Realty One

Thursday, February 7, 2019


Hundreds of Rider fans showed up for the 15th annual Rider Pride Party in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico on Wednesday. Here are some pics ..

Jim Hopson and Bob Poley entertained the crowd on the mic ..

Sandwiched between two of the all-time greats! Roger Aldag and Bob Poley ..

The place was rocking. Saskies know how to party!

Fans came from far and wide in a beautiful setting ..

Ran into the CBC's Glenn Reid!

Life is grand!

Thanks for the invite and hats off to the organizers! Hope to see you next year ..



Anonymous said...

Hey! Glenn Reid, wouldn't he be a excellent choice as the voice of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.


Brady Y said...

Anyone but Michael Ball!!!!!!

Dan said...

As I scroll through Rod's pictures of Mexico while sitting here in the midst of another week of 40C below weather, I can't help but think of Willie's showboating into the end zone in Winnipeg.

But I'm glad the trip is a success.


Rod Pedersen said...

No you're not.

Tim Paquin said...

If that makes you think of Willie J, you've got issues.