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Wednesday, March 27, 2019


By: 3DownNation Staff

There is still a chance the Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers play a pre-season game at Mosaic Stadium in the Saskatchewan capital, according to the former voice of the Roughriders, Rod Pedersen.

“The game isn’t dead, yet. There’s still a chance that it could be played in Saskatchewan, and specifically, Regina. It has to do with the timing of the game, the Riders are home Saturday, the NFL game was originally slated for Friday,” Pedersen said on 680 CJOB radio in Winnipeg.

“What I’m told is that the Raiders are amenable to playing this game on the Thursday moving it up a day. The organizers – there’s a lot of people that want this game to be played in Regina – chief among them the City of Regina, Evraz Place, which is the grounds which houses the stadium, they want it, and believe me the fans want it.”

CJME/CKOM radio host John Gormley reported the possible NFL exhibition game between the Raiders and Packers won’t happen in Regina. He said the Raiders-Packers game won’t happen in Regina because a certain green and white football team didn’t want anything to do with it.

“It hasn’t been a very good 24 hours for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The report from CJME was the Riders are the ones blocking this game. The Riders sent out a statement saying we would accommodate the game, but we can’t flip our stadium over in time for the NFL game to the CFL game. I believe that’s the fourth or fifth reason why the Saskatchewan Roughriders don’t want this game in what they feel is their stadium,” Pedersen said.

“I don’t think that they want to give up revenue to the NFL. They think that every dollar spent on the Raiders or the NFL is not a dollar being spent on their football club and revenue for them, that’s No. 1. No. 2 I don’t think they want to give up their stadium. And No. 3 I don’t think they want their field tinkered with. And then when you get into flipping the stadium over, that’s reason four or five.”

The NFL exhibition game would have been economic boon for the city and the province and if it’s not played there’s going to be some very upset people Pedersen said. The Raiders want the game north of the border to try and capture new fans.

“The Raiders are going to play this home game in Canada, somewhere. The Raiders don’t really care whether it’s Saskatchewan or Winnipeg, but it’s going to be played in Canada, period. They want to expose the game to Canada. The Raiders wanted to put an imprint on Saskatchewan sort of like the Vegas Golden Knights have as their fan base,” Pedersen said.

“They see a lot of football fans up here, they just want to expand their brand within Canada and within the province of Saskatchewan. That’s why Regina was ideally locale No. 1. They’re coming to Canada no matter what. The organizers of this and the City of Regina still want it to be played in Regina.”


SWC said...

I'm a CFL fan and I DEFINATELY won't be going to any NFL game.
Yet I'm perturbed to know the Riders think they 'own' the stadium. It seems to me some taxpayers had something to do with getting it built.

Ed Driver said...

If all else fails in trying to attract Halifax into the CFl , we should tel Halifax that just because the CFL issues regular season games fixed date games , that that does not mean that those games will necessarily be on that named date .

Re forewarned people of Halifax . Don't set your wedding plans to coincide with a CFL scheduled regular season game date , because , it may not actually be on that date // another league may suddenly need a stadium to play an exhibition game on that date ... and the CFL will change it's regular season scheduled game to accommodate it .
G get married , don't plan anything around the CFL .

Anonymous said...

Ed Drover, please re-read the article and turn up your level of reading comprehension. It is the NFL game date that would change from the Friday to Thursday in order to accommodate the CFL game which is scheduled and will continue to take place on the Saturday. If anything this show the CFL is in the drivers seat and its the NFL that is willing to be accommodating in order to make this happen. So if this has in fact been offered, the Riders need to step aside or better yet be a champion to make this happen. Revenue's and economic spin off can be directed towards the massive investment that the city put into the stadium. Unless the Riders wish to step up and volunteer to pay the entire bill for the stadium. Please note this comes from a season ticket hold, someone who loves the CFL.

Anonymous said...

I like how Rod doesn't hold back anymore. Bang on statements. The Riders are a tenant they don't like it go play at an RMF field.

Larry Schwentke said...

Why make a mess of the field by reducing the size for three hours! Let the NFL players put their big boy pants on and play on a larger field and experience a real football game!!

Rod Pedersen said...

Hey Larry! What if they do just that?

Will you support it? Will you go?? More importantly, will the Riders support it THEN?

Russell Cone said...

SWC, Are you kidding me??

Did you read what you typed?

It's owned by the taxpayers but you don't want someone to come in and RENT the damn thing? Do you have any idea what a rental for that building would be? not to mention all the $$ the concessions and hotels would bring in.

But yeah, we taxpayers just want the place to stay empty because "taxpayers" control it.

That's pretty narrow minded thinking.

Russ from Saskatoon

Tim said...

If the NFL is willing to move the game to an earlier day, and play on our field the way it is, it should be a done deal. Riders shouldn't have any issue with that. I will go to the game, and support it, even though I'm a CFL fan first, and don't really care about the NFL.

Bill Salloum said...

Russ I think you have SWC's comments backwards. The two of you are probably agreeing - Riders are just a tenant, taxpayers built the stadium, therefore taxpayers should determine who gets to use it, not the Riders. He's saying this as a Rider fan with no interest in the NFL.

I for one am completely the same - a Rider fan with no interest in the NFL; I understand the Riders' concerns to a point and they certainly have a right to voice them; however, it's up to the city to decide whether the game happens or not and can turn the stadium around in time for the CFL game on Saturday.

I'm also wondering if the excitement will wear off once we see the ticket prices for this event. It won't be cheap.

Anonymous said...

Why don’t they go play in hawihii , i’m Sure the players would love. To go sit on the beaches, and they probably have a stadium ready to go.

Anonymous said...

Yes there are better reasons to decline, but the rule is to state the most diplomatic one only. Now the problem is that the Raiders are calling their bluff. Might be extra cash for the city and stadium, but still coming out of the pockets of SK unless they can get ND and MT residents to show up.

Anonymous said...

So Rod are the teams actually receptive to playing on a CFL field? Keep the four downs and eleven players and all that but play using our field? I think that would be a great experiment but I’d believe it when I see it.

Gunderson’s Yorkton

Anonymous said...

This game should not be in Regina. Look at the comments, it's a joke. People in Regina care about the Riders and nothing else. If the Raiders come to town all we're going to hear is complaining about ticket prices. Play the game in Winnipeg or Edmonton where the fans will appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Last Anon... your self serving comments are not wanted here. If your world revolves around a few simple comments after an article and you make huge decisions from that. Man that is one shallow hole you reside in.
Time to go back to Winnipeg