Realty One

Sunday, May 5, 2019


1 - DRAFT: Saskatchewan Roughriders GM Jeremy O'Day has completed his first draft and is getting a thumbs-up from the Rider Nation and the football world. His team needed Canadian receivers and he somehow landed the top 2 in the draft in Justin McInnis and Brayden Lenius-Dickey. Their 4 subsequent selections come with less fanfare and we ultimately won't really know how good of a draft this was for years.

2 - THE GOOD: All we know about McInnis is that he's 6'6, 210 lbs, hails from Point-Claire, Que, played collegiately at Arkansas St. and has NFL tryouts lined up with the Colts & Titans. He joins this star-studded list of past 1st round Rider draft picks: Jeff Fairholm, Brad Elberg, Reuben Mayes, Dan Farthing, Scott Schultz, Andy Fantuz, Keith Shologan and Ben Heenan.

3 - THE BAD: McInnis also joins this list of not-so star-studded Rider 1st round draft picks: Shomari Williams, Matt O'Meara, Ducarmel Augustin, Mathew Quiviger, Mark Scott, etc. What scintillates me is the question of which of the above groups is McInnis going to eventually be a part of? Again, we won't know for years. I'm far more interested about the end of players' careers than the beginnings.

4 - THE UGLY: The addition of McInnis and Lenius-Dickey spells immediate competition for Mitchell Picton, Patrick Lavoie & Cory Watson. I think that's a great thing for Picton, whom I still believe could be the latest in the long-line of great Regina receivers which includes Getzlaf and Clermont. Hopefully his injury problems are behind him. However this probably means the end of the line for Rob Bagg. Next stop, the Plaza of Honour. Hey, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are a train. People get on and people get off, but the train always keeps going.

5 - O'DAY: On the surface, it seems quiet regarding the Riders in the Wheat Province right now but there's a steady undercurrent of buzz among the football people. There always is. And anyone who knows Jeremy O'Day feels he's going to be a huge success in this new role of Rider GM. "He knows what he's doing," is the comment I hear the most. The truth is he's been ready for years. Saskatchewan will struggle to make the playoffs this year but that's not Jeremy's fault. He needs time to build this thing his way.

6 - COFFEE ROW: I overheard on coffee row last week some skepticism over O'Day's hiring. "I don't think he has the contacts," the guy said. I snapped! Jeremy played 14 seasons in the CFL, won 2 Grey Cups as a player, has worked under 3 regimes (Miller, Taman, Jones) and somehow didn't form relationships with the movers and shakers in the game? PLEASE! There's more manure thrown on coffee row in this province than there is in the barns.

7 - STRIKE: Still can't see it happening. The biggest reason remaining, for me, is that there never has been a work stoppage in the CFL's 108 years and there has to be a reason why. The players simply don't have enough leverage here (at least, not that I've seen). Nobody wants to see a strike.

8 - NLL: A player strike disrupted the start of this current NLL season and that's because the players had far more leverage than CFL players currently do. That's an interesting story for another time. And this is a league that's getting bigger by the day. This year they expanded into San Diego and Philadelphia and now they've received an expansion application from the MGM Resorts group in Las Vegas. Bill Foley and his crew would like to fill more dates at T-Mobile Arena with an NLL team. Growth is key! I'm excited to be forging a great relationship with this league.

9 - STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS: Some "sayings" have stood the test of time because they're true. One of the truest is that the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is always the best. Remember the Ovechkin fight, the Kadri suspension and the Eakins major? Nothing that interesting is happening in Round 2 other than the meteoric rise of the Carolina Hurricanes. Meanwhile 'Canes coach Rod Brind'Amour isn't a finalist for Coach of the Year. Who votes on this stuff? Oh wait.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS: Want some fun? Sit in a Regina mall parking lot some weekend afternoon and watch the traffic accidents. My gosh we have some terrible drivers! ... I anticipate Ken Holland will be hired as GM of the Edmonton Oilers this week. Don't believe the rumours that Dave Tippett will be his coach. **UPDATE - I was told Sunday afternoon there is some merit to this report. Stay tuned. ** ... Why didn't I hear a thing about Vladimir Guererro Jr. this week? ... Hockey season, around here, is over. Good luck to the Portage Terriers who will represent the prairies at the National Junior A Championship (formerly the Royal Bank Cup) in May. ... P.A. isn't "around here" but we're following the Raiders' run to the WHL title very closely. A lot of comparisons are being made to the magical 1985 Raiders Memorial Cup team and my Dad was on that club. So happy for GM Curtis Hunt that he's finally been allowed to show what he can do.  ... That's all. See you on the links!



Anonymous said...

It’s hard to believe but possible that all wildcard teams could be in the division finals.
Hoping though the Avs don’t make it as I have Sharks in two drafts.
Can’t stand the big bad ugly Bruins, hoping the Jackets can pull that one out. Took Jackets in a Calcutta to be first team out, possible they could make it to cup final. That would be a nice pay day.
Ultimately a Shark Columbus final would suit me just fine. The way these playoffs have gone it’s a real possibility.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're right about the strike but the players in the NHL were constantly giving in until one day they weren't. Still, I tend to agree with you though the discontent is building & the fans are mostly on the players sides. I think O'Day has done a solid job of adding pieces. The 2 receivers both have invites so we still need some depth @ National receiver. We have evidence of what 6'5" & a #6 draft pick means in Devon Bailey who was just that in his draft year & is on his 3rd team. My concern is how old the team is with 4 guys over 30 on the OL, Watson, Hughes, injury questions with Arcenaux, Collaros a big unknown considering his performance last year. With the Grey Cup in Regina we may be looking at rebuilding the offence again & we saw what happened this year. No big name receiver or QB wants to come here to sit in our shiny new dressing room after looking at the offence. We have some good receiving prospects but who knows if they're good enough to take a lead role or will be given the chance with Roosevelt & Arcenaux likely getting most of the targets. We're an old team, making getting older as Elimimian looks poised to come on board.

Marc said...

Football fans in this province have a hard time with any decision made by the Riders. They employ a big name and people hate him because he has an attitude or dares to think he knows more about football than us. If they hire someone who has been quiet but successful, fans feels they should have went after a big flashy name. Maybe it is time to let football people make football decisions and lets enjoy the game. Sick of hearing "that's not how we do it here." We have won four championships in over 100 years. I want a winner not just a nice person who will stop and talk to me if I see him on a street somewhere

Anonymous said...

Rod said, " I anticipate Ken Holland will be hired as GM of the Edmonton Oilers this week."

Holland's first move should be to name "The Oilers' Official Real Estate Agent."

The second move should be to list Kevin Lowe's and Craig McTavish's houses.

Previously they've been demoted but never kicked out. It's time!

Anonymous said...

while i dont think the cfl will ever lose a regular season game the players hold a massive amount of leverage heading into training camp. players dont get paid during training camp so home preseason games can actually have a higher margin of profit for clubs than some regular season games.

bc plays in edmonton one week after camp opens. if there is any sort of hold out that game is likely cancelled meaning esks lose upwards of 25,000 tickets worth of gate revenue (mike reilly's return?).

if the players hold out for a one week it likely means the first full week of preseason is in jeopardy, meaning riders in calgary. are clubs willing to lose $500,000 or more worth of net profit by not holding a preseason game?

3RD and 1 said...

I couldn't agree more Rod with your train analogyI every Pro Team is just like a train.
What I'm curious about is why you thought your time had come to get off the train. We all know the timing of the Riders VP of football Ops, GM, HC, AC, DC, she's got some other women as well as me. (Sorry, I couldn't help it, old school rockin! A little Sweet that just got away on me) Ok, back to reality. Your timing when you left was really clouded over by this fact. The biggest name in the Riders Orginization leaves and then KAPOW ... You leave. I know the Regina Sports World would love to know from you if that was merely coincidental. Or did that event help you make up your mind even quicker.
It's your life Roddy; thank the Powers that be that you realized that you needed an internal change to be able to power on and life life to its fullest. Bravo!
Yet my cats type curiosity has me wondering so many different things. Like why did Rob jump off while it seemed to be uncontrollable at that time. Did you think it was becoming a run away train? Did you think too many people were getting their hand on the throttle?
It was like a double whammy as the Sports Cage all of a sudden was moving at a very strange pace. Not that the other guys don't know what their doing. However in this Province of angry Rider GM's you have to be half azz' right back at them. I mean at game time I've sat beside 80 year old ladies with pad and pen. Crossing off each of the pre written derogatory comments they yelled at the opposition. You just have to take control. All of a sudden the show changed hard! Like the Friendly Giant with out the Rooster. Haha, without the Giant. Or Mr Dressup all of a sudden being run by Casey and Finnegan. I'm sure you get my drift.
Is there a website that a person can go to read why? Why did Oscar jump right out of that Garbage can and up and split? Oops, Never mind, I was just informed he came back to live in a new and more modern recycling bin.
Now, might Rod do something like that? I mean you bleed green like ever other Rider fan in this Province.

Anonymous said...

Typically teams play the guys trying to make the team in away games, the starters who need to get in some reps for a half or less in home games. Take a look at the scores/rosters last year. Reilly likely sits all game in Edmonton. The real homecoming comes early enough in week 2 when BC returns. Riders won't be playing a lot of starters in Calgary either.

Anonymous said...

i dont need to look at the scores. the pretty clear point was the fact the teams will still sell twenty to twenty five thousand tickets that will all need to be refunded. no sponsor money, no concessions.

at that point, does the score matter?

Elvis said...

I agree that Brind'amour should have been a finalist. A slight correction regarding Berube, he and the Blues are still in the playoffs with game 7 coming tomorrow vs. the Stars.

Great NHL insider info on Holland last week! Even after the 'insiders' were throwing cold water onto it, but it happened!


Roustabouts said...

Hey Rod, we spend 6 months down south and just got back and read all the news of you and the riders. Very sad to see you go. Honestly we are bomber fans but it was a treat listening to you call rider games. You commentary was straight goods and honest during games and during interviews with other radio stations (ie: CJOB) as well. Really you were the reason we listened to Rider games. Maybe you can do the jet games for tsn radio as Edmonds should go back to baseball where he was actually not bad. Better yet TSN CFL telecasts could use you as Rod Smith is just not the answer.