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Sunday, March 3, 2019


1 - WHAT A WEEK: We pause the Trump/Trudeau talk to recap a wild week in sports. Particularly the CFL. Johnny Manziel was kicked out of the league, Chad Owens was charged with assault, players are mad at Commissioner Randy Ambrosie and Travis Lulay retired. Was there any good news?

2 - JOHNNY FOOTBALL: The news which created the most waves was Ambrosie instructing the Alouettes to release Manziel, and barring all other teams from signing him. Everyone wants to know what he did? In truth, it doesn't matter. Manziel's life has been one screw-up after another and that will continue at his next stop. His substance abuse history has been well-documented and it seems he's refused help at every turn. My favourite saying in Recovery is: "Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes". Johnny's still trapped in the mindset that everyone else is the problem when in reality, his biggest problem is the mirror.

3 - CO2: My heart sank when I read that Chad Owens had been charged with assault on Monday and appeared in a Toronto court on Tuesday. No details have been divulged of the incident but I'm hoping for the best possible outcome. I've seen thousands of players come and go but Chad Owens is unique. He's got a gigantic heart, but the heart of a lion and that's how he's survived at 5"7". He's also unusually high strung. Many times a man's greatest strength is also his biggest weakness.

4 - MEXICO: We've been down here for the better part of February and one thing's dawned on me. Mexicans aren't big people so if you're 6'3", 230 lbs like me or bigger, it's virtually impossible to find clothes that fit in a town like Huatulco. And so far, I haven't found any football players! Not that I've been looking overly hard.

5 - CFL LABOUR UNREST: It would be best for all parties if the CFL and the CFLPA did their negotiating behind closed doors and came out with a deal. Firing shots in the media isn't good for anyone, except the media. But Stampeders punter Rob Maver got the ball rolling Friday saying the players are angry at Commissioner Randy Ambrosie over suspending the off-season bonuses. (Did the Riders wind up paying Zach Collaros the $175,000 bonus he reportedly signed for?). Ambrosie is a cardigan-wearing, political-speaking former CFL player but make no mistake: he's a killer and his bosses are the CFL owners. This new CBA will be settled when the players stand down and that won't be for awhile.

6 - TOP OF THE O'DAY: Here is your weekly reminder to not make an assessment on the Jeremy O'Day regime in Riderville until after Year 2. From what I can see, fans want a miracle out of him after just one month on the job. Do I expect big things from the Green & White in 2019? No. I expect them to finish 5th. But do I think that's the fault of Jeremy O'Day or incumbent Head Coach Craig Dickenson? Not on your life. This team never found or developed a QB the past three years and now it's biting them.

7 - IF YOU CAN'T BEAT 'EM...: ....Join 'em. Of the 100-plus free agent signings in the CFL this winter, one still has me reeling: Rider MVP Willie Jefferson to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. What still echoes in my head is Willie's quote after the 2018 Western Semifinal when the Bombers beat the Riders when he said, "They wanted it more". I still feel Jefferson got a pass on that one from the Rider Nation. Back in the day, Rider fans would find that unacceptable. They can accept losing, but not failing to give your all.

8 - THANK YOU TRAVIS: It's unlikely BC Lions QB Travis Lulay - who retired this week - will get into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame but if there's a H.O.F. for human beings, he'd be a first ballot inductee. I feel you need to win two Grey Cups as a starter to quality (looking at you Henry Burris) and Lulay fell just short. But he'll never be forgotten and he's everything you want your QB to be. I'll never forget in 2011 when he was named MVP of the Grey Cup, he donated the $10,000 cheque to an abused womens shelter. That's what you need to remember about Travis Lulay.

9 - HIT A NERVE: Last Saturday I pointed out the thousands of empty seats at the Pats-Warriors nationally-televised game in Moose Jaw and people cried for days. "It's too cold!", "The start time was bad!", "The Pats are a crappy opponent!", "Tickets are too expensive!", was all I heard. Meanwhile Saskies shelled out thousands to flock to Edmonton to watch the crappiest team in the NHL that same weekend, and filled SaskTel Centre to watch the NLL's Rush. I don’t get it. None of those excuses apply there. Junior hockey has a MASSIVE problem right now with getting people out to games. I'm glad it's not my problem to figure out.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS: Expect an announcement on Touchdown Atlantic within a week. ... What day are they handing out the Jack Adams Trophy to the Flames' Bill Peters? What a turnaround. Holy smokes. ... The Saskatoon Blades have made the playoffs for the first time since 2013, yet Pats fans think they're hard done by. ... Huatulco, Mexico is the same size as Yorkton at roughly 18,000 people. However, I'm guessing, far warmer. But I couldn't live here. The nearest Walmart is 2 hours away. ... However single guys should know the ratio of women to men here is 7-1. ... One of my favourite CFL memories was when Travis Lulay's BC Lions faced Cleo Lemon's Toronto Argonauts at Rogers Centre and it was the Lulay-Lemon Bowl. ... Jason Whitten is unretiring and joining the Dallas Cowboys as a tightend. Methinks his Monday Night Football role won't be there for him when he decides to retire again. ... 32 degrees and sunny today here in Mexico. Thanks to Ron Ulmer and Barb Peterson for Friday's tour. LIFE IS AMAZING!

Y'er welcome,


SWC said...

Is it ever refreshing to read your realistic expectations of the Riders. It must be a relief for you to be able to speak your mind.

Socialmisfit said...

As a season ticket holder and Moose Jaw resident I was at that game last Saturday, I do understand the point you were making, and yes I do wish more people would come out, but the pics you showed were misleading, you showed the sections that are usually sparse, the rink is probably too big for the market so it looks worse then it is. And yes these are excuses but it was a sat 230 game, lots other activities going on then with children, the weather does keep people at home, and watch a nationally televised game in the comfort of your home. I do believe the Warriors had something like a 750 grand profit last season and are pretty stable for a community owned team. If you have major concerns about the stability and fan interest in a junior hockey maybe use a better example then Moose Jaw.

Rod Pedersen said...

It’s a fact Jack. It was before a national TV audience and looked unsightly. The same could be said for most CHL arenas and I watch those games. Don’t get defensive just cuz I was in MJ when I made the post!

GardenGnome said...

Pt 7. Jefferson was calling it the way it was. When Streveler & Harris were running the ball down the Riders throat in the 4th Quarter of the final, Jones was heard to say "We can't stop them". With the score 13-12, on Winnipeg's 1st possession they killed 5 minutes - FG - 16-12. 2nd possession Harris ran for 53 yards - TD - 23 -12. The 3rd possession with 2:35 on the clock, more 1st downs 27 yds rushing from Harris & Streveler, game over. Everybody in the building knew the Bombers were running yet Harris & Streveler racked up 113 yards rushing in the 4th qtr. I've never bought the party line that our club would have won with Zach. When Bridge missed those passes, Zach might have made them BUT Bridge got the club in position with his feet. Collaros can't run. And if the Riders got the lead, the game plan for the Bombers changes. It's nice to say a pass or 2 & we win but the WHOLE game changes, not 1 or 2 plays. Let's not forget this club couldn't stop the Argos when it counted in the late going either.
Pt 8. Though QB's are judged on wins, I find it hard to believe Lancaster, as a QB, would not have gotten in the HOF with 1 Cup & he makes it there based upon Cups as a coach. Also, shouldn't all the Eskimos of the 5 Cup era be in the HOF then? Of course not. You can't go just by Cup wins, even with QB's.

william weppler said...

Enjoy Mexico Rod! Anything is better than the -47C wind chill today....but it is sunny here too :)

SWC said...

Rod said; "This team never found or developed a QB the past three years and now it's biting them."

Just off the top of my head in no particular order Ricky Ray played college ball at Sacramento State, Jeremiah Masoli is from San Francisco, Dave Dickenson U of Montana, Mike Reilly Central Washington, BLM Eastern Washington, Travis Lulay Montana State, Anthony Calvillo Utah State, Matt Nichols Eastern Washington, Hank Burris is from Oklahoma, Jeff Garcia San Jose State and Chris Streveler South Dakota.

Every one of them is from west of the Mississippi yet Chris Jones wasted three years turning over stones up and down the east coast.

The Riders will finish 5th this year because of Chris Jones!

Anonymous said...

Trump was the best thing that's happened to the United states of America in a long time . The greatness will be recaptured.

Anonymous said...

The schooners will never see the field . Stop hinting at this pipe dream.

appleguy said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Trump was the best thing that's happened to the United states of America in a long time . The greatness will be recaptured".

I am a geopolitical analyst/advisor who totally agrees with the above quote. Those who disagree either have their own agenda, are dishonest or haven't done their research.

Rod, says the Riders will be in 5th place. I estimate that they will lose in a fight for third ending up in 4th place.

Wish I was there in Mexico w/ you Rod. Go Riders!!!

Anonymous said...

The Riders will finish 5th because of who they are_ a perpetual incompetent mismanaged organization (excluding coaching staff) with way too much outside interference.

Anonymous said...

SWC, Paul Jones is also from the Southeast & that's where he stays in the season. You might rememember Stefan Lefors from Louisville. You might be seeing a bunch of QB's out of the Southeast in Regina. Hunter & Hervey were Esk scouts who worked the West Coast. That's not to say you can't ever find a good QB out of the Southeast.

Anonymous said...


This just in; current winter season in Saskatchewan to last another 6 years.
Minus 42 Celsius including windchill factor this Saturday nite March, 2nd, 2019.

Billy Bob The Sask Groundhog.

Anonymous said...

Regina had no trouble getting 6000 out on a -42 Saturday afternoon national televised game.
Moose Jaw just isn’t a sports town. It’s just a dive town.
Can you even buy a suit there?

Anonymous said...

Just read an interesting synopsis of the new winter/spring XFL coming in 2020. Trestman to coach Tampa Bay and Doug Flute one of its league advisors. To start with they are exploring one yard off the line of scrimmage and NO FAIR CATCH ! More entertainment but not WWF style or in other words football not wrestling. 8 teams to start most in NFL stadiums but in Washington DC capacity only 20,000 seat stadium. Finally no cheerleaders and no political protests allowed. Wonder how this league will fair???

Anonymous said...

Wow if there was 6000 in Regina on Saturday, then that building got must seat about 12000 because there is no way it was even half full.

John Knight said...

Trump is one of the biggest liars, cheats and overall idiot. He has made enemies of all U.S. allies and all he is trying to accomplish is wasting billions of dollars on a useless wall. Can hardly wait until the next election so America can be great again

Anonymous said...

I officially want to be the 14th post making the number even. Heres my post,

Ted Nuggett

Anonymous said...

Hey Appleguy - I am also a geopolitical analyst/advisor but I disagree. - Trump is screwed!

Rod S in Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

"hay dias tontos y tontos todas los dias"

Anonymous said...

What could you possibly want with a suit? Your fat lard rump couldn't possibly fit into a fine suit from one of Moose Jaw's finest mens apparrel clothing stores. You've got to be svelte, have class to wear a suit. Sorry, no suit for you. Best keep shopping Va'Lou Ville'Lawge, Broad St Regina.

Sir Edward Daubberdasher
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Socialmisfit said...

Moose Jaw just isn’t a sports town? Pot calling the kettle black? Looking by what I saw on tv as well, I am not quite sure there was 6000 at that Pats game either considering the Brandt center holds 6500. Considering the Pats can pull from a market of over two hundred thousand people and considering there was piles of unsold memorial cup tickets less then a year ago (good thing swift made the tournament which helped boost sales last minute),considering the Pats ownership had to pull the plug on an outdoor due to a lack of ticket sales, considering the Pats ownership has shown financial losses year after year, just maybe Regina isn’t the sports town people like to think it is either? Like I said earlier there are probably better examples to show a lack of support for junior hockey then a small market community owned team that pulls from a market place of thirty five thousand and still draws 3500 to 4000 tickets sales routinely per game, and still pull a profit at the end of the season.