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Wednesday, March 27, 2019


The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are looking into possibly hosting an NFL exhibition game between the Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers this summer.

"The Winnipeg Football Club is always exploring opportunities to host events at Investors Group Field,'' the CFL team said in a statement. "At this time, the club has no further comments.''

The city of Regina was in discussion with a promoter about potentially staging an NFL exhibition contest at Mosaic Stadium on Aug. 23 between the Raiders and Packers. However, the Saskatchewan Roughrders are scheduled to play at home the next day and the club said it and the CFL "raised concerns,'' that there wouldn't be enough time to convert the field back to the Canadian standard in time.

Afterwards, there were reports both Winnipeg and Edmonton were interested trying to stage the game, but the Eskimos said they didn't have a bid to host an NFL exhibition game.

The Bombers will play road games in Edmonton on Aug. 23 and Regina on Sept. 1.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Were taking our money with us to Winnipeg to watch this game. It's a can't miss opportunity with the Canadian dollar on the low. Great entertainment value on dollar return with NFL game on Canadian soil. Usually our money earmarked for Minneapolis each year in mid August, MLB, NFL games. This game being held in close proximity to Regina will save us, credit card fee's, travel, meals, hotels, game day tickets etc. No high cost American dollar exchange this year. We're very happy with that. Regina, and Saskatchewan... a big time missed opportunity, sad. We had looked forward and proudly to spending our money in our home Province of Saskatchewan, but it's not to be. Oh well... onward Manitoba.


Anonymous said...

March 22, 2019.

Here's a blip of news courtesy CHCH dated above.

CFL moves Argo vs TiCat game to accommodate Arkells concert.

The power of Arkells has proven itself once again after the Hamilton band managed to get the Canadian Football League to move a regular season game so it won't conflict with their concert in Toronto.
... ...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

(Personal opinion - The Canadian Football League and the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club choose not to accommodate the National Football League.)


Anonymous said...

Canadian Football League and its commissioner Randy Ambrosie accommodate The Arkells concert by rescheduling Argo, Ticat game but won't accommodate the National Football League in Regina. Something stinks big time, and its emanating from a green and white office.


Anonymous said...

It's great that the Bombers are considering hosting an NFL game. August 9 and August 15 appear to be available. CFL game the night before the exhibition game, let's see if the NFL is comfortable with 24 hours to have the stadium ready for teams,broadcast crew and fans. I hope this becomes an annual event, however more planning is required to give it a chance. Toronto hosted NFL games for a few years until the wannabes abandoned the games because of cost and low entertainment value, it's an "exhibition" game.

Anonymous said...

Knock yourself out, personally, I think anyone who would spend $2000 to fly to the u.s. to watch a football game , should have their head examined, it’s really not that good of football, it’s just all about money,.

Anonymous said...

I can see the riders point ,why show case a superior product , Even if it is an exhibition game, the NFL knows how to market the game , the riders only know how to market water mellons

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Govt of Saskatchewan (Premier Scott Moe) not intervening with this decision to not host a NFL game? After all the Gov't of Saskatchewan and the tax paying public are paying for the stadium in Regina. There is a very high demand for this kind of event.

Mike said...

It shouldn't be up to the Riders..Its a city owned stadium who said they would have as many events as possible in it to help justify building an open air stadium.

The city should be saying 10 Rider home games a years is not enough..The NFL game would pit 30thousand fans in the seats unlike a high school or University football game.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... your envy is obvious by your comment. Maybe you can't afford a NFL ($49. dollar cheap seat) game down south or a cheap seat ($8. - $14.) Major League Baseball game. Save up! try it once, it's awesome atmosphere, well worth it. (We drive down to Minneapolis, hop skip and a jump, can't get a direct flight out of Regina). By the way, you are correct in your your last sentence, "it's just all about the money", we are well aware of that.