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Tuesday, February 26, 2019


TORONTO - The CFL is looking into moving its division semifinal and final contests to Saturday as early as this season.

CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie told fans in Regina on Sunday that the league and TSN are talking about making the change. The Grey Cup would again be played on a Sunday.

Ambrosie made the statement as part of his annual cross-country road trip.

"One of the objectives of Randy's road trip is to consult fans and get their direct feedback on ideas,'' the CFL said in a statement Monday. "If there was a strong and consistent view from fans that Saturday playoff games would be more attractive and convenient for them, and could result in more people attending and watching our playoffs, he would take a proposal to our teams for their consideration.''

If the move is adopted, the CFL would avoid going head-to-head with the NFL during its divisional playoff rounds.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Best option

Anonymous said...

TSN doesn't want to have to give up showing NFL games those weekends to show CFL games. It's that simple it's not because fans want it, it's TSN wants it.

Bill Salloum said...

Moving the Grey Cup game to a Saturday would feel weird after all these years, but it would provide a helpful recovery/travel day for those in attendance.

Jeff B said...

Monday after Grey Cup is good enough for recovery. Moving the Grey Cup to Saturday would eliminate one party day for the host city and that would be a major travesty (revenue and buzz)! As it stands now, you have three nights, Thu to Sat, and they each increase in size. I don't see Wednesday to Fri drawing the same numbers. I am ok with Saturday playoffs, but let's not mess with GC Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Bonus to working fans who travel to attend games. Bonus to hotels and restaurants too. The Grey Cup always was played on Saturday until 1968. Suspect the reason for changing from Saturday to Sunday was more people were off for Sunday so better TV viewing numbers.
I think Saturday games make a lot of sense for regular games too. To many times the tail wags the dog.

Anonymous said...

Giver the play off games back to cbc, the ratings were huge when it was on public t.v.

Anonymous said...

Where does the above article mention the Grey Cup would be played on a Saturday, we want to know? Geeze! Read before you post.

Hickle & Sale.

Steve said...

I think that moving the playoff games to saturday is a good idea with the contract they have with TSN/RDS.
I also gave thought a while back to even play on of the Conferenes opening rnd playoffs to Friday nite. As Friday nite football has become a CFL staple under TSN/RDS.
It wouldnt be such a stretch if all the final regular season games are played on Friday or Sat.

Steve said...

Actually I like the idea of possibily putting playoff game or two on CBC. I think it would have to come up with a deal / partnership with TSN. Where TSN crew broadcast the game (s) and simulcast them on CBC.

Steve said...

GC surely should be on Sundays. The pageantry that leads up to the game. Sat is a HUGE day.
Its just a different monster than the rest discissed

Randolph Charles said...

I like the idea of playoff games scheduled for Saturday, it makes sense. I also think the Grey Cup would benefit from Saturday scheduling. No point taking on the No Fun League in their own playground.

Lyle Pederson said...

Things have changed since '68 when many retail etc didn't work on Sundays. Now they do so doesn't matter as much. Also may be possible to play Sat games in the afternoon late in the year. And for SK it sure would help those who travel 3 hours to the game.

Steve said...

Ya. I have been an avid fan of the sports cage for several years.
& it seems like the consensus to have Rider home games saturday is what makes sense to the fans. As many fans do make that trek up to 3 hrs around the province.

Steve said...

Just looking ahead with the CFL moving the GC up a week.
NCAA Conference Champ games are on the wknd of Fri dec 6th & Sat Dec 7th.
So a Sat nite GC game in prime time 8:00 EST etc. Could make alot of sense.
As It would likely be a time & day where it could be its most viewable time for Football fans