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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


1. CANADIANS VS AMERICANS GOOD STRATEGY TO CONQUER UNION: Never before have I witnessed so much bickering and division within the players union to start a Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiation. But the argument itself is ridiculous. Canadians stars like Jeff Fairholm, Dave Sapunjis and Chris Getzlaf never would’ve had their shot had it not been for the Canadian player quota. The geniuses arguing to change this (Duron Carter) publicly aren’t doing themselves or the CFL Players Association any favors by squabbling at a time the union needs to show solidarity. Duron’s head isn’t in the right place, even if perhaps his heart is.

2. SOLUTION TO CANADIAN PLAYER QUOTA: The owners seem convinced that lowering the Canadian quota from 7 starters to maybe 5 or 6 would save them money because it would mean less Canadian starters they would have to shell out the big dollars for.


The salary cap is still going to be dictated by a Football Related Revenues formula. One or two less Canadian starters will only raise the price of a good American starter. It really is remarkable how misguided everyone’s priorities in this offseason have been. A commissioner fixated on doing deals with Germany instead of wrapping up a CBA negotiation. Players more interested in picking fights with each other, rather than with the league governors trying to suppress their wages. And owners more fixated on reducing Canadian content, rather than looking for solutions to better utilize the Canadian content available to sell the game.

The solution: Keep 7 Canadian starters and mandate that one of them be a quarterback, be it first, 2nd or 3rd string. This wouldn’t impact the on-field play much, if at all. Plus, it would open up another spot for an American to start.

Y’er welcome. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes these geniuses to figure this out.

3. DAVID SIDOO ARREST COULD RUIN BC LIONS SALE: Former Saskatchewan Roughrider defensive back David Sidoo and his arrest in connection with the same U.S.-college admissions bribery scandal that harpooned Full House star Lori Loughlin could impact the CFL. Sidoo, in many ways, is seen as the savior for UBC Thunderbirds football. His business connections have led to a lot more money pouring into that program. It is believed that if and when the Aquilini family finally convinces David Braley to sell the Leos to them that there’s a good chance Sidoo would be hired as the front man to lead a renaissance of the CFL’s tired, old brand on the left coast.

That’s all in jeopardy now while this court case plays out. I’m no lawyer, but my instincts tell me these court fights don’t usually pass quickly or quietly.

4. ALOUETTES SALE: Each time I ask someone from Montreal about what the up-side would be to the Wetenhalls selling the Alouettes to former running back Eric Lapointe, the answer I inevitably keep getting is something to the effect of, ‘Well Lapointe is an investment banker.’
Which means what, precisely?

Let’s hear a few more things about his (Lapointe’s) vision for the Alouettes before we start pushing away a family(the Wetenhalls) who have saved football in Montreal and the CFL for the past 20 years without demanding revenue-sharing from the west.

5. KAVIS FITS EDMONTON LIKE A GLOVE: Kavis Reed would be a perfect fit for the Edmonton Eskimos open CEO job, vacated by the newly turned politico, Len Rhodes. Kavis is a nice guy who has spent years living in Edmonton and understands that town and that franchise inside and out. And he might have some freedom to say what’s on his mind, rather than puppeteering to ownership like many of us suspect he’s been doing through some of the bizarre choices which coming out of Montreal for the past 2 years.

6. GREY CUP ORLANDO: Thought of this while choking back a foot-long hot dog at the Orlando Apollos-Arizona Hotshots Alliance of American Football game Saturday night. Sitting in Spectrum Stadium (where Danny Barrett coached the running backs for the University of Central Florida a few years back), it occurred to me that the lower bowl of the stadium could easily be removed from the endzones, which would most likely create enough space for a CFL-sized field as it holds a really wide sideline as well. The capacity would still be 30,000-plus.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Think about it.

A Grey Cup in, say 2022, being played in a warm-weather destination as a way to mitigate concerns over these cold-weather Grey Cups being played outside. Doesn’t have to be Orlando. But somewhere like Orlando with room to accommodate a Canadian-sized field. The league could probably rent the facility from the city for a loonie in return for dragging thousands of tourists along for the local economy.

Doesn’t have to be a trend but it’s worth a look and not the dumbest idea this commissioner has had lately when it comes to expanding the CFL’s global footprint.

7. TWEET OF THE WEEK: When the Cleveland Browns signed Odell Beckham Jr. last week, Mitchell Blair unleashed this gem via @scruffyregina, “It’s good to see the Browns get Beckham. It gives Chris Jones another cornerback to work with.”

8. BURTON CUMMINGS: You came all the way to Moose Jaw to spend your golden years but can’t let some young lady operate her YOGA-dance studio in the building next to yours? My neighbors in the condo below me sing and play bongo drums all the time. It’s just part of their charm. This Burton Cummings story makes him sound about as welcoming and inclusive as the politicians in Weyburn who chose to not allow a group home in a nice area because the residents don’t want to live close to “those people”.

9. BEST SASK HOPE IN WHL PLAYOFFS: The Saskatoon Blades. Why not Prince Albert you ask? The Raiders backup goaltending just isn’t good enough.

10. MARCH MADNESS: Just filled out my bracket for another year. I’ve got Virginia winning it all. Not the Hokies, but the Cavaliers. Who’ve you got?

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Anonymous said...

Just when I think your posts can't get any dumber you pull the Grey Cup in Orlando out of your ass!!

Redd said...

First time I have commented on this blog in two years. Once again the CFLPA is being schooled on negotiations, divide and conquer. The CFLPA is just plain dumb on biting the Canadian ratio issue.
Also, having the Grey Cup outside Canada is the most stupid thing I have heard from someone who isn't Rob Vanstone or Drew Remenda
Good Lord the crap the some people say.... keep your day job.

Anonymous said...

After reading point #2 i dint think it was possible to get any worse. How would changing the ratio save money on the salary cap? the salary cap is the salary cap whether there are 7 or five Canadians.

The I saw point #6. Oh my.

Anonymous said...

Their back up goaltending isn’t good enough? Since when does a backup goalie decide a playoff series? I also heard their zamboni driver wasn’t very good.

Point 6 - yes, and let’s have the World Series at Currie Field.

Dan said...

I can only imagine you are looking for a reaction to post the Grey Cup Orlando idea. The Grey Cup needs to take some steps back towards being something that any fan may be able to attend not just the wealthy. Orlando would move further away from that idea. One of the big reasons I like the CFL is that it is a relatively affordable option compared to the crazy bucks for the major leagues. Growth is always required but I don’t want us to move to far away from those grass roots.

Bob said...

C in CFL is Canadian, Grey Cup stays in Canada.

Tim said...

I was trying to figure out the rationale of point #5, Kavis Reed to Edmonton(at first I could only scratch my head in bewilderment). Then it hit me, Kavis Reed to Edmonton would be GREAT for my Riders and other Eskimos' opponents. From an Eskimos fan, probably a different matter. My two cents.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you only know ONE SIDE of the story about Burton Cummings, don't you? Maybe you should hear both sides before you comment.

Anonymous said...

If Kavis Reed ever gets another job in the CFL it'll be too soon.

Socialmisfit said...

The Raiders back up goalie is going to hold back the Raiders? Really???? The games still have to be played and Saskatoon would be a great match up, but this Raiders team is something else. I really believe they would beat any Regina, Moose Jaw or Swift team over the last couple seasons in the playoffs. No one should over look Marc Habshied as a coach.

Anonymous said...

Typical McGuire, trying to elicit a rise out of the RP faithful with a ridiculous comment like having the GC outside of Canada. Nothing but clickbait every week...

Anonymous said...

Back up goalie? What’s the qualifications to write on here Rod? Access to a computer and a finger?

Anonymous said...

Is a 2nd or 3rd string QB considered a starter?

rshmglsky said...

The third string quarterback should also be a Canadian--or a global player.

Brian Wawryshyn said...

Grey Cup in the US? Please show yourself out...ridiculous.