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Saturday, March 30, 2019


1 - NFL A NO GO: On Friday the events company On Ice Entertainment officially pulled the plug on the August NFL preseason game planned for Regina. When I first heard of the game in January, I thought "The Riders aren't going to like this". Predictably, the concept turned into a political football and a test of wills. It remains to be seen if the idea will be tabled again in 2020, but you can't blame the Oakland Raiders if they've been left with a sour taste of Saskatchewan.

2 - KNUCKLES: The Tweet of the Week goes to Blue Bombers broadcaster Bob "Knuckles" Irving who wrote, "Any CFL team that offers to host an NFL preseason game should have their franchise revoked".  Knuckles was widely flamed for his stance but you can't blame him. Broadcasters don't know business and while shunning the NFL might have saved the Riders some bucks in the short term, pulling the plug is a big financial letdown for the Queen City. Plus, is it wise to get in a pissing match with the NFL? If this game gets played in Winnipeg remains to be seen. For now, the organizers are picking up the pieces.

3 - TOUCHDOWN ATLANTIC: Friday's other big news is that Touchdown Atlantic 2019 will be played on Sunday, August 25 in Moncton, NB between the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes. The fledgling Atlantic Schooners are a backer of the event and that's a good sign that the CFL's 10th team is on its way. I've been invited to attend and will have a role in the festivities. This is going to be fun! I can finally experience Touchdown Atlantic and hope you join us.

4 - DT ON SC: TSN's Derek Taylor was introduced as the new Voice of the Roughriders on Friday and while that's still weird for me to say, it's a great hire. DT and I talked on Friday and he's a wonderful guy. He's right - it's a big job - and it comes with a tremendous amount of pressure. But I'm eager to help in anyway to make it a success. I'm happy, they're happy, everybody's happy.

5 - THE NEWS: We're coming up on the real "dark" time of the CFL off-season. Free agency is pretty much over (even if there are plenty of big names still on the board), and the Draft isn't until May 2. That's the tough part about the CFL: down south they're buzzing right now over the NFL Draft and Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray potentially going to the Arizona Cardinals with the #1 pick. QUICK - tell me who's got the #1 pick in this year's CFL Draft? QUICK - tell me who the #1 prospect is? Some real smart people have tried to generate buzz for the CFL Draft over the years and failed. What's it going to take?

6 - MOCK DRAFT: Having said that, John Hodge at 3DownNation has done a nice job with a 2019 Mock Draft and predicts the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will take Regina product WR Brayden Lenius-Dickey with the #2 pick this spring. At #1 he's got Toronto taking Northern Colorado OL Zach Wilkinson. At #6, John has the Saskatchewan Roughriders selecting Arkansas State WR Justin McInnis. For the diehards, it's time to start paying attention to this stuff. I still hope Lenius-Dickey is available for the Green & White.

7 - DUB HUB: We went 25 years between Saskatchewan champions of the WHL: Swift Current in both 1993 and 2018. Do the P.A. Raiders have a shot to be the next ones? They sure do. Curtis Hunt's and Marc Habscheid's Raiders set 18 franchise records in 2018-19 and finished the regular season rated #2 in the CHL. P.A. swept Red Deer in Round 1 of the playoffs while the Saskatoon Blades got out the brooms against Moose Jaw and now the archrival Raiders and Blades meet in Round 2. You simply could not have drawn this up any better.

8 - TEEPEE TALK: Moose Jaw Warriors coach Tim Hunter caught heat this week for skipping the handshake line against the Blades after being swept in Game 4 on Wednesday. He later told reporters it's because he was checking the video to see if the game-winner was offside. (Unfortunately that's not reviewable in the WHL). Was it unsportsmanlike? Of course, and it looks bad. But it's also misguided. The Warriors had bigger problems in that series than whether the game-winner in Game 4 of a sweep was offside. But that's hockey.

9 - S-JAY: The SJHL semifinals opened Friday night with Melfort downing Estevan 6-2 and the Battlefords dumping Yorkton 6-2. Game 2's are on Saturday at Northern Lights Palace and the Civic Centre. Kudos to all four head coaches for joining us live on our debut show of SJHL Central on Facebook Live! We had viewers from all over the world. There aren't too many leagues where the coaches would do a live interview like that an hour before a playoff game. The CFL? Forget it. This is one of the big reasons why I love junior hockey so much.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS: Nothing's changed. I'm still part of a really big project that's taking months to put together and the timeline isn't up to me. I’m sorry I can’t provide more of an update. In the meantime I'm doing this work with the SJHL and in Recovery. It makes me feel really good. For the first time in my life I'm following how I feel rather than what I'm told to feel. It's sooooo nice! I hadn’t come up for air for 25 years.  ... Shame on the lady who wrote the online piece this week trashing chain restaurants in Saskatchewan. Our Famoso Pizzeria is 100% locally owned. ... Don't wait for the City of Regina to pick up the garbage in the ditches now that the snow is gone. Get out there yourself! This is a beautiful city but until the trash is gone, it's unsightly. ... Why are the Carolina Hurricanes getting roasted for their postgame celebrations while the Vegas Golden Knights were the toast of the NHL for their pregame celebrations one year ago? ... Beyond Meat? No thanks. ... We gave up on Better Call Saul on Netflix but persevered and stuck with Ozark. That was a great decision! ... Time to hit the road. I've got speaking events this weekend in Zenon Park and Kipling and they're a lonnnnnng ways apart.

Y'er welcome,


DarthRider442 said...

I must say, Rod, that it'll sure be different hearing a voice other than yurs on the radio! But with that being said, Derek Taylor should do well. Best of luck in yur upcoming project, I look forward to seeing it when it happens

Dex YQR said...

Maybe to build some excitement around the CFL draft they should have a spring scrimmage. Or maybe play a game between Canadian players and an all-star team made up of Mexican and European players.

But in the end, it will never be the same as the NHL or NFL drafts because the very best players don't want to be in the CFL. They use the Canadian league as plan b. Free agency day will always be more important in the CFL.

3RD and 1 said...

I truly think the efforts by the Riders to put up blockades to stop the NFL from playing at Mosaic Stadium ihas created a lot of resentment that will continue to grow.

IMAGIRL said...

I look at the NFL as a different game from the CFL. And, there is room for both here.

I am disappointed that I won't get to see this game.

Mike said...

I agree. As a taxpayer I want to see the stadium utilized more.

10 Rider games and a concert a year is hardly enough. Basically only 11 events with 30,000 fans per event is hardly enough.

Why would we allow the Riders to let the city Turn away a a huge event?

My loyalty to the Riders would never change because an nfl game was played but this close minded thinking in our province is sickening.

Anonymous said...

How long before Derek Taylor morphs into the next Cabana Boy .

John Knight said...

I don't understand why some people on this blog say the Riders and the city should bend over backwards for an NFL preseason game. If they want to come here, they should look at available time then try make arrangements rather the us change our schedule for them. They are just like Trump in thinking they are better than Canadians and we should kiss their ass

SWC said...

Beyond Meat? No thanks...

I whole heartedly agree, anyone would that knows the whole recipe.

Ed Driver said...

who gives damn what the nfl raiders think . and as for resentment that will continue to grow ? where is your head at ? hawwwwwwwww !

the nfl wanted to come into Sask. AT THE LAST MINUTE ... and kick the riders to the curb and take their lunch money , that's something that the CFL fans iN Sask should resent , not the other way .

If this lAST MINUTE GAME announcement and then collapse , had not been a BIG SCOOP for Rod , the only resentment there would be would be .... that the NFL didn't show the courtesy of "asking for the game before the schedule was already drawn up" ... to ensure it happened , so blame the nfl , not the riders .
Give your head a shake .

Rod Pedersen said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Knight, there is room to host an NFL exhibition game. If Winnipeg hosts a game let them create the template, then everyone knows what's required and a timeline is established for teams and broadcasters to comfortably host future games. Regina and Winnipeg have the best stadiums and football fans in Canada. Start planning now, schedule a bye week in August for either team. No conflicts no problem easy peasy. As much as the wannabes think it's a big deal, the great American City of Toronto turned it's back on NFL exhibition games years ago.

3RD and 1 said...

Ed, all your blurb above reads like chicken scratch. Maybe you should be the one to shake your head. Loosen the cob webs.
Your own personal opinion is not that of a good portion of the fans. Many are upset and disappointed. The minute the Blue Bomber or the Eskimos sign on the game. The resentment will really grow.
Now maybe post your opinions without trying to be condescending to others

Anonymous said...

You got it right in point 1, Rod. As for those who think the NFL is going to "bend over backwards" for the Riders, get a reality check. The thing I hear constantly from one segment of the Rider fan base is the inability to think big picture beyond their beloved team. We are the richest, we have the best fans, we have the best stadium. When you've played in billion dollar (US Dollars BTW) palaces like San Francisco & Dallas to name just 2, Mosaic Stadium can be summed up by Shania Twain thusly - "That Don't Impress Me Much". Recently there was talk of Mosaic even hosting a World Cup soccer game, should the tournament come to Canada & the US. Should FIFA "bend over backwards" for the Riders then? Fat chance of that ever happening. Games in Canada would be played in Toronto, Vancouver & Edmonton. They understand the money involved in hosting big events. Mosaic isn't even a consideration - sorry. You might recall the Eskimos playing Toronto in Fort McMurray back in 2015 for a regular season game. You don't turn down international events for a tenant that plays 9 home games in the park. Good luck trying to attract big money events that conflict with the Riders' sense of self-importance. The constant need for the team to PLEASE recognize how important we are to the league got old a long time ago. A little humility would go a long way.

Anonymous said...

Ed Driver gave me a Saturday morning migraine reading that. Where is the Advil? Wow!

But, yes, I’m extremely dissapointed in the Riders blocking this game .

Anonymous said...

The new Ricky Gervais comedy series "After Life" on Netflix is six short 25 minute episodes and very much worth watching. Don't be discouraged by the downer first episode. It is the story arch of these six episodes that makes it so worthwhile.

Also "Delhi Crime" also new on Netflix is riveting and based on actual events. The high level of competency of the female police chief in charge of the investigation of the event is breathtaking and one wishes there were more like her in the world.

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumour Ballsy is packing up his kit bag and going home? I hear he is very po'ed over what happened!

John Knight said...

Whats wrong Rod? Can't you read? The Riders and Regina are not in the wrong. The NFL is

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) I'm really enjoying this Blog as the tone has shifted and it feels like life has just moved on for not only the host but many of the long time posters. It's not a rodeo anymore.

2) Completely identify with the: "For the first time in my life I'm following how I feel rather than what I'm told to feel. It's sooooo nice! I hadn’t come up for air for 25 years." - unfortunately it takes some of us to hit the mid 40s and realize time is of the essence so if we're making everyone happy we're making the wrong people happy and we certainly are not serving ourselves properly. All the best to moving forward.

3) Regarding Ballsy I have long said and I told this to Rod in a kinder gentler era - "Good things happen to good people so it all works out" - having said that it's a reap what you sow world and "Ballsy" the man is no different than "Ballsy" the radio personality and if he is not happy with being passed over then by all means he is free to takes brass ones to leave...but NOBODY at CKRM will leave.....because where exactly is a guy like that going to go? D.T should come in and clean house if he has the pull - Keep Scruffy. Keep Luc but Ballsy will undermine him so out the door he should go for all aspects of the Rider broadcast.

4) Derek Taylor will be fine. We've had a long list of greats - Lynch, Courier, Pedersen, and Taylor will bring something different. I still remember that guy that was in between Courier and Rod - he was the Iron Sheik interim WWF Champion of transition between WWF's Bob Backlund over to the new era of Hulk Hogan. Everyone serves their purpose.

5) If "local" restaurants can't or won't compete that's not anyone's problem. I used to go to Luiggi's hadn't been there in a long time. I show up and get a small slab of lasagna at $4 more a plate. The only "local" I go to now is Nicky's and K Family Kitchen, but Famosa, Boston Pizza, The Keg, etc, all those places have local ownership a restaurant is a restaurant.

6) we don't give up on people...wikipedia Better Call Saul to see how it unfolds and wait patiently.

7) Tim Hunter is most likely out the door now. Not due to his ability the people in MJ just don't like him.

8) Whether is an NFL game or not matters not to me. I am a CFL diehard and I go to a tonne of concerts. You can't get to everything but yes the Riders sandbagged this event no question and believe me doing that the NFL doesn't forget. There was a time they bailed out the league. With 3 franchises in crisis don't count on help coming from them like the mid 90s.

Keep at 'er

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with the article on chain restaurants, you can taste the care and attention that goes into making a dish that just isn't there at these chains that people go head over heels for all the time. It's not about local ownership. These chains bank on name recognition, the food is average at best, but hogs all line up at the trough.

Anonymous said...

Really care and attention? Is that why 90% of restaurants fail in the first year? A restaurant franchise basically you get a blue print for the business side of it then it's up to the local operators to hire the right staff, day/evening shift management and then have a finance person in charge to handle food costs.

Anonymous said...

Missing the point on restaurants. You do get tourists, don't you? Guess what - some of them eat at McDonalds, Dennys or, yes, Olive Gardens. The point is if you don't like the McDonalds, Tim Hortons or some of the other big chains who serve basic food, what distinguishes you from the village with one local pub? Like it or not if you can't attract "these chains", how quaint? Excuse me, where is the nearest Olive gardens? Oh we don't have one. How about Earl's? Oh we don't want these chains. We're above that sort of thing. They're, you know, too expensive. We do have a Dollarwise. Why would you not want another restaurant in town? If you don't want to eat there stay home with a TV dinner. Some of us might like Olive Gardens despite the cost.

Anonymous said...

Come on, that is a No Brainer regarding Carolina and Vegas. The only reason it got carried out of hand was the Media after Bonehead Don Cherry made a complete ass of himself and saying that the League should not allow it. I think it's fun as long as they keep it decent and the fans love it. What about all the garbage "Cherry would call it " in Football. Cherry should stick to Lawn Bowling that seems to be about his speed now days. What a joke.

Randolph Charles said...

I don't blame the Roughriders at all, in fact who cares what the NFL thinks? Yeah I remember the 'help' the NFL gave the CFL. For a million dollars (their chump change) they thought they could raid our talent indefinitely.

As the Riders are the straw that stirs the CFL "drink", damn straight they deserve all due respect. Get me rock concerts, Monster Jam I don't care even 12 years olds duking it out, just no NFL in Mosaic!

Anonymous said...

We wouldn’t want to wear the stadium out , this city is and always will be a joke. Little league.

Ed Driver said...

I wish that the NFL had worked with the CFL in a professional manor by working their exhibition game into the CFL schedule " as the CFL Regular Sseason schedule is being written ". That would have shown respect for our Regular Season schedule and our CFL.!

iNSTEAD , it was a clumsy effort with the NFL taking absolutely no risk of being blamed for anything that MAY HAVE GONE WRONG . ... "THAT" , would have been pinned on the little ole cfl and the RIDERS .
Those are / were my concerns .

My emotional investment is with the CFL and the Saskatchewan Roughriders , not with any NFL team , so I would not have made any effort to attend any NFL game anyway ... but I would certainly not tell anyone else where their football money should go . Go crazy with the NFL .
I just think that people that wanted the game regardless of any possible embarrassments happening due to such a short turn around are surely a harbinger of the future of the CFL .If you are a real Rider / CFL fan would you not want to protect the team and the league from being forced into a situation such as this with the high possibility of screw upS that THE BLAME FOR THEM would have been DUMPED ON OUR RIDERS AND OUR LEAGUE ?

If THE City of Regina wants to host a situation like this , do it right so everyone wins , not just the NFL and only the CFL gets blamed it it goes bad .

Anonymous said...

Randolph, the NFL doesn't care what the Riders think & TSN TV money is the "straw" that stirs the drink. If you think advertisers buy space on TSN to advertise their wares to Regina when the 4th largest city in Canada & the US is in the 905, you're kidding yourself. Kiss TO goodbye & bye bye TV money. Then what? The Riders are a nice success story financially but maybe try thinking about the good of the CFL. Regina isn't the centre of the universe, CFL or otherwise. I found out you don't even have an Olive Garden yet. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why the CFL moved their schedule announcement up two months in the last five years? It was always in March. Now it's in January. The NFL season isn't even done!

Anonymous said...

Don't know why so many people are ignoring the FACTS about why the NFL pre-season game cannot be held at Mosaic stadium on August 23 -- and they have nothing to do with the Riders:

1. The NFL is requiring that the Mosaic field be converted into a NFL-size field. This requires the field be painted over and re-painted with the NFL logos, yardage and end-zone markers, etc. AND the goal posts being moved, then after the game the paint must be washed off the field and returned to the Canadian state -- including moving the goal posts. This work is not done by the Riders, and this can't be done in less than 24 hours.

2. There would be no locker rooms for the two NFL teams because: the Riders are in their locker room and the Redblacks will be in the Visitor locker room on Aug 23 (they are required by CFL regulations to be in the host city 24 hours prior to CFL game time).

3. According to Glen Suitor, TSN CFL colour commentator, TSN requires more than 24 hours to set up for a game broadcast. The American broadcaster will still be there!

So -- nothing to do with the Riders. The main decision-makers would be Evraz Place and the City of Regina, and if they can't resolve the 3 facts mentioned above, the NFL game cannot be played at Mosaic on August 23. And I guess the NFL wasn't interested in negotiating another date in Regina.

Leanne M.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah! Golden opportunity for the Province of Saskatchewan and the City of Regina to be showcased worldwide. Selfish narrow minded Roughriders Club blocked a once in a lifetime event, end of story. If the CFL can accommodate a Rekells concert and move the Argonauts TiCats game back, they certainly could have done so for the National Football League. The Roughriders Club blocked this opportunity and now the spin doctors are in play big time. As John Gormley correctly called out BS on the Roughriders. In future, Mossic Stadium events will not have our family dollars starting immediately starting with the NHL outdoor game and any proposed concerts for the forseeable future.


Anonymous said...

Saskatchewan Roughriders block NFL game at Mosaic.

"There will be consequences"on the Roughriders football franchise.

Kaves Reid

Anonymous said...

A once in a lifetime event, you have to get out more!
This is a exhibition game, 1/2 the players will have try outs in the CFL next season. I'd rather watch the players that were talented enough to make the CFL.

SWC said...

I'm CFL all the way, despise the NFL mentality but it worries me that the Riders nixed that exhibition game.
Instead of saying 'let's have a rehearsal and see how fast we can do it', the Riders took the NDP attitude. 'It's too big, we don't want it."
Then we wonder why there's a whole generation of Saskies living in Calgary.

Anonymous said...

They could put 5 outdoor rinks on the field in the winter and let kids play there for free, May as well utilize it. The outdoor hockey league. They could use libel field too.