Realty One

Thursday, February 14, 2019


OTTAWA-GATINEAU - The Ottawa REDBLACKS have signed international receiver Caleb Holley to a one-year deal, the club announced Thursday. 

The 28-year-old native of Anchorage, AK is will be entering his fourth CFL season in 2019 after playing three years with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. In 33 games out west, Holley had 109 catches for 1,476 yards and seven touchdowns while averaging 13.5 yards per reception. 

The Ottawa REDBLACKS will kick off their 2019 schedule with a rematch of the 106th Grey Cup game in Calgary before welcoming the Saskatchewan Roughriders in their home opener at TD Place. Fans can join Forever RNation today and experience every game at TD Place this season.

(RedBlacks PR)


John Knight said...

Another good player gone. We are in dire trouble this year losing our better players

Bruce Evenson said...

Time to sign some recievers.

3RD and 1 said...

I watched the Live feed yesterday on the Riders App. When the Riders GM said we have not been that active because we don’t have many holes to fill. I almost fell over in my chair.
The largest hole we have is qualified CFL receivers. Let alone 1000 yard receivers. Statistics don’t lie. We had the worst passing offence last year. If the Riders have faith in signing Zack Collaros. That then says we didn’t have the receivers. The Riders lost William-Lambert to the NFL. Now they lose Caleb Holley to a team that the complete offence left.
I know we lost the odd player under Jones but right now it seems as though there is little faith in what’s happening.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr. Knight the sky has fallen and there is no hope.

Tim said...

Jeff Stamps is that you signing in as Anonymous? Makes sense since you have been banned on most other sites. If not JS, my apologies. That said, I think we ARE short on receivers, but free agent camps found Jordan Williams Lambert and Shaq Evans among others. I think we should let them do their work. Was I the only one not all that sold on Caleb Holley the last couple years? Roosevelt is still possible among others as free agents.

Anonymous said...

3rd and 1……is quite right and makes some excellent points.

There are a number of very competent to good receivers available. There are also a couple good national O-linemen available. We need a couple of each.

A.C. Leonard has supposedly signed with the Riders. It takes some of the sting of losing Jefferson, especially since we added Micha Johnson as well.

Anonymous said...

Riders need receivers bad but so do a few other teams.

Calgary has lost - M Michel, C Matthews, L Durant, D Daniels

Edmonton has lost - B Mitchell, S Giguere, N Behar, Duke Williams, Derel Walker, V Hazelton


Football Fan said...

I still have hope that Caleb Holley can become a top receiver, so I'm glad that he signed in the east, but he has to find a way to stay healthy. We've got a tonne of great receivers so I think the reality is that he just fell too far on our depth chart and we let him go. I think Evans, Moore, and even KD Cannon in limited time all looked very good last year. I do think we need to bring back Roosevelt, so we have at least one guy who is an established top tier guy, but we have tonnes of young talent, and probably more on the neg list. Remember that our neg. list is still probably all CJs' guys.

Anonymous said...

Caleb Holley was a healthy scratch most of last year. Next!

The Rider defensive line is BETTER today than it was last year. Fact!

It is called a salary cap and it is called logic.

Anonymous said...

Josh Stanford signed in BC, too. The receiving corps is going to be almost 100% brand new year over year. Along with a new RB and Spencer Moore gone at FB it'll be a nearly brand new offence. Pretty serious lack of continuity on the offensive side of the ball. Feels like we're starting from scratch which will take some serious time to grow (if they grow at all).

My only hope is that Chris Jones forced McAdoo into an ultra conservative offense and with him out of the picture, McAdoo/Dickenson will build a more exciting and threatening offense.

Football Fan said...

Another thing to remember is that we had a very young receiving corps last year, and it was Collaros' first year with us as well. Evans, JWL, Moore and Cannon were all first year players. This year Evans, Moore and Cannon are back, and long time and star caliber Rider Roosevelt is back too. And Collaros is back, so much more continuity. Of course, at 12-6 last years batch of rookies didn't hurt us much, but the extra year of seasoning and improved chemistry this year should help a lot in any event.

GardenGnome said...

3rd & 1 - very realistic look at things. If you want to correct things, first you have to be realistic about your situation. We can put our head in the sand & say, well, WE didn't put out 700 big ones for Bo. Actually, yes we did & Mitchell said he took less from Calgary after trying to put himself in the offences of the big bidders & couldn't see himself there. In other words, just like you said, a lack of faith.
It's fine to talk about Leonard as the next coming of Willie J but there is a reason he wasn't with the Riders anymore unless you really believe Jones would invest the time into converting a TE to DE so another team could benefit.
Lastly, if it makes you feel good, Anon, talking about all the recivers another team, in this case the Eskimos, lost so how bad is THAT in comparison to the Riders. We lost no one the calibre of Williams, Walker & Mitchell that's true. They lost Zylstra earlier too. If you're a Rider fan & want to take comfort in that they ONLY are left with 2018 CFL East All-Star Ellingson, Stamps #2 receiver Daniels, Stafford, Shaw, Elliott, Collins etc,. great. You may want to do a little homework & look up some stuff on Tevaun Smith they quietly signed. He's big & fast & Canadian. So likely Behar goes back to Ottawa where he played USports. They didn't sign Walker because he wanted to be the highest paid player not a QB & apparently getting his wish in Toronto. You have to make choices. The difference is the Riders have trouble withstanding a loss like Williams-Laubert while teams, especially for eg. like the Stamps, always seem to have guys in the pipeline.
To be fair, I think we have some young talent at WR which could be very good. But credit where it's due. It just MAY be that the Eskimos who signed 3 All-Cdns, the Eastern Most Outstanding Defensive Player along with some other good players did a pretty good job. They were out of the playoffs & losing Reilly so good time to move in a different direction.
Let's also not forget when taking the work of O'Day into account he probably had no control over Jefferson leaving & give him some credit for getting an All-Cdn All-Star in Johnson & Eastern All-Star in Powell. There was no way he was getting one of the Big 3 through no fault of his own but at least he put it all on the table & made Calgary pay a lot more - money not available for some other guys they might want to keep. Nothing to say Collaros is going to be worse than last year. Nobody really better out there once the big 3 were gone. That's something.

Anonymous said...

Brock Sunderland in Edmonton has it right! He ain't in it to win free agency, he's in it to win Grey Cups. Kudos on that thought process.

Anonymous said...

The Rider receiving corps assuming Roosevelt resigns, is pretty well intact from last year, except for Williams Lambert and Holley( who was always a healthy scratch for whatever reason) Still lots of receiving talent out there and I agree with Tim as above, we found Moore, Williams Lambert and Evans at free agent camps. Lots of talent still out there. The only loss that really hurt was Jefferson. Would have liked to see Mitchell or Harris here, but when Collaros is healthy he's on!!! Could have been mop in 2015 if he didnt get hurt.

Old Rider Fan said...

I HOPE it was Jones who forced McAdoo into that offense. A guy like Bridge cannot show his stuff in that circumstance.

Anonymous said...

"when Collaros is healthy he's on!!!" Remember when the Riders got shutout in Winnipeg?

Collaros threw only 9 TDs to 13 INTs...3 of which were returned for touchdowns. Plus 3 lost fumbles. 61% completion percentage.

Everybody wants to develop a QB. Bridge showed promise but faded away. Maybe this is the year we see Fajardo emerge and give us a glimmer of hope.

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!

3RD and 1, dead on statement!

(loud ovation clapping and stomping ala parliament)

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the year the Saskatchewan Roughriders finally wake up and play Nick Marshall full time at QB. Good gracious me, Nick Marshall is the answer to the continued quarterback conundrum taking place. Play Nick Marshall full time at QB you buffoons!!!!

Exasperated Lanny