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Friday, March 22, 2019


Welcome to Friday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind. As always, they come in no particular order:

--If the intention of whomever gave Justin Dunk the information about reducing the Canadian player ratio in the CFL was to divide the union, then mission accomplished. Since that news came out there have been a thousand different takes on it. A lot of them are solid arguments on both sides. 

There are plenty of quality Canadians who have shown they can play the game whether it be on this side of the border or in the NFL. There needs to be a spot for these Canadians to play. It is as simple as that. You can argue all you want on a variety of other things and at the end of the day, you will be right in some areas and wrong in the other. There is a lot of gray area. 

The thing that gets me is the outrage of the fans.  Hardcore CFL fan or not, the bottom line is 90 percent of you don't care where a player is from, you just care about how good he is and whether or not he can help your team win. The proof in that is the fact many of you thumb your nose at University and Junior Football. You show that by not attending games whether it be in Regina, Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg. I have said time and time again that Canada West Football produces players that you have no idea about until they are drafted. When that narrative begins to change, then the fans discord on the ratio will matter, but right now it doesn't.

I don't think the ratio should change. I think it could go up a couple because there are a lot of players who either don't get the chance they deserve with their current team or they simply don't get a chance period.   If the idea is to reduce Canadians to add Mexicans, Germans, Italians etc. etc than that is wrong as well.

If the league and the PA are serious on this topic, they are walking a very slippery slope and one that could have drastic repercussions at the grassroots level.

--I have to admit I was surprised to see Dakoda Shepley sign on with the Riders when he did.  I thought he would take another shot at finding NFL employment. Shepley is a beast. He was a force at UBC ( again many would know that if they watched the T-Birds play when he was there) .  He makes what is a solid Rider o-line even better.  Add with him Labatte, Bladek, Blake and Clark and the Canadian depth the green-and-white have in that area may be the league's best.

--The first CFL mock draft I have seen is out. Mock drafts are what they are and we all know you can't put a lot of stock into them, but the one on has the Riders taking DL Robbie Smith from Laurier.  Is DL an area of need for the green-and-white when it comes to Canadian talent? You can never go wrong with an o-lineman and as always there are a lot out there, but I would like to see the team maybe upgrade its Canadian talent at RB. There are a couple of good Canadian RB's out there in Maleek Irons and Brady Oliviera, but I don't know if you take either at 6. It's always at this time of year when I am fascinated by what goes through organization's minds and the mock draft after mock draft after mock draft that they engage themselves in. I would love to be able to sit in a war room one night and watch things go down.

--A video of Johnny Manziel has surfaced in which he talks about the CFL. Some believe Manziel is cutting down the league in his interview with reporters in Memphis. I think he is being kind. He talks about the 12th man and how uncomfortable he was up here,

--Mike Trout is making $430 million to play baseball.  I'll just leave this here.

--Opening day is now less than a week away.  Who's taking next Thursday off?

--It's time to get real in the WHL as the playoffs begin tonight. The Moose Jaw-Saskatoon series should be fascinating. On one side of the blueline is a Moose Jaw team that has not had a lot of playoff success with some very good teams---teams better than this one against a Blades squad that is stacked and has not been to the playoffs for a while. I could give you a lot of reasons as to why Saskatoon wins and a lot of reasons as to why Moose Jaw does. This should be a great matchup. It's a coin toss to me, but I will take Saskatoon just for the fact I think they have the better goalie in Nolan Maier. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to go to WHL Live to watch some playoff games around here? The fact the WHL doesn't have a TV deal outside of the one Access has with the Pats is just wrong. It hurts the overall product.

--The Tampa Bay Lightning have already clinched first place in the NHL overall standings. They are the team many figure will win the Stanley Cup and for good reason. With the season they are having, do they deserve to be called one of the best of all-time. You have to win 16 games in the playoffs to ensure that, but is this Tampa team as good as those Islander and Oiler teams of the 80's the Wings of the 90\s and the Habs of the 70's?

I don't think there is any doubt Nikita Kucherov is the league's MVP,  but would you give Andrei Vasilevskiy the Vezina?  Would you give Jon Cooper the Coach of the Year Trophy. I wouldn't be.  You can't ignore what the Lightning have done this season, but are they the best team we have seen in the last few years?  I guess that debate will start if they win the Cup.

--Jaskirat Sidhu gets sentenced in Melfort today for what happened April 6, 2018.  I truly don't know what type of sentence he will get, but whatever it is, will it be enough?  I'd like to say he will get at least 5 years.

--Motley Crue has done a remix of Madonna's "Like A Virgin".  Why?  I repeat why?  WHYYYYY??!!

That's all I got.  Have a great weekend!


SWC said...

Scruffy, where do you get off insulting the fans on this ratio thing?
Obviously they take pride in Canadian talent or there wouldn't be all the comments being posted.
Why don't you listen for once and get off your high horse.

Unknown said...

Motley Crue... did axremix or a cover of Modonna's Like a Virgin?? I would expect it has something to do with the release of their biopic Netflix movie that premieres tonight!

Socialmisfit said...

I have to agree with SWC, I am sure I am like most fans, to be blunt I don’t have time to follow Canada west, CJFL as religious as I would like. Work, family, life commitments on a whole get in the way to spread whatever free time I have that much thinner. Those leagues are in tough unfortunately when it comes to people like me and the market place with no tv exposure, little local media attention, The Riders, NFL other forums of entertainment ect. To say I thumb my nose at those leagues is an absolute disappointing comment from someone who is paid to do radio commentary for the Rams.

I really hope they don’t loose the Canadian jobs in the CFL, my biggest concern once they are lost they are never coming back, the game will start to loose some of that Canadian feel to it plus it will kill the grass roots of Canadian football slowly. Too bad the liberal government doesn’t try and make back room deals to save these Canadian jobs??

Sidhu and drunk driving whats the difference? I seen on social media people hoping he gets a light sentence, feel bad for him, he is suffering enough..... All the same can be said for a drunk driver, I am sure they never meant to cause the pain they did, have incredible remorse for their actions, appoligize in court, however their actions were selfish, reckless, dangerous and there has to be consequences. The victims families deserve some vindication for what this man did.

Tim said...

Regarding the ratio, one thing I haven't seen or heard discussed yet is an increase in the CFL roster. I know it would have to involve a corresponding increase in the salary cap, but I'm sure that must be in the works anyway with the new CBA.

What I would propose is an increase by a number, say two for example, and then make it mandatory for those spots to be taken by Canadians.
That would allow for more Canadians to be developed into game ready starters. My feeling is that coaches don't care about the passport. If a Canadian proves he is better than an American, then he will play regardless. I've heard it say that Americans are game ready quicker because of their experience down south, and that could be true. However more Canadians on the roster could give them the game action they need to excel and become starters. My two cents.

Anonymous said...

SWC: Scruffy isn't wrong. You don't care where a player is from, you just care as to whether or not he looks good in a precious green uniform.

When you go to a hockey game, do you care how many Euros are on the roster or how many Americans are on theice? NOPE!

Take a look in the mirror pal.

Anonymous said...

Unless the kid is a local one like Clark, Evans or Labatte, none of us really care where the birth certificate is.

Quick: Where did Brad Sinopoli go to school? Where did Andrew Harris go to school? If you can't answer the question right away, its because you don't care.

The CFL will always need Canadians, but are there enough quality ones to go around if the league expands to 10 teams. That is the question that should be asked.


Anonymous said...

The Warriors will choke again. They always do!

Shadowtrain SR said...

The movie premiered at 3am Eastern this morning!

Anonymous said...

anyone know where the Manziel interview mentioned can be viewed?

Anonymous said...

quality of Canadians?

Mitch Picton dominated university football for five years. are you comfortable with him taking a starting spot for 18 games with the Riders next season.

if you are truly fine with it, you care about the ratio. if you aren't comfortable you don't!

Anonymous said...

whats the update on the NFL game? gone pretty silent.

LF said...

I am only saying this because you brought up the subject; I deserve whatever sentence that Jaskirat Sidhu deserves. I committed the same crime for which he has claimed responsibility. Thankfully no one was injured when I did it. Yet my confession does not absolve him nor me.

Anonymous said...

CFL fans bitching about the ratio, saying more should be done to support grass roots football, how come they don’t go to college games, imagine how good the Cdn talent would be if schools were getting 20k a game? If your going to say you care about Cdn talent, prove it

Anonymous said...

Sidhu sentence, 03/22/19.

16 lives lost, numerous injured, total 29.
8 year sentence insufficient. Do the math.
If you break down the the sentence on death alone, that's 6 months for each individual lost.
Sidhu negligence not only effected 29 individuals directly but also their immediate families left to deal with a lifetime aftermath. Consecutive sentencing would have been more appropriate to this judgement leading to a far harsher consequence to the convicted offender. Very likely this individual gets parole in a very short order of time into his incarceration (this being Canada) leading to his release and immediate deportation to his homelands. Time for Canada and society to tow the line and set across the board sentencing guidelines appropriate to such incident.


SWC said...

To the "Take a look in the mirror pal." guy.

I do care about the Canadian ratio and take great satisfaction in telling people that I played high school football against two future Roughriders many years ago. Oh, and I still attend all of our high school football games here in small town Saskatchewan.

Anonymous said...

I scored 4 touchdowns in a single game.

Go Polk High Panthers.

Al Touchdown Boondy