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Thursday, February 14, 2019


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed international quarterback Cody Fajardo to a one-year contract.

Fajardo (6’2 – 215) joins the Riders after spending last season with the B.C. Lions where he completed 14 of 20 pass attempts for 153 yards and one touchdown in 17 regular-season games. Used primarily in short yardage situations, Fajardo added 108 yards and five touchdowns on 42 carries.

The 26-year-old Nevada product originally entered the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts in 2016. He was a member of the Argos 2017 Grey Cup championship team.

In 44 career regular-season games, Fajardo has registered 122 carries for 437 yards and 13 touchdowns while adding 414 passing yards and five passing touchdowns.

Before going pro, Fajardo spent four seasons at the University of Nevada where he threw for 9,659 yards and 44 touchdowns and rushed for 3,482 yards and 44 touchdowns in 45 career collegiate games.

(Roughriders PR)


marc said...


Anonymous said...

Who? 3 years in the league and not competing to start??? Next please!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Cody Farjardo to Saskatchewan! You're remembered as the qb who put the last points on the board as the Toronto Argonauts won the Grey Cup just a year or two back. Your Argos beat the Roughriders on their way to that championship. Now your a Rider, small world CFL. I told people back then, remember that name, FAJARDO.

Football Fan said...

I like Fajardo. I'm just not sure I like him as our 1A behind Collaros. But there may be reasons for this. RAy and Lulay may have decided to sit and wait to see if a starting QB somewhere goes down, which will probably happen. Fajardo has all the tools you want in a CFL QB, but just not the ideal level of experience to be our 1A this year, imo.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn, come home! Riders need you.


ReginaRed said...

Day after the free agent frenzy and I tune into the sportscage and what are we talking about? Hockey!, move over to the green zone and more hockey. What does that say about the football excitement over the last few days? Exactly!! Aptly put above, boring!

Shayne said...

He hasn't done much in the CFL, but he's young. I'm glad he was signed instead of an aging veteran like Glenn or Lulay.

Anonymous said...

Fajardo is not 1A. He is a backup or number 2 if you want to use a number.

To be 1A would mean that you have two starters sharing the duties and then maybe call them 1A & 1B.

Make no mistake its Collaros all the way or until he gets injured if at all. Then at that point we are running with number 2 and not a 1B.

Mike D

Anonymous said...

I would have to put him at number 2 , just because it’s his 3rd year ?

Steve said...

Idk too much about him. In the CFL tho a short yardage QB does play a major role on a team.
Yes he could be a prototype CFL Qb that can roll out, run, pass, pistol read option, etc.
But ultimately he needs to have the arm strength to make the needed passes on th wider CFL fields.
From wat i gather that is a HUGE question.
I guess until he can prove that...
He will be a #3 short yardage, special package wild cat type QB.
If he can become a good holder on FGs. He culd be great fake runner. Etc