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Wednesday, May 1, 2019


1 - DRAFT DAY: There's some buzz being generated leading up to Thursday's CFL Canadian College Draft. As usual, the NFL has thrown a wrench into some teams' plans by offering minicamp tryouts to a handful of top CFL prospects, including Arkansas State receiver Justin McInnis who was pegged at #1 in our Mock Draft a few weeks ago. He's been invited to tryout with the Indianapolis Colts. The CFL Draft gets more difficult each year but that's why GMs get the big bucks.

2 - LOCALLY #1: The same goes for Regina product Brayden Lenius-Dickey. The former UNM and UW receiver participated in the CFL National Combine and is pegged as a potential first round CFL pick. However we learned this week Brayden's accepted an offer to participate in San Francisco 49ers minicamp. Hours after the NFL Draft, Lenius-Dickey was offered invites from a handful of NFL teams however he chose the 49ers because he felt it presented the best opportunity. Plus, it was his grandfather's favourite team.

3 - LOCALLY #2: CFL scouts are scratching their heads that only the Alouettes and Argonauts will be allowed to draft territorial picks on Thursday, at the end of Round 2. Bringing back territorial picks (players in teams' backyards) is a great concept however why not make this option available to all nine CFL teams? For instance a great option for Saskatchewan would be Regina product Kade Belyk, a WR for the Guelph Gryphons. He was snubbed by the CFL National Combine despite putting up better regional numbers than some European prospects. Belyk will get a shot somewhere, but it should be in Saskatchewan. And if his area code was 514 or 905, he'd get the chance to play at home.

4 - GO JONNY GO: We are 3 weeks from the opening of CFL training camps, yet free agent punter Jon Ryan sits without a deal despite working out for a handful of teams earlier this month. As far as Saskatchewan goes, it all comes down to money and I can see both sides. The Riders have a cap-friendly punter whom they like in Josh Bartel while on the other hand, Jon Ryan wants to play in his hometown but also knows his worth. That figure doesn't match what Saskatchewan is offering. So, here we sit. It's completely understandable on both sides but this isn't how I envisioned the story of Jon Ryan finishing his career in Saskatchewan would go.

5 - FEEL THE RUSH: The Saskatchewan Rush open the NLL Playoffs at home to Colorado Friday night in the West Semifinal at SaskTel Centre. I was afforded the opportunity to spend 2 days with the Rush last week and as impressive as the franchise looks from the outside, it's even MORE magnificent from the inside. They have a staff that's been together for a long time and runs like a Swiss watch. Excellence doesn't come easy, but they put in the work on the field, in marketing, community engagement/charities, promotions, communications and public relations.

6 - "OWNERSHIP WINS": A Hall of Fame football man mentioned that phrase to me last week with regards to the NFL. In the CFL, I'd tweak it to say "Leadership wins" because there are so many community-owned teams. I discussed this concept with Rush owner Bruce Urban - gazing up at the 3 NLL championship banners in the rafters from the past 4 seasons - and he specifically detailed how he operates the franchise. The word which kept coming up was trust, and the Rush have that throughout their organization in spades.

7 - BAD BLOOD: I knew Saskatoon-born actor Kim Coates (pictured above) from his role in Sons of Anarchy and from his many appearances with the Roughriders over the years. But I honestly didn't realize how big of a deal he was when the two of us hosted last weekend's Rush-Mammoth game. Once I got home, we binge-watched his latest series Bad Blood and looked up his filmography. Gulp! How about The Last Boy Scout, The Client, Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down, Miami Vice and CSI. I got the willies Saturday night when he whispered over my shoulder, "They play music throughout the whole f---ing game?" Yes they do! It's awesome! And he's a super guy too, which means a ton to me.

8 - HOLLY: The Edmonton Oilers are poised to name their new General Manager and as I Tweeted on Monday, I anticipate it will be former Detroit boss Ken Holland. That report was flamed from coast-to-coast by national reporters and Oiler fans alike but I can take the heat. I've got big shoulders. I guess we'll find out.

9 - THE SNOWFLAKES WIN: This round. The fight in La Ronge Ice Wolves spring camp in Saskatoon on the weekend got 43,000 views before the team was directed to take it down. I get that. That's not the image the SJHL wants to project but let's not get carried away. It was a practice fight in a league that doesn't allow fighting. Plus, no one made them do it. One guy chastised the Wolves because it was "two children fighting". Look, I was a victim of bullying in a hockey camp and was told by the coaches and my family that I had to handle it myself. Old school. One punch to the nose in the dressing room ended the bullying in a hurry. Kenny Rogers had it right.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS: One thumb up from the MMG for the movie The Mustang. It was good enough, but it was painful to watch if you have a connection to addiction. ... Will this economy ever turn around? ... Enough with the scorning of fans of Game Of Thrones! Maybe a lot of us aren't into it (I've tried) but that doesn't mean lots of people don't love it. ... I don't think it's the Drake Curse. It's the Toronto Curse. ... It's great to see Jordan Eberle answering the bell in pressure situations once again! ... The hottest new restaurant in Saskatoon is Wendel Clark's at the corner of Idylwyld and Circle Drive. Would the concept work in Regina? I have a feeling it would.

Y'er welcome,


concience said...

There is absolutely no reason to open the vault to sign old punter Jon Ryan. If he really wants to play here, sign for less! I don't believe he needs the money and its all ego. There are more areas to spend money to stay under the cap

Anonymous said...

Rod punched Kelly McCrimmon in the nose???? Nice! How fun will that be when he gets named Oilers GM. Rod will then have to cheer for the Jets!

Rod Pedersen said...

Ha. That's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Ken Holland is a buddy with Nicholson from the Hockey Canada days. So that sounds about right. The Oilers have a habit of loading up with the "Old Boys" club & that's why they have a record 12 years out of the playoffs in the past 13. When you have a Messier family member scouting, two Gretzkys. a Lowe, MacTavish & Coffey, how much say has the new guy coming in despite the rhetoric he has a free hand? I like the old Oilers as really good guys but some of them have been there for most of the losing years so something's not working. Katz is making bags of money so that won't change. As for Ryan, I'm okay with Bartel.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod what do you think of Derek Taylor’s performance on the SC so far? Any chance he’ll get you on as a guest at some point?

Rod Pedersen said...

Haven't listened but I'm sure he's doing a great job. I'm available anytime!

LF said...

#1,2,3 I'll be following the WHL bantam draft instead. Same day.
#9 It's not about the fight. It's the online exploitation of minors for the wrong reasons. The old school also used to say what happens on the ice stays in the ice. That was before internet.

SWC said...

4 - GO JONNY GO: Just retire.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great reads Rod. Enjoy them a lot. Not sure why Holland would want to go to Edmonton (closer to Medicine Hat? Plus the aforementioned ties). MCrimmon probably wanted too much autonomy. We will see. Peace my friend

Bill Weppler said...

Totally agree with your plug for Wendel Clark's restaurant. Went there recently and food and service was top notch with reasonable prices to boot!

Anonymous said...

A Few Things:

1) Kim Coates is and has always been a character actor treasure. His best work is still ahead of him. There are no more "movie stars" - the new era are these series on AMC FX etc, that take these long time character actors i.e., Bryan Cranston and show their range.

2) The new Sports Cage is the new Sports Cage and it's time for everyone to now move on. Similar to Kim Coates I believe Rod Pedersen's best work is yet to come and it won't be in broadcasting. People move on and careers can start stop and then sometimes we just go and do other stuff. If the Atlantic Schooners need a guy Rod would be the first call and should be. Past that he'll continue to do just fine.

3) Thank you to the Roughriders for bringing in Bobby J and Dave Ridgeway. I headed over and got a picture taken after work. They could not have been nicer guys. That 1989 team and game is 30 years old - we can't live in the past but boy oh boy to go back and relive that game. Greatest game ever played. Bobby said something interesting about these guys going on strike. They didn't have the stadium and took 25% pay cuts and had a tickethon. Dave said "you took the paycuts they needed me" lol.Great guys.

4) Edmonton Oilers are basically Arizona North with money and a fanbase that puts up with it. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

5) There is no Toronto curse. Guys can't take pressure. Tavares, Mathews, Marner can - the rest are suspect.

Life is good.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Don't lie to your cult following Pedersen. Tell the truth!

Rod Pedersen said...

That is 100% accurate.

Football reality said...

>> Don't lie to your cult following Pedersen. Tell the truth! <<
Dude are you for real? Man you've got to be right in with the other quote. Something to the effect of ""Angry Gormely listeners""
Any time someone makes a comment where they call readers of a sports blog as a Cult. Can only be from a competing source that obviously isn't much competition. Or simply a jealous overbearing person suffering from Fomo.
Why even post their dribble Rod. They aren't worth it!

Anonymous said...

I believe that if Jon Ryan really wants to close out his career a Rider money should not be an issue. He has made many millions in the No Fun League and could now just have some fun. It is the same as NFL or NHL championship teams that end up with a bunch of top end players going down the road for more money. After you have been paid 15 or 20 million what are you going to do with more?

Anonymous said...

So, are these predictions of 'Holland as Oiler GM' and 'McCrimmon will not be the Oiler GM' some type of insider information that you have or are they a guess? Honestly, as a long-time Oiler fan - this is a critical decision by the franchise and the team is heading toward a point of no return if they screw this one up (again). Your predictions are being presented as insider info so if that is the case, then - thank you - and I appreciate you sharing this info. If they are guesses, please present them as such. Honestly, as an Oiler fan, we have suffered enough.

Anonymous said...

Walk with Rod! Drink his Kool-Aid! Preach his sermon!

Anonymous said...

That Fitchner clown in Estevan and RP should get their "cults" together and have a throw down at the Cinema 6!

3RD and 1 said... is only one small read of my day. I also read and and lastly
So any one into the CFL or hockey can make their own assumptions as to what is and is not the Gospel.
With that being said, any moron that calls readers of online sports news a "CULT" has to be a few bricks short a load.
Seriously what kind of a person takes the time to write in to the creator of a sports blog and call them fake news and try to insult his readers.
It has to be someone who is trying and is failing or has already tried and failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Nicholson is the problem

Randolph Charles said...

The Ryan/Bartel dillemma is a tricky one indeed. We assume Jon is wanting more money but no one has come out and said so.

The argument for Jon is that, even in his 30's with NFL mileage, he can still flip the field with a booming punt. Josh does not have that type of cannon.

On Josh's side is that interesting Aussie drop ball which has befuddled many returners. Plus I don't doubt he could drop kick a 30 yard 3 pointer or point after on a moments notice.

But Jon would be a legit threat taking off or passing instead. I don't know, it's pretty close...

Maybe they could set them down, Jon with a half of PIL, Josh with a half of Foster's....first one to down six wins the punter's job.