Realty One

Thursday, May 16, 2019


1 - ANOTHER ONE: The Stanley Cup Playoffs have become must-see TV if for no other reason than to witness which call NHL officials will blow next. The missed "hand pass" in Game 3 of the SJ-STL game Wednesday night is perhaps the best illustration of how botched the 2019 playoffs have been for both on-ice, and off-ice, officials.

2 - C'MON SPEC: Sportsnet's Marc Spector bleeted on Twitter, "What's the solution? It's not like there's a bunch of GOOD refs at home, watching on TV. These are the best ones on earth." Are you kidding me? The 4 officials on the ice should've caught it, let alone the suits in the video command centre. Millions of dollars have been spent on video technology yet officiating is regressing. And for NHL officials to say "the call is non-reviewable" is an insult to everyone's intelligence. GET IT RIGHT.

From former Blade and Flame Clarke Wilm on Twitter: "@willy2539 - Refs trying to make the right call these days are a lot like my kids when I ask them who broke it. First they get together and talk about it. Second they say 'We don't know what happened. We didn't see it'."
With David Johnston in April

This video review nonsense is a matter of forsaking doing “the right thing” in favour of doing things right, a concept laid out in the latest book TRUST by David Johnston, Canada’s 28th Governor General. Johnston correctly points out this concept is what’s wrong with our society today.

You learn a thing or two from a guy like David Johnston, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Armed Forces which is the supreme commander of Canada's armed forces. 

3 - ZEBRAS: A hearty kudos to WHL on-ice officials Tarrington Wyonzek and Chris Crich for working Game 7 of the WHL Final between Vancouver and P.A. Monday night, then immediately packing their bags for Halifax and the 2019 Memorial Cup! Good work men.

4 - MEMORIAL CUP: Invariably over the next 10 days you're going to hear the term "Mem Cup" in reference to Canada's major junior championship tournament. Some people bristle at that, saying it's a slap in the face to war veterans, for which the trophy is named. If you feel that way, that's your personal opinion. I don't use the nickname for that very same reason but those soldiers fought for the freedom to call the trophy whatever the hell you want. I'm around the military all the time in my new career and they're not offended. In fact, I'll be with Royal Canadian Air Force personnel tonight. I predict they will feel the same way. Call it what you want. You are free to do so, because of them.

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5 - THE FIELD: The 4 teams which fill out the bracket for the 2019 Memorial Cup in Halifax are the Prince Albert Raiders, Guelph Storm, Rouyn-Noranda Huskies and the host Mooseheads. Who's the favourite? Who has competitive advantage? We don't know right now but we'll find out over the next few days. Paging Sam Cosentino .... But it says here the Raiders face an uphill struggle going to Game 7 in their last series, having to fly across the continent, and then have to face a different style of game played in the Q. Stay tuned ..

6 - CENTENNIAL CUP: I'm with whomever said the CJHL should've gone back to the name "Centennial Cup" rather than the "National Junior A Championship" since Royal Bank ended its sponsorship. (I guess the bank ran out of money). Regardless, they're in the midst of the tournament right now in Brooks, AB between the host Bandits, Portage, Oakville, Ottawa and Prince George. Unfortunately we lost interest around here when the SJHL dropped out of the running but we'll be watching the final on national TV, as always.

7 - BACK TO WORK: I should've stuck with my gut, predicting weeks ago there would be no CFL strike for the same reason there's never been one before; the players have zero leverage. Never have, never will. Now Commissioner Randy Ambrosie can get back to work on what really matters -- getting this league pointed in the right direction because revenues are flat and there remain significant tough times ahead.

As for the CBA itself, it gets the thumbs up. The ratio wasn't decreased, Canadian QBs now count (Brandon Bridge just got WAY more valuable), imports are rewarded for staying with the same team, and salaries are going up marginally. Seriously, what's not to like?

8 - FANS ARE GREAT: Lots of hockey here today but soon this column will be 100% football, and it'll be CFL-wide. Football fans from across the country have been asking for that perspective, so that's what we'll provide. Branding Tip: You are what your consumers are telling you about yourself, not what you're trying to tell them about yourself.

9 - WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE NLL: The NLL Championship Series begins on Saturday with the Calgary Roughnecks up against the Buffalo Bandits. The series will be shown live on Bleacher Report, which only has 9.7-million followers on Instagram alone. (By contrast, TSN has 643,000). ... What do I love most about the NLL? It's a man's league.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS: The last-ever episode of Big Bang Theory airs Thursday night? I thought it ended 3 years ago. ... I'm old enough to remember the last episodes of Cheers and Seinfeld. Real tear-jerkers. ... When it comes to sports, we are a Johnny Come Lately country. For 11 months Canadians barely pay attention to the Toronto Raptors. Now, we adore KAWHI. The Raps are fun to follow and so is Canada's new-found fascination with them. But don't pretend you watched their game in Orlando in December.  Let’s also not forget how many people gave that trade the thumbs-down.. ... Hopefully I'll have news on the next coach of the Edmonton Oilers soon. Waiting for the go-ahead. ... How will you spend May Long Weekend? I'll be golfing. Hope to see you!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rod, could you she'd some light on the 20% revenue sharing clause of the TV deal. Is this just 8 million split 500(ish) ways? Do players get a cheque just for existing?

Anonymous said...

what is your new career?

Rod Pedersen said...

Question 1: Not my area of expertise but I assume it’s similar to the Big 4: NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA. Players get a cut of revenues paid to the league by the networks. How they divvy it up probably depends on the league.

Question 2:


Anonymous said...

did the new cba make brandon bridge smarter and be able to throw better?

Rod Pedersen said...

You get the point ... 🙄

Anonymous said...

Now that it's official that Bridge isn't good enough to play in this league, making QB's count towards the ratio won't out any more money in his pocket.

Rod Pedersen said...

What makes that official?

BaffledBill said...

Love your honest, to-the-point comments Rod. Keep it up!
"Trust" looks interesting, thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

I can shed light on that NHL officiating and why it's off the rails. Mick McGeough was the guy the NHL relied on to do the evaluations, but he was also the guy that would settle the Refs down. These guys are no different than the players - high performance athletes and the pressure gets to them. You'd get a guy like Mick who makes it clear the expectation, but they came away from the evaluation not feeling like dog crap and could adjust.

Mick told me a great story how when he got the NHL he couldn't do a thing right and it was one thing after another. Al Arbour yanked him aside and said look you were brought here for a reason you have the talent now calm down and just call the game as you see it.

The NHL officials miss those veteran guys helping the other guys. This is case in point where Mick is truly missed at the professional level.

SWC said...

2 - C'MON SPEC: I can't believe the dinosaurs that run the NHL.
They can challenge and spend 5 minutes looking at video of a skate lace being half an inch offside 40 seconds prior to a goal being scored and cancel the goal.
Yet a handpass one second before an overtime goal is not reviewable.

The NHL Board of Governors are alleged to be smart people. They have yet to prove it.

LF said...

You'd think NHL refs are the best, but really most of them are former junior players that got their start after hockey playing career was done. They're the only ones who can keep up, but not always the most experienced.

Rudyman said...

I really don't understand why any league does not have one official in the video room supporting the on field guys.

I am no saying they call everything that is missed, but if they seem something that is very bad or needs to be absolutely called (IE health and safety related). That person can call the penalty, or overturn the penalty.

No secret group deciding games, an officiating team that works together to support each other.

Anonymous said...

Every scoring play in football is automatically reviewed. There's plenty of time after a goal is scored in hockey to have someone do a video review before the puck is dropped again at centre ice. Can check for offside, goalie interference, hand on the puck, passing the puck with a hand. You have 4 refs on the ice. You can't tell me one of them didn't see it. Perhaps give the linseman more authority to make some calls.

Bill Weppler said...

May Long? Golfing as beautiful B.C.!....specifically Columbia Valley Radium Hot Springs area.
I luv golf ⛳😎

Anonymous said...


Bear Woods would be a far better Roughriders team addition than the overpriced Micah Johnson.

Anonymous said...


From a pure mechanical pro qb perspective, Mr Kent Austin in his qb playing days was a far superior passer than Doug Flutie. Easily #1 in CFL history.


Anonymous said...

To above Anonymous - I was at a game where Kent Austin and Doug Flutie rolled up 500 yards a front of 22,000 was marvelous.

Anonymous said...

These nhl rules are all there so Bettman can control who wins the cup

Anonymous said...

Awesome memories.