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Tuesday, April 2, 2019


1. DEREK TAYLOR: The new voice of the Riders may very well turn out to be the answer to a trivia question: Who is the only broadcaster to leave TSN for CKRM?

Toronto to Regina hardly sounds like a fast track to media success but as I learned in my broadcasting glory days, being a big fish in a small pond is a helluva lot more fun than vice versa. If you’re a football fan and love radio, there’s no better place in Canada than the ‘306’.

I was leery of Harvard Communications hiring somebody out of Toronto instead of going locally because the city slickers tend to view Regina as a quick-stop on the way to something bigger and don’t really have a passion for the Riders, the CFL or Saskatchewan.

DT will be different. I expect his sunny demeanor and laid-back approach to win the locals over. And his name-dropping of Rocanville, Strasbourg and other small towns on Friday’s Sports Cage appearance didn’t hurt either.

Welcome to Regina, Derek Taylor. We hope you’ll stay awhile.

2. MICHAEL BALL: Spent a good part of my weekend fielding texts and gossiping about Michael Ball, considered the favorite by many to take over the big chair. I thought they would hire Ballsy from the very beginning as his name and Derek Taylor’s kept popping up.

This one didn’t pan out for Michael but sometimes it’s the things in life that don’t happen which make the journey great. I recall being rejected for the Moose Jaw Warrior broadcasts by one of my radio favorites, Rob Carnie, in 2004. I moped around my smelly little one-bedroom dump of an apartment in Estevan for a week. Then, I got over it. I ended up going to the OHL’s Windsor Spitfires instead and had a blast.

Opportunity is always waiting around the corner where we least expect it. Job titles don’t define any of us. Michael knows that and he’ll be just fine. The Wolf needs Ballsy more than Ballsy needs The Wolf.

3. NO RAIDER NATION IN RIDER NATION: As a Saskatchewan Roughrider season ticket holder, I would have been floored if the Riders moved their home game to accommodate an NFL preseason game. The Oakland Raiders are a laughingstock and we don’t need to encourage them.

Having said that, nobody should be trampling John Gormley or anyone else for reporting the truth.

The Riders raised concerns about the dates and the whole thing got kyboshed. Big whoop. NFL preseason football is garbage to watch anyways.

4. BAILIFFS AT THE BIG O: Despite a witness account to the contrary, the Montreal Alouettes have denied anyone ever trying to foreclose on their inventory at Olympic Stadium. It would all make sense, given the absentee ownership of the Wetenhalls in recent years but a staffer tweeted out it was all bull.

Still, new signs keep popping up that a change at the top is due in Montreal.

5. ELIZONDO QUITS ON REDBLACKS: As TSN’s Dave Naylor pointed out, that wording in the headline of the Ottawa Redblacks release clearly had intent. "Elizondo Quits On RedBlacks". Losing their offensive co-ordinator within 60 days of training camp would be a royal piss-off for any organization. But to be fair, if the Redblacks wanted to keep Jaime Elizondo bad enough, they never would have let him get away this late into the offseason to begin with.

And don’t be alarmed with these coaches choosing the XFL over Canada. That happened last time in XFL Part 1 as well and they all ended up crawling back within a year. Expect that to happen again this time as well.

6. AAF FANS DESERVE BETTER THAN TOM DUNDON: Talk about a bush-league move by a bush-league owner. Promises his fan base they would be safe for 5 years at least, only to threaten shuttering the league later this week. Staffers were high-tailing it out of Carolina by the end of last season (including Calgary Flames head coach, Bill Peters) just to get as far away from this guy, who owns the Carolina Hurricanes too, as they could.

And now we know why.

7. GREY CUP IN THE STATES: I took a beating in the comments for daring to suggest the CFL should consider playing a Grey Cup in Orlando and upon review, justifiably so.

It should be played in Vegas. (Rod has been saying this for years). Sam Boyd Stadium has an open endzone, meaning a CFL-sized field could actually be built there.

8. DUKE RUNS FOR SASK PARTY: Sports Cage co-host and Stampede wrestling fan Derek Meyers wants to be your Sask Party MLA in Regina Northeast. Good luck Duke! I might even consider voting for you so long as your campaign team doesn’t flood my inbox with political propaganda.

9. SJHL CENTRAL FACEBOOK LIVE: Pretty sweet looking setup featuring Rod P. and Darren Dupont. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I urge you to go by the SJHL Facebook page. The future of local sports broadcasting is right there. They had several thousand views from all over the world. What do we need to do to make that happen for the Regina Red Sox? #isitmayyet?

10. THIS WEEK: In lieu of actual talent, they hired me to MC this year’s annual Kipling/Windthorst Oil Kings Sportsman’s Dinner with Weston Dressler and Jeff Odgers this coming Saturday night. If you have tickets, see you this weekend. If not, find me on social media and we’ll hook you up.

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John Knight said...

What total BULLSHIT!!!! Grey cup in the US? Who the hell would go other than you freeloading reporters. You just make your columns a joke

Anonymous said...

Great points on the NFL game. Preseason football is garbage and the Riders getting crapped on is absolutely embarrassing. Why should the Riders bend over backwards just cause the NFL says so? Good on them for standing up for their turf. Time to move on.

The more we’re hearing it’s like the AAF was doomed to fail from the start. The owners were hoping that football fans would blindly follow the league just cause its football while conveniently forgetting the market is already over saturated. That plus they have absolutely no sustainable business model; they were hoping the NFL would panic and buy them up so they’d make a quick buck. Of course that’s not going to happen. Want a developmental league? It’s called college football! The XFL will follow suit and Vince McMahon will resort to Jesse Ventura on the sidelines again.

Gunderson’s Yorkton

3RD and 1 said...

Being that the CFL is Canadian at its best. I would deplore the idea of the Grey Cup being played South if the 49th Paralell.
If perhaps a US team was to join the CFL (never going to happen again) and they had a proper facility. They would have to be considered. But the way it is now. To play the whole season in Canada and then move the biggest game of the year into Trumps world?? No thank you.
I’m sure if you polled this question you would have a resounding Hell No.

Rod Pedersen said...

Try leaving your house John! Vegas is cheaper to travel to than a lot of Canadian cities.

Anonymous said...

The whole Grey Cup in Vegas thing is complete BS. None of the CFL teams are going to agree to all those tourism dollars leaving this country for the US. It’s like saying the NFL having the super bowl up here cause of the exchange rate. Not going to happen. It’s just Rod stirring up the pot suggesting such silliness.


Anonymous said...

Gormley had to put a Toontown spin on the NFL preseason game blaming the Riders. The Riders had some valid concerns about the game. The concerns made sense and the right decision was made. If the game was properly planned rather than what appears as last minute on a bye week the game would have happened.

Not sure why McGuire and Pedersen have this love affair with having the Grey Cup in the USA. The economic spin off is worth 80 to 100 million dollars to the host city. The team which purchases the Grey Cup generates millions for the club. And you want to send this event to the USA who could care less! Time to turn in your Canadian passport boys.

LF said...

#7 Why do you read the comments anyway? You've stated your piece just like I am right now. Now on to the next thing on my day's agenda....

Anonymous said...

You guys do realize that Rod puts out these ridiculous things to generate blog hits and make money right? He doesn’t care if the idea is incredibly stupid, if it gets people talking it accomplishes the goal. Kind of like those two goofs that constantly brag that Vegas is SK’s NHL team. No they are not. It’s a stupid marketing ploy and nothing else. So glad it’s the Flames and Jets in the HC and not those hosers.

RS said...

Typical senior citizen complaining (John Knight ) if you can do better reporting then Roddy, then all to you !!

Anonymous said...

Meyers seeking the Sask Party nomination!!!! A little late for an April Fools Joke.

Anonymous said...

A much better idea than having a Grey Cup in Vegas is to have the Stanley Cup final in Canada ...i.e. Calgary!!

Anonymous said...

Find it hard to believe that the NFL pre-season game was "negotiated" at the last minute. The CFL schedule was out before Christmas. If Regina showed interest until the last minute in providing Mosaic as a venue, it's bush league to opt out afterwards. You could have said so a lot earlier. It isn't the Riders getting crapped on. So you're out whenever a chance to showcase your stadium with a major sports event comes up in the summer because that's when the Riders play? You think you could host a FIFA World Cup soccer game should the games come to the US & Canada? What a joke. By the way, FIFA only plays on grass so your surface would have to be redone like it was in Edmonton for the Women's World Cup in 2015. That's a major event that brings in piles of money that dwarfs the gate from Rider games. Who exactly runs your burg? The city or a football team? Try thinking big, beyond the Riders.

Anonymous said...

Roughriders club = Entity non Grata.
That small time football team really messed up their Image in professional sports.


Anonymous said...

From the WHL website - I see the Raiders backup goalie was the goaltender of the week for his round 1 performance.

Anonymous said...

I told my girlfriend about Mcguire's comment from a couple weeks ago about how Prince Albert's backup goalie isn't good enough for them to win the title.

She responded "how would a backup goalie make a difference when all they do is sit on the bench in playoffs"?

I said I'm not sure. We are both now confused.

Bud The Spud said...

Adios, Derk Taylor. Fans of the much beloved, massively well supported Toronto Football Club, and of soccer in general, will not miss his childish, churlish comments on the world's game.

And this from a guy who's career began in the FOX Soccer broadcast sweatshop in Winnipeg. How he must have suffered.

Bud The Spud said...

I like your optimism about the Expos coming back to Montreal (prior column).

There's little doubt that the Tampa Bay Rays are highly unlikely to receive any assistance to build a new stadium, especially with the heightened awareness of what hurricane damage might be like on Florida waterfronts in years to come.

Put the Rays in Montreal and the entire division would benefit. Right now, the Jays are about to enjoy 10,000 Tuesdays with Tampa. That isn't a number of days, it's a number of fans. Even when the Jays were doing well, the Rays were a huge drag on attendance.

If that were the Expos and Jays playing 18-19 times a year, you'd have much larger crowds in both parks. The Expos would also enjoy a natural rivalry with Boston and the Yankees would be a natural big draw as well. The division would benefit all around and be very good for baseball development in Canada.

Anonymous said...

The 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup was played on artificial turf.

Pretty easy Google search..

Anonymous said...

This time last year I was in Vegas watching curling...I am not in Lethbridge this year. No slight to Lethbridge either, but it isn't Vegas. Grey Cup would be a blast down there, but I can't see any CFL team allowing Grey Cup revenue to slide down south. Dare to dream though, who thought we would ever have a regular season NHL game in the 306/639?


Dan said...

Dude - just let it go. The Grey Cup in the USA is a bad idea. It spits in the face of the great Canadian cities that far better deserve to host the event rather than letting the USA benefit from one of the biggest events in Canada each year. Sam Boyd kind of a dump. You are correct that could the length of the field may fit by running it 30 yards out of the back of the stadium but the width is also an issue. Any player running out of bounds would run face first into the stands.

I assume you are continuing to post this idea to get a reaction but it is angering most. I think it’s called trolling.

Randolph Charles said...

Maybe they should do a Grey Cup in Las Vegas. The Blue Angels could do a flyover right after some lounge lizard sings 'O Christmas Tree' I mean 'O Canada'

Tim said...

I think Grey Cup in the USA is a bad idea. Judging by the number of comments on here, the blog writer bringing it up got the desired affect, many posts, and therefore more ad revenue.

BaffledBill said...

According to the 2019 schedule - which was published with lots of advanced notice - the Riders are basically either on the road or on bye the whole month of August - Home games Aug 1 and Sep 1, with the only other home game Aug 24. With a wide open month, the push for an NFL exhibition game was to take place the day before pretty much the only home game of the month. This seems like the worst, most disruptive timing possible. I don't understand the anger directed at the Riders for voicing concerns about it.

Anonymous said...

It's not like the Riders were approached about using Mosaic a week before. This was ongoing for awhile. The CFL schedule was out before Christmas. Stop making excuses for them. Gong show.

Anonymous said...

Bill Bill Bill Bill. You sure are one Baffled guy. Here's the low down info to what happened just for you.

The Roughriders Football Club blocked a once in a lifetime NFL event in Regina because of a few narrow minded people who absolutely do not understand business in a global professional sports market. Now the Roughriders reputation damaged worldwide.

There... you shall not be Baffled anymore.

Y'er welcome,