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Sunday, April 7, 2019


1 - APRIL 6: Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of Saskatchewan's darkest day. From some of the families of the 29 Humboldt Broncos and First Responders I've spoken with over the past while, it's a day they're dreading. They simply don't know what emotions are going to come up. Depending on where they are in their grieving process it's going to be just another day, or, just another day of agony. The coverage of the anniversary seems a little excessive but it's well-intentioned. It's important that those affected know the world still cares, and hasn't forgotten. #humboldtstrong

2 - J.R.: Regina product Jon Ryan let it be known on Friday that his 15-year pro football career is not over. The former Seahawk and Blue Bomber punter will participate in the Saskatchewan Roughriders free agent open tryout this week but that's not all. He plans to audition for the Toronto Argonauts as well and, likely, any other CFL team who may be in the market for his services. The Riders could use the P.R. boost but Jon's not coming cheap. Also, he could likely punt for another decade. This will be fun to watch!

3 - JONES BUZZ: It's been fabulous to get out on the road across the province this spring and visit with sports fans in Zenon Park, Kipling, Estevan, Humboldt, Sedley, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Swift Current. But I've learned Saskies still haven't gotten over Chris Jones jettisoning Weston Dressler, John Chick, Darian Durant, Chris Getzlaf, et al several years ago. And with Jones leaving with considerable unfinished business left behind, it's a fair question to ask: Were those the right moves after all?

Fans seem so grateful to see us come to their community but the fact is we get FAR more out of it than they do.

4 - ODDS ARE: Golden Casino released its 2019 Grey Cup odds and they look like this: BC 300+, CGY 325+, WPG 550+, HAM 650+, SK 750+, OTT 850+, EDM 1100+, TOR 1400+, MTL 1600+. Depending on how you look at it, Saskatchewan will either be fighting for 3rd in the West Division or scrapping with Edmonton to stay out of 5th. But with all four East Division teams in the bottom six of the odds, a crossover is likely to be in play again. West Division predictions forthcoming ...

5 - HOTTEST TICKET: With the addition of top receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and a host of other tantalizing additions, ESPN has listed the Cleveland Browns as the NFL's hottest ticket in 2019. Applying the same formula to the CFL, this blogger says the B.C. Lions are the CFL's hottest ticket for the upcoming season. Free agent signings QB Mike Reilly and WR Duron Carter will likely make the Lions the top-drawing team for Canadian football fans. Who's next? Winnipeg?

6 - ELIZONDO: The ugly departure of offensive coordinator Jaime Elizondo from the Ottawa RedBlacks this week illustrates the growing unrest between the coaching fraternity and their employers. With the institution of the salary cap on coaches and staff limitation, plus the refusal by Ottawa and Winnipeg to allow their coordinators to interview with other teams, several coaches are feeling oppressed. This is growth? At one point last summer there was talk of the formation of a coaches union with a strike to hit just before training camp. However I don't know if those talks went anywhere.

7 - HERITAGE CLASSIC: It's seven months away but the Winnipeg Jets opposing the Calgary Flames in an NHL outdoor game at Mosaic Stadium next October has lots of people talking. Out-of-market fans are blowing up my phone asking if this game will sellout, and if they should purchase their tickets now? Whether it sells out or not is a spectacular question. At an average ticket price of $250, you can get 10 junior hockey games for that. That's where my money will go, but how about you?

8 - x-JETS: Winnipeg, Calgary and Toronto will represent Canada in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Many are asking who will go the furthest? My money is on Winnipeg despite their recent swoon. Their conference finals appearance last year gives them valuable experience and they're getting the adversity out of the way now. However it still says here San Jose will meet Tampa Bay in the Stanley Cup Final, and my playoff drafts will reflect that.

9 - e-OILERS: Edmonton star Connor McDavid got tongues wagging this week when he expressed his frustration at the season his team suffered through this year. McDavid referred to it as an "insane season" and that it's been "hard mentally to keep on going". At $19-million in salary this year plus $4-million in endorsements, we pray that he'll survive. He doesn't seem like the kind of kid who would ask for a trade but I sure hope he has a strong mental coach.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS: When you see two people talking, don't walk up and interrupt them. ... The Melville Millionaires locked up Head Coach/GM Kyle Adams to a new multi-year deal this week. ... The Weyburn Red Wings have a Head Coach/GM vacancy and names being bantied about are Bob Beattie and Jamie Fiesel. La Ronge's job is open too and while Kevin "Killer" Kaminski is in the running there, he may opt for Weyburn which is a lot closer to his hometown of Churchbridge, SK. ... Kudos to former Roughriders voice Geoff Currier for being awarded the RTNDA's Lifetime Achievement Award this week. He - and Willy Cole - made me the broadcaster I am and while I get criticized for being a perfectionist and demanding the same effort around me, that's a trait I learned from those two legends. Not changing now. ... The movie Fighting With Family draws one reluctant thumb up from the Monday Morning Goalie. Perhaps if I was more of a wrestling fan, I'd have enjoyed it more but I'll pay to see anything featuring The Rock. ... New at Dairy Queen: Oh Henry Peanut Butter Blizzards. Y'er welcome.



Anonymous said...

The Riders are bringing in some NFL has-been that can’t get a job down south. Gee, where’s the outrage?? Plus JO has made it clear he has no intention of signing Doubles, Dressler or Rob Bagg for that matter. Where’s the backlash against him? Nope, it’s all a bunch of manufactured outrage simply cause Jones did things differently. Same thing happened to Roy when he was here. It’s ridiculous how some in this province are against doing things that aren’t the “Riders way”. Well, four Grey Cups in a hundred and ten years isn’t exactly a proud track record either. Hope JO sticks to his guns and doesn’t listen to the noise. PS, that wasn’t a shot at Jon Ryan himself, he’s still awesome. Just making a point.

Gunderson’s Yorkton

@mrt_man said...



Anonymous said...

I will be buying tickets to the NHL game. I consider it a one time opportunity. I’ve been to very few NHL games and this is a chance to go without travelling, no fuel, no hotel, so I consider it my least expensive NHL game to attend. I will still buy WHL season tickets and occasionally individual WHL or SJHL game tickets when my WHL team (Pats) is not playing at home. I’m far more interested in watching live than on TV. I consider WHL and SJHL great value. If I made time, any level hockey, live, is great value. I’m hoping to catch a few Pat C’s and Cougars games this year also.


SWC said...


Jones predicted he wasn't going to win any popularity contests and he got that right. That's the only thing he got right.
But what I don't understand is why Craig Reynolds is not taking heat for giving total control of the franchise to a known contract-breaker whose sole ambition was to get out of town.

Anonymous said...

How about chick, i’m Sure he would like to get in on that . Chick as d-line coach.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy is a wrestling aficionado so it would be interesting to see whether he gave two thumbs up for "Fighting With Family".

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! Bang on comment!
Didn't expect this out of Gunderson's Yorkton.

Hobert Hubert

Elaine said...

Where else is Ryan going to go. No NFL offers. Is he worth a high salary? Is he that much better then what you have?
Points to ponder.

Anonymous said...

Riders have basically same team less Williams-Lambert on offence, less Jefferson, Eguavoen & Antigha on defence. Johnson helps but doesn't make up for all 3. Calgary has lost almost entire DL & LB's. Wpg added Jefferson & signed most of their players. BC added Reilly, Carter, Grymes. Chungh. Edmonton signed more top 30 free agents than anyone & added 6 of the 2018 All-Stars on their starting 24 & one of the big QB's. I don't see Edmonton fighting for last place & I don't see Riders as a legitimate contender with the same crew & the QB they wanted to replace going into the offseason. Is Fajardo really any better than Bridge? Biggest free agent class EVER & everybody was talking about who was going to get signed. Now that it's done & BC & Edmonton signed 20 % of the top rated free agents, the talk is that FA signings mean nothing. I beg to differ. If 25% of your starting 24 on O & D are shiny new All-Stars I think that's a big statement. Unless Hufnagel works miracles & finds a dozen young, good, fresh out of the box players to replace the over 20 regulars that left, this may be the year the they fall back. Jorden not ready for season opener, Rogers on wonky knee. As for the Riders, not as good as Wpg, Edm or BC & offence a very distant 2nd to Stamps.

Rod Pedersen said...

Go ahead.

Anonymous said...

Randy Ambrosie has now flipped his lid or is still concussed from his playing days way back when, or he's smoking something. He now saying 100 million plus people will be watching the Grey Cup 10 years from now. Lmao!

Skott Mo