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Sunday, March 10, 2019


1 - RAIDERVILLE: The hot topic in the 306 remains the rumour of an NFL preseason game to be played at Mosaic Stadium in August between the Oakland Raiders and the Green Bay Packers. But it's more than a rumour. My sources tell me that the deal isn't signed yet, there are still some hurdles to clear, but we can still expect the game to be played. For anyone who hasn't attended an NFL game before, this will be a glorious opportunity. Sure the big names of the Raiders and Packers won't be in uniform, but who cares? Raiders coach Jon Gruden will be patrolling the sidelines and seeing "Chucky" in Regina is good enough for me! However as anyone in business knows, until the agreement is finalized there's still the chance this may not happen.

2 - LULAY'S LEAK: I can't imagine the Roughriders were too happy that Travis Lulay spilled the beans that he turned down an offer from Saskatchewan before deciding to retire last week. That was a cue that the Roughriders still aren't settled on their QB position and the last time I checked, that's still the most important position on the field.

3 - QB SCARCITY: I asked one veteran CFL coach this week why there's an extreme shortage of quality QBs in the CFL right now. He said, "Because it's an extremely difficult position to play." The coach pointed to players like Lulay and Ricky Ray who bounced around the NFL, World League and AFL before even setting foot in Canada. Rushing QBs straight from NCAA to starting in the CFL has ruined scores of careers over the past few years. Every team and fanbase longs to develop the "next one" but no team has the luxury of time anymore in a Win Now business.

4 - T-JACK: Tristan Jackson signing a one-day contract to retire as a Roughrider on Thursday was a good news story. Because of his heroic efforts on the field, T-Jack was the first player to ever get me to look up the word "indefatigable", and learn how to pronounce it. The definition is "Of a person or their efforts persisting tirelessly" and that describes Tristan to a T. There were games where it seemed he never came off the field. Because of his Grey Cup championship in 2013 and setting a CFL record on a 129-yard MFG return TD, it says here that T-Jack is Plaza of Honour-worthy.

5 - ALL HEART: Tristan Jackson at 5'6" and Weston Dressler at 5'7" could never play on a Chris Jones team. CJ was all about "measurables" and favoured long-limbed, gargatuan physical freaks to make up his roster. However in the end, that never produced a championship in Jones' time here. But you can't measure heart, and that's what make Jackson and Dressler Hall of Famers. Tremendous Roughriders.

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6 - JOHNNY FOOTBALL: It's mind-boggling that some football experts theorize that Johnny Manziel purposely broke the conditions of his deal with the CFL in order to get a shot in the AAF. There's just simply no way. I understand that normal people - we call them "earthlings" in Recovery - can't fathom why people like Manziel do the things that they do. But I understand them completely. For instance, who in their right mind would be okay with headlines all over the USA that blared, "MANZIEL KICKED OUT OF CANADA"? Trouble just follows some people, and Johnny Manziel is one.

7 - ANCHORS AWAY: We anxiously await the update coming from the Atlantic Schooners about the franchise's next move. Ownership frontman Anthony Leblanc says we'll get it by the end of the month. The word I'm getting is that the Schooners won't be hiring anyone until their stadium deal is secured and that's not expected until June at the earliest.

8 - COMBINING: One player to keep an eye on at the CFL's National Combine later this month in Toronto is receiver Brayden Lenius-Dickey. The Regina product is the son of former Roughriders WR Troy Dickey and he's a CFL star in the making. I watched him with Washington in the 2018 Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix and he was exceptional. Meanwhile the Western Regional Combine goes this week in Edmonton and it includes Regina Rams players Kyle Moortgat (WR), Ryan Schienbein (WR), Cord Delinte (DB), Cole Benkic (LB) and Layne Hull (LB). Thunder OL Chad Teskey will participate as well as Huskies QB Kyle Siemens.

9 - R.P. UPDATE: For those wondering what I've been up to, I'm working full-time in the Recovery Coaching business assisting athletes in both the pro and junior ranks with Mental Health and Substance Abuse issues. It's not glamorous, but it's intensely rewarding to see these guys reach their potential. It's also anonymous. ... That's the strange part for me right now. I had my first radio show at age 16 (ironically 2019 marks 30 years in the media business) but this new career is entirely out of the limelight. I’m liking it.  I'm very happy and my businesses Pedersen Media Inc. (Publishing), Pedersen Recovery Inc. and Famoso Pizzeria are all currently thriving. I'll be on the air again before long in a significant way but at this time there is no rush. Thank you for your interest.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS: With 9 hours of curling per day on TSN with the Brier and Scotties, how much of the TV revenue are the curlers actually getting? ... Meanwhile I find the championship round of these events very confusing. ... With the current legal problems of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, there's no need to boycott Kraft products. It's not the same family. Keep enjoying your Kraft Dinner. ... With the Pats about to miss the playoffs in 2019, which WHL playoff team will be the rooting interest around here? The Moose Jaw Warriors are the obvious geographical choice but the P.A. Raiders may be the sentimental favourite. They've been through a lot this year. ... The SJHL Survivor Series opened Friday with Flin Flon trouncing Weyburn 7-3 and Yorkton beating Notre Dame 4-2. The Bombers and Terriers take 1-0 leads in the Best-of-3's. I'll be doing colour commentary on the Hounds broadcast Sunday evening from the Dunc. ... Thursday was National Cereal Day. My Top 3: Quaker Harvest Crunch, Vector and Frosted Flakes! ... There's still time to register for the Champion Your Own Success Conference in Winnipeg next Saturday. Athletes and their families are invited to join CFL Coach Paul LaPolice, Mental Strength Coach Shayne McGowan, Nutrition Coach Jacques Delorme and me (Mental Health & Substance Abuse Prevention) at the Clarion Hotel & Suites for this one-day event. It's only $50!. For more info or to register click here.

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Anonymous said...

Does trouble follow people, or do people follow trouble until they choose not to anymore?

Unknown said...

Part of Lulay's leak was to quiet the chatter about QB's not wanting to go to play for the Riders! He said he was strongly considering it, it was a great place, but in his heart, he knew he was done.

Rod Pedersen said...

So ... in the end, he didn’t come here. Signing here would’ve quieted that chatter.

Rod Pedersen said...

Both. But Johnny hasn’t made that decision yet.

Anonymous said...

He’s to injury prone, why would they even want him. They should have kept bridge and build the offence to suit him, get rid of the stupid system they seem to be stuck on, go to a regular offence, if you have to change oc. Do it , don’t Wait around for another year to go by, zack will get hurt probably very quickly then the firestorm will start , and the the coaches will be under fire. All the firings will start . And the rebuilding will go on and on and on.

Anonymous said...

You should work with Manziel Roddy!

Tanner in Calgary

Rod Pedersen said...

I offered but the fact I was the broadcaster for another CFL team was a major hindrance.

Mike Humble said...

#3-the riders had the luxury of time. Jones had 3 seasons to rebuild and completely bungled his approach to personnel on offence, and the qb position in particular.

SWC said...

Rod said, "Rushing QBs straight from NCAA to starting in the CFL has ruined scores of careers over the past few years."

That's because there is a shortage of quality OCs in the CFL. They are incapable of devising a game plan that takes advantage of the talents that got the young QB that far.

I go back to '07. Kerry Joseph was not straight out of the NCAA but he was also pretty ordinary. Enter Ken Miller OC for Kent Austin. Ken developed an offense that played to Kerry's strong points and VOILA, an MOP! Trade him next year and he's a flop. Different OC.

Anonymous said...

Rod, any news on if Mosaic will offer more beer selection and water fountains this year?

Rod Pedersen said...


Timmy L said...

I had a wonderful lunch with my dear Uncle Terry when he came to town from Yellow Grass this week and enjoyed a couple of exceptionally tasty Famoso pizzas.

My Uncle is a loyal Flyer fan going back to the Don Saleski days in the 1970's. (Myself I have been a Leaf fan since I shed my blue and white diapers in Y2K).

Anyhoo, we had a disagreement when he asserted that Gainer the Gopher is no longer 'The World's Number One Mascot." It was his opinion that that moniker more properly belongs to that crazy Gritty.

While I agree that Gainer will need to up his game in 2019 when he comes out of his hole, Gainer is still top dog (albeit of the prairie variety) among the mascot fraternity.

Big Uncle Terry almost choked on his beer when I opined that Gritty would be better suited to the Trump White House as a possible replacement for Sarah Huckasands than flying around in a hockey rink.

Perhaps someone in the Rider brass can put in a suggestion to Gainer to extend an invite to Gritty to drop in for a Rider game this year. Gainer could make the pitch to Gritty when they are at the next mascot convention in Vegas. Seeing Gritty in Regina would be a huge thrill for my Uncle!

Anonymous said...

Negotiations start Monday between the CFL and CFLPA, which will determine the fate of the CFL moving forward.The CFLPA have enlisted Ken Georgetti a former president of the Canadian Labour Congress. Could be very interesting negotiations, with CFLPA wanting more money and guaranteed contracts. Guaranteed contracts will kill the CFL.
Stay tuned it's going to get ugly.

Unknown said...

Getting a new OC is a good idea IMO, however the people responsible for the poopshow the last few years are still with the team, so unlikely.


Anonymous said...


I'd rather have a team with heart than a team of physical freaks.

Anonymous said...

Gritty made the cover of the latest Hockey News. One does not get bigger than that!!

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: Gainer needs to seek out and hire Rod Pederson as his social media consultant, or at least attend Rod's course.

Consider this quote from the editor of the Hockey News, Jason Kay, in the May 6, 2019 issue: "Gritty has more Twitter followers than Nikita Kucherov, Johnny Gaudreau and Patrick Laine combined and ranks second in social media mentions among all North American orange beings."

Gritty has over 200,000 followers while Gainer as about 2000. Worse yet, the last post by Gainer was in 2014! Gritty's twitter output is consistent and has lots of real funny stuff, a real hoot.

Gainer is the mascot of one of Canada's top sport franchises yet the Rider brain trust have utterly failed to take advantage of this large gopher's potential in an age of social media. A project to raise the profile of Gainer The Gopher is past due and can revitalize this unique creature for the future. He may be able to grow a beard, but he can still roam beyond the confines of Mosaic, at least virtually.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Time to step up his game. Too predictable and same old same old.

Anonymous said...

Good work Rod ....keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Who's gainer?

Travis said...

Reilly Hennessy looks like he could be a good option to be our next QB. 6’3 and can run. Playing in Italy now. Played at Mike Reilly’s school in college put up very good numbers.

Steve said...

Pro football QBs are at a major shortage not just in CFL But NFL. NCAA college football is the major feeder to the 41 pro teams in CFL & NFL. But NCAA offenses dont translate to either league.
The biggest thing is wat was mentioned in the article. The Win now attitude isnt a bad thing. But its being done at the expense of yung QBs & alot of rookies. They get thrown in the fire & dont have a chance to develop & learn the pro game in either of the pro leagues