Realty One

Friday, March 15, 2019


Welcome to Friday  and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind. As always, they are in no particular order:

--Wait a minute!  Have the Cleveland Browns truly turned into a relevant football franchise? Can they actually be put in the Super Bowl conversation? The trade for Odell Beckham Junior by the Browns has tongues wagging with some suggesting they are right up there with Kansas City when it comes to the most potent offence in the game. That might be a stretch.

It is nice to see Beckham come to the Browns though as it will give Chris Jones someone to work with in the secondary. (Oh wait!).  In all seriousness, the grouping of Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, OBJ, Jarvis Landry and emerging tight end David Njoku will make the Browns a team one must contend with. Are they a playoff team? They might be, but they are nowhere close to being an AFC powerhouse. Just cool the jets on that one!

--The CFL and the CFLPA say they plan on holding meetings across the country as they try to hammer out a new contract. Why?  Sit your tails down in Toronto or wherever and get this done.  Now isn't the time for a PR move! I don't care if you are meeting in Victoria, Saskatoon, Toronto or Halifax.  Just get it done!

--Where would you put the green and white in a CFL power ranking right now?  Want mine?

1 - Calgary
2 - BC
3 - Hamilton
4 - Winnipeg
5 - Saskatchewan
6 - Edmonton
7 - Ottawa
8 - Toronto
9 - Montreal


--CFL fans are talking about the fact Mike Reilly got $700,000 a season saying, is a quarterback really worth that much? Let's fast forward to the NFL where Nick Foles just got $22-million a season to play in Jacksonville. Why is it all players want to do their thing in the NFL. Oh right!

--Being at the Brandt Centre Wednesday night for the Pats and Broncos just reminded me of how cyclical junior hockey can be.  Last year, these two teams were getting ready for the playoffs and a much-anticipated first round matchup that Swift Current won in 7.  Those teams had players like Tyler Steenburgen, Stuart Skinner, Sam Steel and Josh Mahura had on them.  It was hockey at its best and we enjoyed it.  Fast forward to a year later and the big names are gone and the win-loss record isn't great. Neither team would sacrifice what they did to get to the point they did last year.  They knew what the future held and that the job to get back to the level they were at last year was back at square one. Those critical of both teams for what they have done this year simply don't know the game.  Those who do know it know both teams will be competing for a playoff spot again soon.

--We will find out ticket prices for the NHL's Heritage Classic later today. I am told the ticket prices will be comparable for that of an NHL game. The attitude about prices for events in this city has to change. If you think tickets are going to be cheap, think again. Check the prices of your favourite NHL team for tickets. You will find they aren't cheap. Start getting your empty bottles and cans to SARCAN now. This is going to be a great weekend in Regina with what I am guessing will be a celebration of the game at Evraz Place. It's also an event that won't return anytime soon.

Tim Reid and his gang at Evraz Place continue to make that complex one of the best in Canada. You just don't do that by letting everything fall in your lap. What that area has done for this city is immense and it's not going to stop anytime soon. There are still some obstacles that EP have to work through like getting people in and out in an efficient time, but while it isn't perfect, it is better than what we have experienced in the past. If there is a better sports/entertainment/convention complex in this country than what is there, I need to see it.

--Are we in for a battle in the curling world when it comes to pay equity? Some on the women's side are a little chapped that the Scotties winner doesn't even make half of what the Brier winner made.  Curling Canada is trying to shift some of the blame on their corporate sponsors. You can't do that.  However, Kruger Paper (Scotties) who have been a tremendous partner with Curling Canada in their sponsorship of the Canadian women's curling championship can't sit there and say they do other things.  More $$$ is needed.

--I bet a lot of women's curling rinks in the province heard Michelle Englot was coming back and teaming up with Sara England. For those that don't know, Sara is the daughter of the late Sandra Schmirler.  Sara was going to make some noise when she entered the women's ring and she certainly has found the right person to mentor her and her young team as they hit another level.  In talking with Michelle this week, she sounds very excited to get back out there after taking last year off.  I didn't ask her how much Fireball will be involved this year.  I can do that when the rocks start getting thrown next year.

--We are now in a world where people are throwing sliced cheese on the faces of pets, children and others. What has happened to us?

--Enjoy the weekend!

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Tim said...

I like your Power Rankings Scruffy.
I'm not sure BC and Hamilton deserve their place ahead of Winnipeg, but not a Winnipeg fan at the best of times, so am ok to overlook that.

Elaine said...


Anonymous said...

The browns have added big NAMES this inst fantasy football. Let's see if they can become a true team .

Anonymous said...

"Those who do know it know both teams will be competing for a playoff spot again soon." ?? How do you define soon? These teams have nothing right now and won't have until at least 3 more years . Is that what you call soon? You just hate to see Regina sit at the bottom and especially now that teams like Saskatoon and PA are leaving them far behind.

Anonymous said...

Regina fans will complain about the ticket prices whether they are $50 or $250. Just in the nature of Regina residents, whine whine whine. Expect to pay NHL prices, $100 - $300. If you don't want to pay don't go, but don't go on-line and complain. It costs a lot of money to set up an event like this, organizers aren't going to do it if they can't turn a profit.

Socialmisfit said...

Why shouldn’t The Browns be considered a super bowl contenders? You didn’t even mention the addition of Olivier Vernon or any of their stud players on defence (Myles Garret, Ward) Games still have to be played but they turned a corner last year. The potential of this team should
have Browns fans excited. Their core of young talent is only a year older and better as well. I wouldn’t snicker too much anymore at the browns.

The Pats and Broncos are both probably 2 years off from competing for a playoff spot, maybe the Pats are closer considering they have Paddock in net and a good gm in Paddock, but both teams biggest assets right now are draft picks and you won’t see any return on those for another 2-3 years. i think playoffs next season for Regina or Swift might still be optimistic.

As for equal pay in curling, I am all for equal pay equal work, and it blows my mind that women still have to fight for equal pay. I don’t know the money that is involved in curling but do the women draw the same money as men in advertisement and sponsors? TV ratings? I don’t wanna come across as a total ass, but there is a reason NHL hockey players make the money they do and pro women hockey players make what they make

What’s worse, people throwing cheese on kids, pets ect or people paying attention to it?

Anonymous said...

Was a Rider fan, now a Browns fan.

Go Browns Go! Go Browns Go! Geeze that has a nice sounding ring to it.

Anonymous said...

But will they be Montreal NHL prices, or Florida NHL prices? That is the question...

Anonymous said...

Power Rankings are tough to say right now, will not give anyone an edge to big. Winnipeg are going to be the team to beat I believe but said the same last year, they better change things up if they can't win with that roster. BC has to many holes to fill and have 2nd due to Reilly...he will be running for his life when good pass rush teams are against him. Calgary should be pretty sound but believe the D may show weakness with losing multiple talented players on that end. Edmonton has a good looking coaching staff at this point and to be truthful a way better looking squad compared to last...sorry scruffy but I expect to see them 2nd or 3rd in the west. Saskatchewan only has a chance if Collaros for one shows health better throughout the season and plays even close to what he has in his good years but my guess is the offence sputters again and the defence and special teams can't pull off the same type of points to make up like last season, expect them 4th or 5th. The east will be dominated by Hamilton and don't be surprised if Toronto battles with them but otherwise it is a crap shoot.