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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed national offensive lineman Dakoda Shepley to a two-year contract, plus an option year in 2021.

Shepley (6’4 – 310) was selected by the Roughriders in the first round (5th overall) of the 2018 CFL Draft.
After four seasons at the University of British Columbia, the 24-year-old Shepley signed with the New York Jets as an undrafted free agent in April, 2018. Shepley attended training camp with Jets, playing three preseason games.
Shepley, a native of Windsor, Ontario, played 32 career collegiate games with the Thunderbirds where he was named a 2017 Canada West All-Star and was part of the team that won the 2015 Vanier Cup.
(Roughriders PR)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Chris Jones for drafting this player. Hes a great addition for Roughriders Football long time coming.

"In Jones We Trust"

Anonymous said...

H U G E !!!

Welcome to Riderville Dakota.

Don M

SWC said...

To anon #1

Who was it that drafted JSJ first overall?

Anonymous said...

With Brendan Labatte getting up there in age, it is a perfect situation for Shelpey to come learn how to be a real pro from a CFL All-Star and seize the opportunity to be a future stalwart on the Rider O-line for many years to come.

Glenn said...

Could be a big cornerstone for the O-Line for a lot of years! Great news to start Spring with!


Anonymous said...

He is a tackle. We have no Canadian Back-up. Perhaps we might have to sign St.John now. Gives us a whole new Canadian Starter and our O-line a whole new image.

Steve said...

The NFL comes and poaches these guys out USports schools. If they happen to get to and thru a training camp. CFL may lose them for that year.
But a year of adifferent pro football expetience. Can be very good thing & they come back with another year of experience.
So watever hsppens with the Riders draft this year. They already secured a a first round pick

Anonymous said...

biggest myth is CFL, if you have a Canadian starter you need a Canadian backup. not true!!

maybe instead of changing the ratio the cfl should teach fans about it.

3RD and 1 said...

Last Anon... You are correct in that if a Canadian Lineman is taken out of the game. An American can be put in his place. While subbing a Canadian at another position.
However when you do have a Canadian to back up the same position it just makes it easier not having to move other positions around on the field.
In 2017 Jones found it confusing and was fined later in the season for not having the proper amount of Canadian starters after injuries took place.

Anonymous said...

The only one confused is 3RD and 1.
Mr Jones knows football.

"In Jones We Trust"