated a full work stoppage.

However, Ramsay continually stated the CFLPA's top priority always was to secure a fair and equitable deal with the CFL.

(Canadian Press/Dan Ralph


Anonymous said...

I think there is a lot in there for the players overall. The definition of a "National" is a great step forward as is the increase in minimum salary. This deal can't be making Hervey & Hufnagel happy as next year some veterans are going to be asked to take cuts. I would think Bo & Mike would be big targets with the salary CAP apparently not changing much because the big contracts there put those teams in salary CAP hell. Might be a lot of young players earning spots in BC & Calgary to get under the CAP.

SWC said...

So, does that mean Bo Levi is now a Canadian?

Anonymous said...

I think Rod is wrong about the 3+ year vet Americans getting to play as Canadians. This has not been reported by other sources and I cannot believe the players would have agreed to this.

Anonymous said...

By my definition yes. He was reborn in Calgary late Wednesday afternoon. He's a Canadian now.

Ramsey Ramsuh Singh

Anonymous said...

Oh why oh why oh why did they not eliminate the Canadian roster spot. Only the best of the best needed. Oh I have a headache.

Noopsey Ranjit
Harbor Landing

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Hey, don't jump the gun!

This agreement not assured at this time and day. The i's have to be dotted, the T's have to be crossed, when that's done, the player/owners have to vote to accept and that's iffy right now moving forward as rumor has it. Some contentious issues still on the table.


Football reality said...

Willie Jefferson would be a National this season if he wouldn’t have turned coat.
See Willie... crappy things happen when you go from green to blue.

Football reality said...

Also Mr Oday I think if your willing to wait on Manny getting better by mid season.
Then sign recently released in Hamilton J. Saunders. He’s much younger at 26 and will heal quicker. Plus... This young man has got it! He only played half a season and was 22 yards away from a 1000 yards. This would be a huge addition to a receiving core that desperately needs that play maker. Even Speedy B in Hamilton is choked he was released. As the 2 of them on the field together was dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Re Anon and "3+ year vet Americans getting to play as Canadians". I don't think that was said. The three just get a separate standing which secures their international standing and job position. I am willing to stand corrected if someone can answer to this.

@mrt_man said...


Football reality said...

Why didn’t they eliminate the Canadian Roster spot? What kind of a question is that?Why? This league has an identity... it wouldn’t be the Canadian football league. It would lose its identity.
Minor League football in Canada would be set back 50 years. We don’t want to be the AAF or the XFL! We are the CFL. When you have branded your product for years and unlike other leagues. You’ve made a go at it. You don’t mess with the brand!
Also your attempt at humour signing a different place of residence and name to your comments each time. This one “Borders on racism” I can explain that too if you like!

Football reality said...

mrt man... you are correct he did. All I was suggesting is that if the Riders are willing to wait for a good receiver at the end of his career.
They could wait for a much younger super stud that has a good 5 or 6 years left in him one he heals. Having Jalen Saunders for the Grey Cup season 2020 would be a huge asset.
Jalen proved in 9 games he has the CFL game down pat. Just imagine the young man in a couple years.
I’m sure we will not sign him because of his injury. However it makes just as much sense as waiting for Manny to possibly return by Labor Day

Anonymous said...

The CFL's identity is bound by it's on field rules and regulations plus the dimension of its actual playing surface not the men who play the game. Only the best of the best will suffice.

BaffledBill said...

@Football reality - Drew Edwards indicates Jalen Saunders is still recovering from his ACL injury and won't be available until at least Labour Day.

Anonymous said...

Leanne M says

I hope there are a LOT more details and clarity in the actual agreement, because this article (written by Canadian Press/Dan Ralph) states that the 3 American players with "protected" status cannot be cut by the team!! So they can play til they drop???

I don't think ANY employee in any job should ever share in REVENUES -- they should share in PROFITS. This just creates financial problems for teams, many of whom are already struggling financially.

And it doesn't seem "fair and equitable" to the players that a ROOKIE first round draft pick will start at $85,000 but a veteran American player, or non-drafted National, may not reach that pay level for several years while the rookie draft pick has flamed out long before (we've seen that in the league many times).

Randolph Charles said...

I think you wait on Manny. His hands are like glue, and has proven time and again how tough he is in traffic.

I am sure B.C. and Calgary knew what was coming when they landed their 'Man'. I don't think it matters who Bo Levi has as receivers; He is like Tom Brady how he elevates the receivers to new heights. And Reilly got his meant to be job, only it took a few years to get there.

Hopefully the deal gets ratified smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Football reality.

Yes I'd like that, take you up on your offer any time any day anywhere, let's talk racism. I know it very well growing up Indignous on my homelands Saskatchewan Canada. Anytime, anywhere! like to hear YOU explain to me, should be very interesting, very interesting to say the least.