Realty One

Monday, April 29, 2019



Despite the snow that hit the prairies this weekend, the football world is heating up. The NFL Draft has wrapped up without any of the players listed in the CFL’s Central Scouting being selected. There were a few signed free agent deals while others were given mini-camp chances.

Next on the docket is the CFL Draft this Thursday with training camps scheduled to start in less than a month. All of this with the CBA talks still looming over us.

Keeping all of that in mind, let's head Out of the Tunnel with 10 Burning Questions on the lips of football fans from coast-to-coast!:


This is the question most CFL fans have at the top of mind and there are many reasons for it. Both sides have dug in deeper than during the 2014 negotiations.

The League has withheld off-season bonuses, tinkered on and off with negotiation dates, and frankly seems to be holding all the cards.

The CFLPA has told their players not to report to training camp and have all but unanimously voted in favour of a strike.

If these two groups don’t get down and dirty in a hurry, there is a good chance we will see a strike. For how long, that’s anyone’s guess.


In our mock draft a month ago, we pegged wide receiver Justin McInnis out of Arkansas State to go first overall to the Toronto Argonauts.

We still think Toronto would be a great spot for McInnis but after a little more thought and with Toronto having a defence-first coach in Corey Chamblin, don’t be surprised if Laval’s standout defensive lineman, Mathieu Betts nabs the top spot.


Receivers should be front and centre for the Roughriders. With Jake Harty on the shelf with his injured knee, the Riders have just three Canadian pass catchers on the roster: Patrick Lavoie, Cory Watson (both over 30) and Regina native Mitch Picton. They need to fill this position with one or two picks.

Next would be defensive line help. It doesn’t matter if it’s an end or interior linemen. A quality pick will help the rotation with Zack Evans.

Finally, the offensive line, but the signing of Dakoda Shepley helped this unit out in a big way. There are also a lot of depth players on the roster right now.


In some years, drastically. 2014 saw four Canadians taken: offensive linemen John Urschel and Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff, defensive lineman Brent Urban and receiver T.J. Jones.

This year there wasn’t a ranked Canadian taken in the draft but there were a handful of mini-camp invitees and free agent signings. This shouldn’t affect the draft in 2019.


This is the million-dollar question and if we had the answer we would be heading to Vegas and laying out our mortgage on a myriad of bets.

All jokes aside, the Riders will be solid. They took some hits with players leaving for the NFL and in free agency but also picked up a couple of new toys.

Having Craig Dickenson leading the way will bring a lot of stability to a football club that needs it and that will go a long way.

But, this gets us to the next question…


It begins and ends with the lingering worries over the offence.

Nothing has really changed with the combo of offensive coordinator Stephen McAdoo and quarterback Zach Collaros.

They need to instill some life into the pop-gun offence from 2018 if the Green & White want to take the next step towards a Grey Cup title.

The defence will still lead the way, but when it falters the offence has to pick up the slack which they didn’t do enough in 2018.


This will be one of the biggest storylines heading into Saskatoon.

We have seen Dickenson around the league for a long time and he has easily handled everything thown at him. Now multiply that by 1,000.

He needs to set the tone with the coaches with the season plan, with the players in the meeting rooms and on the field, with the fans and with the media.

A great start in training camp is a must for Dickenson and the rest of the football club.


The Regina born-and-raised punter may be 37-years-old, but still has one of the best legs in football.

Ryan gave the NFL one last shot and now wants a shot back where he started, in the CFL. He averaged over 45-yards per punt in his final season in the NFL, but with how small the field is, the style of punting is just a tad different with more rugby style punts emphasizing placement.

If signed, Jon would be one of the top punters in the CFL. If he signs with the Riders it would be a great training camp competition with veteran Josh Bartel.

Ryan also shouldn’t have to take a hometown discount. He has done enough in his career and if his leg is still strong enough, pay him what he's worth.

And, if he signs and sticks, just think about how many Ryan jerseys the Riders would sell.


To take the CFL international is a good idea in theory, but the execution will be very difficult.

The league has started by having two separate international drafts focusing on Mexican players and then Europeans. Just how these players are added to the roster and used will be ironed out with the new CBA.

The league also wants to start another route of player-sharing by helping Canadians that didn’t make a CFL roster get a shot in other leagues. This is a solid idea, but it has been happening for a long time with a long list of former U-Sports players heading to Germany or Italy to play.

Then what? Every other pro/semi-pro league in the world plays American rules. So does the CFL want to grow the 110-yard, 3-down game or build upon the American rules already in place?

There are many other questions.

One big one is the influx of international players now flooding into the NCAA. Will they be deemed “international” players because of their birth certificate or will their NCAA training change things?

10. IF NOT 2.0, THEN WHAT?:  

The CFL needs to take the first step of getting their house in order with a new CBA and re-establishing the Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver markets. If they die, the league dies.

Secondly, boost the profile of high-level Canadian players in USports and the NCAA. Don’t start three months before the draft but rather, well in advance. Also, scrap the East-West game that pits upcoming U-Sports seniors against each other in May and instead finish off the CFL combine with a game instead of just drills.

Let’s see how a NCAA player does against an USports player on the field. It won’t really affect the scouting process, but it would build fan interest in these players during the process.

Brighten your day.



Anonymous said...

The Riders have big questions, unhappily at critical spots. Coach, QB & National depth at receiver, safety & DT are the biggest areas. But Leonard is a steep downgrade from Jefferson. Hughes is 35, way old to expect much. History says his production likely drops substantially & he looked done the tail end of last year. Eguavoen is a big loss as well. There won't be a repeat of the record tying contribution there. The offence is pretty much the same. Lucky to make the playoffs. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Not much interest in the riders this year lately I see, pretty freaky off season.

Anonymous said...

Must disagree with most of this. National depth at receiver does not make or break a team. We do need to add though. It's a token ratio spot. Leonard is not Jefferson, but he is an excellent DE. While Hughes is getting older, don't write off his abilities like many did last year and don't sell Geter short either. Has a great motor. DT is a weakness... huh, better tell Micah Johnson and Zack Evans that. Mike Edem is a very capable Safety.

Our offense is a question mark at the moment but pending what changes are made to our passing game, it could be quite formidable. We have a very good offensive line with an outstanding runningback in Powell.

We'll need to keep Collaros healthy of course. That will be the key to the season. Our defense will be very good once again.

Anonymous said...

Somehow someway the Saskatchewan Roughriders have got to get Johnny Manziel on its roster. He would be a vast 100% improvement from what they currently have at quarterback.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying National depth @ receiver breaks a team but when you have token names for backup @ Safety & DT as well, you have a National problem. If Edem goes down at this point when you are predicting finishes by the current roster, you have Radford as backup - that's it. If Evans goes down you have Henry, a 32 year old DT who has 1 career sack. I don't have a problem with the starters but when you talk depth at those positions it is pretty much ZERO. Formidable passing game? Arcenaux is injured & may not be ready & the rest of the passing game is the same minus Williams-Lambert. So personnel wise we are worse. Oh yes, & 35 year old Watson replaces Bagg. We can talk all we want about the young receivers but until they do something you don't know. And, in the West there is the duo of Nichols/Streveler & the "Big 3" who all threw for over 5,000 yards. We have Collaros who we have so much faith in we offered a contract to the much injured Lulay after he was signed. So your own coaches don't have a lot of faith in him. Didn't Jones say they were going to go out & get some QB's in November? You don't have a "formidable" offence with a QB that throws more balls to the opposition than TD's.

Randolph Charles said...

Collaros will benefit from Powell at running back; teams will have to commit at least one player to a real running threat, which should open up the passing game.

Maybe the draft can address the o-line needs, likewise at Canadian receiver. JW-L was not going to stay long anyhow, maybe they need a couple of Canadians but don't have to be starters. Manny will be great when ready, I don't care how many birthdays
he has gone through.

Depth at d-line is a must, hopefully some sort of rotation keeps them all fresh. A little light at linebacker, but who knows who may step up. Secondary and special teams will be fine.

I think third place is possible, maybe second if everything falls into place.

Anonymous said...

This years draft is real difficult to predict as the CBA plays a major role. Do the teams know what most of the changes are going to be, if any? Or is it all still up in the air. ??
The reason I bring this up is if the rumours are true regarding going from 7 CND starters to 5, no reason to draft a receiver as that would definitely be a spot we'd convert to an import.

First roster deadline is tomorrow. Teams need to get down to 75 players. Elimimiam was just the start ....


Anonymous said...

Have to agree with you on most points, Randolph. You seem to have a grasp on the Rider situation rather than just blowing smoke. Powell is a big catch in light of Mason being out all year. But we were already 2nd in rushing attempts & yds behind Wpg last year so all teams will play us vs the rush first & dare us to pass. Looking at any passing stats, Collaros was way down the charts & that is a concern. What we need on OL is someone to challenge the older guys - Coleman will be 34 pretty quick, LaBatte is still good @ 32, Clark is so-so & 31, Blake is 33. If, as it stands, Coleman, Vaughn, Clark & LaBatte start again, why aren't Schram & Shepley pushing them? It's fine to have depth but if that means they are all fighting for one spot - Bladek's, & not some of the older guys' spots we have a problem. Some of these guys have to win starting roles from the older guys or, obviously, you have to question the depth players we have. It's fine to say Shepley is a stud but if he's not starter-worthy, meh. I don't need to see the JSJ situation all over again. LB is a problem but perhaps we get lucky & get someone like Konar in a trade. The Eskimos are going to unload someone at LB with Unamba, Dean & Santos-Knox on board. They have Taylor Reed, Korey Jones (yes I know, but he was the MLB in Edmonton when they were 12-6 & Sherritt was out all year), Konar & Mulumba, who also started when Jones got hurt. We've got Davis from BC who is a career special teamer. We already have a fistful of those. I like Manny but he's hurt & in 2017 played on pretty much one leg all year. If healthy, he will be very good.