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Sunday, March 10, 2019


Saturday included a visit to historic Fort Qu'Appelle, SK for a book signing for Heart & Soul of the SJHL at the Public Libray. It was an awesome day!

Alan Hustak of the Fort Qu'Appelle Times was one of the first to show up, and we had a great visit ..

Great reviews of the book in the Times ..

This lady's son Cory played for the Lebret Eagles. She thought I was a giant. It was a pleasure to sign three copies for her!

Regina SHOULD'VE been built in the Qu'Appelle Valley rather than on the bald prairie. It's one of  my biggest pet peeves! This place looks like Kelowna in the summer time. We'll be back out here lots in the summer time.

Thanks for having me!


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Anonymous said...

"Whets" whistle. Very impressive. Had to google that. thumbs up to the times!