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Monday, March 18, 2019


A war has erupted among CFL players following the weekend news that both the CFL and CFLPA are discussing lowering the number of starting Canadian players from the current seven down to five.

Future Roughrider Hall of Famer Chris Getzlaf got the party started on Saturday afternoon, calling this move a "terrible" idea. That prompted a response from CFLPA Executive Director Brian Ramsay calling the report "completely and utterly false".

Not many of us believe that to be the case.

The war spilled over into Monday, between Canadian and American players, both past and present.

BC Lions receiver Duron Carter and former Lions, Roughriders and Argonauts defensive end Ricky Foley went at it pretty good on Twitter.

"You American CFL guys kill me," Foley Tweeted from his account @Foley4Real. "Talkin' bout they so much better than Canadians. Shouldn't be a ratio. LMFAO. Y'all REALLY think Canadian citizens (are) gonna come out to watch a league full of NFL rejects without any local Canadian boys? (The) League would fold in 3 years ya big dummies."

That prompted this response from Carter.

"And how good were you?" Carted Tweeted from @DC_CHILLIN_8. "I been on the same field as you. They wasn't coming to see you either!!! Like, come on guy."

Never mind the fact Foley is bound for the Canadian Football Hall of Fame as a rare Canadian rush end, and the owner of three Grey Cup rings.

It’s doubtful Foley would’ve gotten that opportunity if the ratio had only mandated five starting Canadians. That’s the same thing Getzlaf is saying about his own career.

Roughriders defensive end Charleston Hughes was clearly watching the discussion between Carter and Foley with interest, posting a Meme depicting a scene of George Clooney ducking out of the way.

If you haven't figured out yet, Twitter is a helluva a lot of fun, particularly in times like this.

Regardless, despite his lack of fact-checking on Foley, Duron still had plenty of thoughts on Canadian players.

"Come on y'all," Carter continued. "We all know the real (story). Yes, there are very good Canadian players and always will be ... but until Canadians grow up in a competitive environment like American players do, they are at a disadvantage. And who the hell (is going to) play QB for every team Bridge."

The last comment somehow seemed directed at Carter's former teammate Brandon Bridge, but I can't totally decipher what Carter meant by it.

Meanwhile free agent Canadian offensive lineman Josiah St. John - who spent the past 3 seasons with the Saskatchewan Roughriders - had a lengthy back-and-forth with journeyman CFL defensive lineman Shawn Lemon (an American).

"Don't be mad god blessed me with a Canadian passport," St. John Tweeted from his account @BigStJo.

That didn't impress Lemon, who responded via Twitter: "This Tweet right here is the reason why the ratio should be changed. I rest my case."

You don't have to search very far on social media to find comments far and wide regarding what's become a very sensitive subject.

In the meantime other CFL'ers are just sitting back and watching the shrapnel fly.

"SMH (Shake My Head)," Tweeted free agent defensive lineman Eddie Steele. "It's getting ugly."

If the goal of whomever leaked this info was to divide the CFL Players Association, they've been successful.

The CFL and CFLPA are in the middle of talks on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the first round of discussions being held last week in Toronto.



LF said...

I am surprised the CFLPA would support the decrease. They are already doing the imports a favour by giving them union representation as aliens. Does any other union in Canada do that?

Anonymous said...

This must be all the united talk the CFLPA was throwing around ahead of negotiations.

St. John is the exact example of a ratio benefactor. Canadians may be a part of the fabric, but the definitely don't make the league better.

SWC said...

This non-import/import thing should be renamed. Call it what it is, Canadians/NFL Rejects. Ricky Foley is right on.

Anonymous said...

Reducing the already low ratio of Canadian born players would be an epic sell-out by the player's union. It is simply a means by the owners to reduce salaries, particularly of the Canadian offensive lineman.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Foley is right!!!!

Rikrokit said...

It is kind of interesting that Canadians & Americans are going at each other when Europeans & Mexican players will probably benefit from this change

Anonymous said...

I think this change is a good decision. Canadian talent and depth are huge issues when National starters get injured and are replaced by other Nationals. The O-line is a primary position for Nationals and most teams cannot replace their starters with players who possess the talent level needed to protect the quarterback from harm. The result is a drop in offense via injury to star quarterbacks and a subsequent loss at the gate for teams because their customers are unwilling to watch a popgun offense.

Additionally, the era when the best Canadian players played an entire career in the CFL is long gone because they will pursue a job in the NFL with little or no consideration for our league during the process.

Ultimately CFL fans are customers and deserve to pay for the best available product because there are 20 Jason French receivers for every Jason Clermont receiver due to Can-con rules.

Curt Dittmer said...

I believe in a perfect world there should not be a ratio. Canadians should make rosters based on merit not their birthplace. The problem is that I do not believe CFL front office staff and head coaches will give Canadians a fair shake.

Anonymous said...

Bad example St. John was trained in the US
System not the Usports football league!

Anonymous said...

Who said Foley is bound for the lowly canadian football hall of fame, didnt know a football hall. He and his career irrelevant. Josiah St John also irrelevant. Most canadians playing football in Canadian soil irrelevant.

Dean & crew

Anonymous said...

Rick Foley = Cave Skull.

Helix said...

Dean & crew you managed to write an even more irrelevant post than your last irrelevant post. You are irrelevant. Now try to make yourself relevant by finding a job son.

J FRENCH said...

Honestly i can see the ratio change being a possibility as a part of expansion. Adding another team will dilute the talent pool at this time. This adjustment would allow for keeping the same number of Canadians employed in the CFL while they continue to ramp up the usport teams, which the CFL seems to be expanding it investing and support in. If this was an adjustment for the term of the next CBA, that actually makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

This comment section is a window to Canadian Pride as a nation. The gotta bes (gotta be American)are out in full force, it's bush league because Canadians play in it. So will it be bush league because it's all NFL rejects?
Really sad we don't show more respect for the players,league and athletes in general in our own country. Just part of the Canadian Inferiority Complex always comparing ourselves to Americans.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the mostly American-bred GMs and coaches would not give Canadians a fair shake if the ratio were reduced and "the best man" won the job. And that's despite the fact that most American born players wouldn't have a clue how to play the Canadian game with the different rules, 3 downs and larger field. Make no mistake, if the ratio is reduced, these same GMs and coaches would next be lobbying for changes to the rules, 4 downs, and a smaller field and football. Reducing or eliminating the ratio would also eliminate or reduce the connections made by fans to local Cdn heros and in time, the apathy of the non-engaged fan base would lead to the demise of the CFL.

Foley is bang on. The CFL does need some American players but let's not kid ourselves, the only reason they're playing in the CFL is because they couldn't make an NFL roster. If I have to watch all Americans, I might as well watch the NO Fun League.

3RD and 1 said...

1 more team isn’t going to do a thing to Canadian talent. Dan Farthing stated there were players on his UofS team that were better at their positions than Dan was. Yet at that time it was O-lineman and receivers the 2 positions ear marked for CanSdians. Other than special teams.
Now teams have shown Canadian players can excell at other positions. RB has become a position Candians do well. The EE have a D-end that is in the top 3 or 4. Several LB’s are playing at a high level.
Just open up more positions instead of just 3 or 4

Dan said...

I will stick up for Canadians all day long until they start acting like jerks. Calling Americans NFL rejects is just rude. Canadian or American - they are all people and they are ALL NFL rejects. 99% of the Canadians playing in the CFL would be thrilled to play in the NFL for much much more money if they could.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous anonymous comment....when will it stop? First they want less Canadian players 7 to 5, then from 5 to 3, then none. Plus they will try to convert our Canadian game to be more like NFL.
I for one, hate the NFL...and if the CFL heads that way, I'll stop watching completely.
I like the fact our players are down to earth, every day guys, that make on average the same as the middle class Canadian. The NFL has enough over paid, obnoxious, "treat me like a God" players, we don't need them in Canada!!

Anonymous said...

This is WHY the ratio is going down. The players are fighting among themselves so never mistake them for some Auto or Steel workers singing solidarity forever.

I heard this long ago when the Russians were going to "take" jobs from Canadians in the NHL. Check the NHL now compared to 1988. The league got better as the best players play period.

Bottom line the way it works in life - best man wins and if you didn't get the job oh well study harder or figure it out. OR you can just go work for the government they'll take anybody. Real world it is a tad different.

They don't need extra help. Canadians can beat Americans and the 1994 BC Lions proved it. The guys who are defending the ratio are the guys that know they'd be first out the door. Canadians like Sean Millington, or Roger Aldag would say bring it on and pack a lunch.

....and Ricky Foley I get where he is coming from, but for him I firmly believe he is in the camp of being a guy who could play anywhere, anytime against anybody and he'd be a guy scratching and clawing to get into a camp to prove it.

and anybody who criticizes Ricky Foley should give their head a shake. He was on the 2013 and that defensive line was one of the all time greats in the history of this great league.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

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Rod's blog poster HELIX = irrelevant curved, simple slope headed neanderthal of no substance. foley, same, he also irrelevant, slope headed.

Dean and crew

Anonymous said...

I agree with the depth comment earlier. I suggested this a few years ago when we went through a bunch of injuries to “non import” players. Couldn’t put the best team on the field because guys didn’t have the right passport. I just want to see the best team possible on the field regardless of nationality

Anonymous said...

foley, getzlaff, st john, what the hell do these hasbeens have to do with the CFL. They don't play. Beat it!


Anonymous said...

For those who want more X NFL players (because you think they are better)in the CFL and fewer Canadian born players, why do you not just watch the NFL! That way you get the (so called ) best of the best. Leave the CFL watching to us real patriotic Canadians who love the CFL over the NFL. I think the CFL should increase the Canadian ratio as well as count the Canadian QBs in that ratio with the eventual goal of eliminating the Americans all together from OUR league. In time the Canadian talent will become way better then what exists now with all those X-NFL players on the field. Look how much the talent has improved already. Long live the CFL!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems to be part of the CFL 2.0 plan to clear roster space for Mexican and European players.

Anonymous said...

The only difference about the CFL game is its rules, that's what makes it uniquely Canadian. The player ratio doesn't matter, only the best of best wanted on the field of play whether that be a National or International or whatever they call players nowadays. Saying that... Randy Ambrosie is the person people should be addressing, directing displeasure for his deluted poison path he's currently on. Randy Ambrosie is the guy who started this bickering. True. We gave notice a few days back on this site there would be a hostile takeover, this is just the start of it. CFL as we know it on the brink of extinction, just watch and see.

Dean & crew

gman80 said...

Canadians are what make this league! Always have, always will!! If these so called "fans" of the CFL want these changes made THEN GO WATCH YOUR BLOODY NOFUNLEAGUE and F OFF! thank you!

SWC said...

Maybe there should be a ratio on the coaching staff too.

Anonymous said...

So Ambrosie's plan to save the Canadian Football League is to kick the Canadians out!
He should be tried for treason!!!

Curtis Nelson said...

Here is an outside the box idea. If the CFL wants to create more awareness for their players inside their comunitities create a ratio that involves residents and non-residents. If the player lives in the city he plays in year round he becomes a resident. They could raise the ratio to 12 residents or a number even higher and create a league where the players actually live in the cities they play in the off season. This should help improve attendance as the more the communities interact with the players year round the more likely they are going to go to the games. Also it may decrease the amount of players jumping from team to team every year if they feel apart of their community.

Anonymous said...

Randy, give your head a shake………………….duh!!!

Tim said...

I was going to chime in here on this discussion, but I think Dan nailed it. Well done Dan.

I'd go one step further. I've been a Riders fan since the early 1970s,
and the players I think of as my favourites were some of the following; Reed, Joey Walters, Chris DeFrance, Austin, Jurasin, Mike Saunders, Cory Sheets, Kent Austin, Durant, Dressler, Chick, Fairholm, Ridgway, Richie Hall. All or most were American, and most contributed to the community. So it kind of drives me crazy that some on here are dumping on the Americans as a group. We wouldn't be the Riders without them, and I have appreciated all the guys above and many more.