Realty One

Monday, March 11, 2019


Sources told me on Monday that recently-acquired WR Antonio Brown is expected to make his Oakland Raiders debut in exhibition game #3 for the Raiders, which will be against the Green Bay Packers at Mosaic Stadium in Regina, SK in August.

Brown, the flamboyant veteran who led the NFL in TD receptions last season, was dealt from Pittsburgh to Oakland on the weekend in exchange for 3rd and 5th round draft picks.

Most importantly for “AB”, he’ll get a lucrative 3-year, $50-million deal from Jon Gruden’s Raiders rather than the 3/38 that the Steelers were offering.

NFL teams’ third preseason game is usually the one of the four where vets see the most playing time so this is a boon for Saskatchewan sports fans.

While the game in Regina hasn’t been officially unveiled yet - nor the date - I’m told an announcement is on the horizon.



Anonymous said...

Unless your source is John Gruden, I have no idea how you could report on this.

I love the job you do Rod. The blog is great! But please don't treat us like we're stupid. We'll buy tickets for the game. It'll sell out. No need to play silly games like this with us.

Keep up the great work, though! You're still the man!

Anonymous said...

Why can't anyone name the date? If we now know it is week 3 of the preseason what weekend would that be? Should be able to at least give some days as options.

Rod Pedersen said...

It’s better than Gruden.

I hope you come up and apologize when you see me at the game in August!! 😂


Anonymous said...

Better than Gruden? The last time i heard, Gruden decides who plays and who doesnt.

Ed Driver said...


I care so little for the NFL that I don't know why I an writing this .

I want to know how this is going to affect the Riders game .
Is it before , or after the REAL game .,, our game .

Bring out the clowns and the jugglers ... the rubes have money to waste .

Anonymous said...

I’m so excited to watch REAL football.

Steve said...

Raiders are dead in the water in oakland especially at oakland Colliseum baseball set up

Anonymous said...

Please elaborate how you feel that the CFL isn’t “real” football. Warren Moon, Joe Thiesman, Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie and Chris Berman disagree and I’m pretty sure they know a bit more about football than you do.

SWC said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Please elaborate how you feel that the CFL isn’t “real” football. Warren Moon, Joe Thiesman, Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie and Chris Berman disagree and I’m pretty sure they know a bit more about football than you do."

Times two.

Ed Driver said...

Anyone attending to see a real EN EF EL game will not see the REAL THING .
The REAL nfl is clowns and jugglers and fire breathers and girls in tight clothes . Without those in Regina , all you will get is the football game , sands surrounding hype . And without the distracting hype , the game is no netter than the CFL , in fact, not as entertaining .

I can't help but envision the MUSIC MAN parading down Albert Street playing 76 Trombones , with the RUBES following the noise to the Chautauqua tent .

It will be interesting to see the comments from the RUBES after the game . " how much bigger , faster . stronger they are ... how much better the players are ... how much harder the nfl playes hit , << now "THAT's " REAL football.

" 76 trombones lead the NFL : ....

Anonymous said...

Week 3 is usually around mid August. Riders are at home Aug 1, on the road Aug 9, then off until home again Aug 24. Game would probably be around Aug 15 - 18 if it happens.

Anonymous said...

You’re right the nfl is not real football. That’s why it only has a $189 million dollar per team salary cap

Steve said...

As was talked about on the Sportscage. The new professional modern Stadium was built for the Riders. Yes. But also are looking for a variety of events, especially sporting events to draw attention to this first class stadium. They had put in for a bid to host FIFA world cup in 2026. They didnt get that bid. They have secured the Heritage NHL outdoor game. Now an NFL, be it preseason or not. The Football world in the US will get a chance to see just what a first class facility they have in the province. As well there will be plenty of talk about the Riders as well as the CFL in general during this NFL Pre Season game.
It will be a fun event for the football fans of the province to attend. Football fans in sask know its just a pre season game. They know there football.
However they can come out and show their pride in the facilty they have.
It surely is leaps and bounds better than the Oldkland collisum