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Thursday, February 21, 2019


TORONTO  (February 21, 2019) --  The Grey Cup has been awarded to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the City of Regina and the Province of Saskatchewan for 2020 and to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the City of Hamilton and the Province of Ontario for 2021, the Canadian Football League (CFL) announced today.

“Congratulations to Saskatchewan on winning the bid for the 2020 Grey Cup. It’s exciting the Roughriders and their legion of fans, among the most passionate in all of sport, will cap the club’s 110th anniversary by welcoming the biggest event in Canadian sport,” said Randy Ambrosie, Commissioner of the CFL.

“We’re thrilled that Hamilton, which boasts a football tradition second to none, will welcome the Grey Cup in 2021, its first opportunity to host in 25 years. I know the Tiger-Cats look forward to showcasing the renaissance underway in the City of Hamilton, which will celebrate its 175th anniversary that year,” he said.

“Our Governors want to thank the Montreal Alouettes for a first-class bid. Unfortunately, 2021 was not an option for them because of expected renovations at Olympic Stadium. We certainly anticipate returning the Grey Cup in the future to the dynamic city that is Montreal and the welcoming province that is Quebec.”

The Canadian Football League’s new Grey Cup bidding system requires interested CFL teams and their partners to present their plans to the league’s Grey Cup Committee, with the final choice resting with its Board of Governors. This is believed to be the first time in history that the league has awarded two Grey Cups at the same time.

“The Saskatchewan Roughriders are thrilled to host the 2020 Grey Cup in Canada’s newest outdoor stadium. We are excited to welcome the entire country to share in the culmination of our 110th anniversary and experience Saskatchewan’s legendary hospitality”, said Craig Reynolds, President and CEO of the community-owned Roughriders.

Saskatchewan last hosted the Grey Cup in 2013, with the Riders capturing the most prized trophy in Canadian sport on home soil in what may have been the most memorable day ever for Rider Nation.

“The 2021 Grey Cup will be a time to celebrate all that the Tiger-Cats and Canadian football mean to Tigertown,” said Bob Young, Caretaker of the Tiger-Cats since 2003. “But it’s also an opportunity for us to work with the City of Hamilton to showcase this community’s amazing growth and renaissance.”

Hamilton last hosted the Grey Cup in 1996, when the Toronto Argonauts captured the Cup in thrilling fashion in what is often described as the 'Snow Bowl', one of the most entertaining Grey Cup games ever.

Both Saskatchewan and Hamilton have moved into modern new venues since those Grey Cups: the Tiger-Cats have played at Tim Hortons Field since 2014 and the Roughriders moved into new Mosaic Stadium in 2017.

“We know both of these cities will build on the momentum that is sure to be created this November when Calgary hosts the 107th Grey Cup. Calgarians were the first to turn Canada’s championship game into a party that celebrates our game, our country and we know they’ll do a great job this year,” Ambrosie said.

“We have challenged our teams and their communities to raise the bar by making each Grey Cup the best ever. Edmonton took it to a new level last year and Calgary, Saskatchewan and Hamilton have put together plans that will continue to take the Grey Cup game and festival to new heights.”

Today’s announcement was made live on select TSN platforms as fans watched at special viewing parties across Saskatchewan and in Hamilton.

The 107th Grey Cup game will be played November 24, 2019 at McMahon Stadium in Calgary, Alberta. The 108th Grey Cup game will be played Sunday, November 22, 2020 at Mosaic Stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan. The 109th Grey Cup will be played at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario on November 21, 2021.

The Grey Cup, traditionally played on the last Sunday in November, will be played on the second-last Sunday in November starting in 2020, the result of the CFL moving its season up.



Christopher Evans said...

Congratulations to the Riders, province, and city for making it happen! I expected 2021 to be our Grey Cup, but good move by the league to announce both today!

Anonymous said...

Time for Mr. O'Day to shine and take a page from the Brendan Taman play-book for 2020 on how to craft a Grey Cup Championship caliber team!

GPB said...

Our group will be skipping Grey Cup 2020. It will be like 2013 with no hotel rooms, not enough taxis, not enough buses, nothing but pizza and hot dogs to eat at the parties and no fans from other cities.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Regina! Regina deserved.


Anonymous said...

Someone give Marty Short a call so he can get his friend Tom Hanks to book his room at the Sask Hotel!

Anonymous said...

Right. Win a Cup and then suck for years after. That sounds like a hell of a game plan. Please no.

Anonymous said...

Well aren’t you just a beacon of positivity this morning. You don’t think they’ll take those mistakes into account for planning the 2020 game? Plus more hotels have gone up since then too. Always has to be a Debbie downer in the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Not even Tom Hanks can get a hotel room. Again, many regulars will be skipping the 2020 Grey Cup because regina is just too small to handle the event.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that Regina gets the 2020 Grey Cup. I thought for sure it was going to Hamilton.

For those complaining that Regina is too small for hotel space, taxis, and buses - a lot of things have improved. When was the last time you were in Regina? For those who will continue to be bitter and negative - life is too short to stay bitter and negative. GET OVER IT!

Brady Y said...

GPB trust me when I say...and dude I really sincerely mean won't be missed.

Anonymous said...

A lot of things in Regina have improved? Are you lucid? Taxi's in Regina have improved? Are you awake? Have you ever taken a cab lately in Regina, good grief! Don't!

Anonymous said...

Regina is the ‘ I love regina ‘ city, didn’t you know ? Lol