Realty One

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


OTTAWA - The Ottawa Redblacks are in the market for a new offensive co-ordinator.

The CFL club announced Monday that Jamie Elizondo has resigned from that post to pursue other opportunities. Elizondo is reportedly looking to join the Tampa Bay franchise in the XFL, whose head coach/GM is Marc Trestman, formerly of the Montreal Alouettes (2008-12) and Toronto Argonauts (2017-18).

And it looks as if Elizondo's departure wasn't necessarily an amicable one. The headline on the Redblacks' statement on his leaving was “Elizondo Quits On Redblacks.''

Perhaps their relationship became frayed when Ottawa blocked Elizondo from interviewing for Saskatchewan’s head coaching position this off-season:

Elizondo spent the last three seasons with Ottawa, helping the franchise win the Grey Cup in 2016. And last season, quarterback Trevor Harris cracked the 5,000-yard passing plateau with the Redblacks for the first time in his CFL career.

Elizondo's departure adds to what's been an off-season to forget for Ottawa. Harris (Edmonton), running back William Powell (Saskatchewan), receiver Greg Ellingson (Edmonton), defensive lineman AC Leonard (Saskatchewan), defensive back Rico Murray (Hamilton) and offensive lineman SirVincent Rogers (Edmonton) are among the players to leave in free agency.

(With flies from the Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

The Redblack off-season has been UGLY!! Montreal has a chance to avoid last place in 2019.

Anonymous said...

Ha, good for them. How many more will leave over the cfl’s dumb cap on coaches

Anonymous said...

Breaking CFL news.

Bob Young to take over Pig Skin Pete's duties effective immediately.

Sports info.

Steve said...

Geez I can see his point but XFL with trestman???
Bob Dyce & Winston October already on the staff can fill the OC role. & they can now bring in a fresh young QB coach to boot

Anonymous said...

Looks good on them

Anonymous said...

Riders gm O'Day's first choice head coach Elizondo heading full circle back to the Roughriders 2020. Third choice Dickenson free to snowboard all he wants thereafter.


GardenGnome said...

Dom you may be right. O'Day had no choice but to sign Dickenson to a 3 year deal. Dickenson held all the cards. But the assistants may be on for only 1 more year so that clears the deck. Dickenson should get more than a year to put his mark on the team but with the Grey Cup in Regina in 2020 there will be a lot of pressure to win. If the Riders finish out of the playoffs, which could easily happen this year, they may go after Elizondo. Biggest problem - none of the big 3 QB's are free agents next year & if Franklin & Masoli do well, there's no reason to sign in Regina. If they don't do well, do you want them? My guess is Masoli doesn't go anywhere & Franklin doesn't go to Regina unless McAdoo is gone.

Anonymous said...

Good opinion, agreed. Dickenson could be rotated back to his original position if doesnt pan out and he agrees to step back to let in Elizondo. Kinda farfetched scenario, but poop happens.


Anonymous said...

If a new coach comes in he may not want anyone on staff. Although with a 3 year deal Dickenson may be a guy the new coach asks to stay. Bundle to pay for a ST coach & the new head would want more than his ST's coach. Better than a buyout but one is allowed under the new cap on coaches. If the Riders tank this season, there will be a lot of pressure to right the ship in a Grey Cup year.

SWC said...

You can't win without a QB and the Riders are one hit away from that. My suggestion is, now that the AAF is folding talk to Marquis Williams and tell him CJ is gone and we'd like him back.
At least he has the potential to be a starter down the road.