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Tuesday, April 16, 2019


1. EDMONTON EMPIRE SUITS JUST FINE: I’m not one to echo somebody else’s commentary but I found Drew Edwards’s 3 Down Nation Youtube bit on the Edmonton Eskimo name controversy spot on.

Nobody thinks Edmonton is racist for using the term but how much would be lost by simply adjusting the name?

Some of you might call it political correctness going overboard and that happens too. But none of the Politically Correct police officers sound as ridiculous as the morons defending the Washington Redskins name either.

Enough with these stupid team names already. Get over it.

2. CFLPA HASN’T UPGRADED: In the last round of Collective Bargaining between the CFL and its players, it was generally agreed that the players got the short end of the stick. Ricky Foley and others were blasting then-PA head Scott Flory for not playing hard ball when the going got tough and the traffic got heavy.

Foley wanted the league to hire someone who was purely a negotiator and not a football guy.

Well Brian Ramsay was/is a football guy but he has reputable union guy Ken Georgetti at his side who is supposed to help avoid the pitfalls that held the players back in 2014.

So far: A cut in the Canadian player quota, more jerking around/arrogance from the owners and no tangible gains for the players, despite the new stadiums and rich TV deal from TSN.

A golden opportunity to advance player wellness and Canadian quarterbacks appears to be evaporating into thin air.


The players' best card to play at this point is to be coy until after the season starts and then ramp up the rhetoric closer to Labour Day with a late season shutdown as leverage which would jeopardize Grey Cup revenues for the owners. It worked for the MLBPA in ’94 and although it destroyed my beloved Montreal Expos, it created a blueprint for the players to actually beat the owners at their own game.

3. MONTREAL ALOUETTES SALE: Wake me up when this is over.

4. JOE PAOPAO’S RETURN TO OTTAWA: Sounds like the Redblacks ain’t making the playoffs. In the Throwin' Samoan’s last 6 seasons working with 3 different teams around the league, he has ended up with a record of .500 or less. Good person, good athlete and maybe even a good coach. But not a difference maker, not as a player or a coach. At least not since he broke into the league in 1978.

5. WINNIPEG NFL PRESEASON GAME: They can have it. I don’t want us to be the ones helping some buffoon like Oakland Raider owner Mark Davis. Let him use the good people of Winnipeg. Not us. We have better things to spend our money on than a bunch of overhyped scrubs in a preseason game.

6. PRINCE ALBERT RAIDERS BACKUP GOALIE: Rooting for the Raiders to bring it home now that they are Saskatchewan’s last hope in the WHL playoffs. This is a unique opportunity they have. They could’ve added insurance with a decent backup goalie and chose not to. It won’t matter as long as nothing happens to star netminder Ian Scott. That’s a big IF. They should’ve added someone. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

7. SWIFT CURRENT BRONCO BROADCASTS: I’m surprised the Swift Current Broncos will be one of the first big sports properties to trailblaze away from conventional radio broadcasts completely to online streaming. Quite frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for this happen. It is inevitable that one day all local sports teams will have professional TV broadcasts live on the internet by way of an app funded by either ad revenue or subscriber fees.

I mean seriously, we’ve watched this internet thing destroy both local TV and local newspaper coverage. It’s only a matter of time for terrestrial radio too. As a whole, it’s not a bad thing. Innovation brings both challenges and opportunities. And if you’re an advertiser, why on earth would you stick with something that has no measurable audience when you could go for something that does?

Radio stations who adapt to - and embrace - these changes will do just fine. Having worked for Golden West Radio, the company that owns the Swift Current stations, I have serious doubts about that outfit coming with up any new ideas for the Broncos or their fans.

The Swift Current Broncos are brave enough to eliminate the middle-man and go it alone. Good for them. Leading the charge is a dirty job (the Portland Winterhawks made this leap first) but someone’s got to do it.    

(MaxTV's Canalta Cup Coverage)
8. SJHL FINALS BROADCASTS: Phenomenal setup on Max TV and Facebook Live (pictured). If the Swift Current Bronco online broadcasts look like this, they’ll be wondering what took them so long to make the switch.

9. STANLEY CLUP PLAYOFFS: Calgary Flames goalie Mike Smith and his retro-style mask look terrific. Other than that ... booooorrrring! Bring on the Regina Red Sox! #isitmayyet?

10. MATT STAIRS: Still on Cloud 9 from interviewing Todd Stottlemyre on stage at the Regina Red Sox Sports Dinner and Auction last year. This year, on April 27th at the Turvey Centre, I get to do it all over again with another retired Blue Jay, Matt Stairs. I plan to ask him about his clutch pinch-hit homerun for the Phillies in the ’08 NLCS at Dodger Stadium. Any questions you have for Matt? Message me on twitter and I’ll try to pass them along.

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Anonymous said...

Time for Brandon to admit he was wrong about the PA backup. I just looked at the stats and his GAA is 0.00 for the playoffs. He is very clearly the key to victory, just like the backup goalie on every team.

Anonymous said...

PA backup was difference in series. Never allowed a single goal. How many did Saskatoon starting goalie allow?

Anonymous said...

a trusted source close to situation told me the average (average!) ticket for nfl preseason game will be around $250. winnipeg doesn't sell out bomber games how will interest in an exhibition at an extreme price sell?

Anonymous said...

Other than a teams jersey and a goalies mask the NHL playoffs are boring... what does that even mean? There have been great games and potential upsets across the board. I'm sorry but round 1 of NHL playoffs is always great!

Anonymous said...

I actually chatted with Raiders GM Curtis Hunt over the weekend and he explained to me that he tried to upgrade the backup goalie at the deadline, but it’s such an important position that teams were asking for 5 first round draft picks, so a deal never materialized.

Anonymous said...

Brendan- PA would still win with you as their back up goalie

Socialmisfit said...

Winnipeg can have the NFL preseason game? Let them make all that city/province make all that money and fill that stadium for an extra date and expose their city, stadium tourism ect. All I can say is Regina/ Saskatchewan loss is Winnipeg’s gain. I understand the logistics would have been difficult but this is/was an other opportunity to expose Regina and the province and the ball was dropped. These “overhyped scrubs” would have brought a pile of money and exposure, and maybe potentially opened the door for other NFL preseason games in the future and filled that stadium for more dates. If you didn’t wanna go then don’t go, I am sure there would have been lots of interest for the game also lots of interest from south of the border bringing new people to Regina and sask. but hey let Winnipeg have it and enjoy the windfall.

Dan said...

Yep....I would hop on board with the Eskimos making a quick name change and moving away from the issue.

Anonymous said...

Brandon, I can see why the Eskimos could change their name but why stop there? Not long ago Winnipeg was asking the same thing - this from a team called the "Bombers"??? In light of the terrorist bombings worldwide, nothing politically incorrect there, right? Why isn't there a cry over the Stampeder name after the Stampede Association has been roundly condemned for the treatment of chuckwagon horses? As for the Roughriders, that name originated with Teddy Roosevelt's band of renegades & misfits back in the Spanish American War who went by that name. Is it right that a team that likes to call itself "Canada's Team" goes by the name of a very American band of renegades? Let's change the Roughrider name to Beavers or Harvesters & be politically correct rather than appropriating an American name. You could also take a closer look at the REDBLACKS. If the McGill nickname offends one group of people in society then Ottawa can be said to offend two. I'd gladly cheer for the Edmonton club if it does change its name. But let's not be so smug about it because it won't necessarily be long before some other clubs are targeted & have to defend themselves. I look forward to your comments about the Bombers changing their name as it is as offensive as it comes. Enough with the stupid names already, right?

Randolph Charles said...

Prank post right? Or is it another "millenial and I gotta change everything for the sake of change, even though it works fine the way it is"? I am leaning towards the former ahead of the latter on this one

Randolph Charles said...

So Brendan, what, pray tell, is offensive about the 'Eskimos' name? I don't believe even the real Eskimos are offended by the Edmonton team nickname. Redskins or Redman I get, even Indians would be considered derogatory by some.

So I have some advice to you, young scribe. Stupidity does not sell, never has, never will. Point #1 should have hit the cutting room floor

Anonymous said...

you will have to explain the "windfall"?

Football Fan said...

1. The only racism here is being shown by Edwards and McGuire. This is not a one size fits all issue. The Florida Seminoles First Nation is proud of the fact that the Florida State teams are called the Seminoles, for example. FS consulted with the tribe and were granted permission to use the name. The Chicago Blackhawks did a similar thing. It's a matter of respect and how the name is used:

"Scott Sypolt, Executive Counsel for the American Indian Center weighed in on the logo and name controversy by stating, "There is a consensus among us that there's a huge distinction between a sports team called the Redskins depicting native people as red, screaming, ignorant savages and a group like the Blackhawks honoring Black Hawk, a true Illinois historical figure.""

Neither Edwards nor McGuire have even suggested a reason why the name Eskimos might be offensive. I suspect that they have no idea what they’re talking about, and that this is just click bait for them. To borrow from Jeff Foxworthy, if you care so little about this issue and about First Nations people that you haven’t done the most basic fact checking on this issue, then YOU may be the racist.

Football Fan said...

There won't be an NFL preseason game in Winnipeg. There wouldn't be anywhere near enough demand for one. They didn't even come close to selling out a regular season game in Toronto, the wannabe capital of Canada, with a population base of about 10 million within a two hour drive. Heck, Buffalo itself is only a couple of hours from the Skydome. They discounted the tickets. They gave them away by the thousands. At times scalpers were trying to unload their tickets for 10% of face value. NO DEMAND. Think of the people who sit around you at Rider games. How many of them would pay over $100 to see an NFL exhibition game at Mosaic?

Anonymous said...

Well spoken Football Fan. It seems to me the people calling for name changes are most often white persons who want to make decisions on behalf of everyone. Too often the response is knee jerk reactions without properly researching things. When someone says "jump", we say "how high" & don't ask why.