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Sunday, February 3, 2019


1 - WOW SASKATOON! WOW: The 59th Annual Saskatoon Kinsmen Sports Celebrity Dinner Friday night was one of the greatest events I've ever attended. An Evening With Leafs Legends featuring Wendel Clark, Lanny McDonald, Curtis Joseph, Doug Gilmour and Darryl Sittler was simply awesome and Leafs fans in attendance were beside themselves. The meal - a gigantic hunk of falling-apart beef with roasted carrots and potatoes - was the best sports banquet meal I've EVER had. For years I'd heard what a spectacular event this is, and now I can confirm it for myself.

2 - MORE: Wendel Clark walks on water in Saskatoon. He's simply royalty in that town. That's a little astounding because he only played 2 seasons with the Blades but OMG were they memorable. His stories from his days with the Blades and later with the Toronto Maple Leafs could've filled the entire evening by itself but there were other Leafs greats on the stage who had plenty to say as well. What a great night. We need to get on something this big in Regina.

3 - CUJO: Love the guy. It was awesome to shake his hand, reconnect, and hand deliver his copy of Heart & Soul of the SJHL. I told him he's all over the book and he immediately plunged into it just like everyone else does when they see it for the first time. He's got the most wins by an NHL goaltender in history without a Stanley Cup ring. Yes, I've always been fascinated by Curtis Joseph. He was a goalie in Wilcox and I was a goalie 15 miles away in Milestone at the same time! What a connection. I can't wait to dive into his autobiography in Mexico next week.

4 - JONES'ING: It would seem Chris Jones left this province having won over very few people. The Riders' Brendon Labatte and Charleston Hughes were part of the program Friday night and when MC Glenn Healy asked Labatte about Jones' sudden departure for Cleveland, the crowd started booing. "I guess he left for greener pastures," Blue shrugged, with the boos - and tension - in the room rising rapidly. "He did a lot of great things for this organization. But we're in great hands with Craig Dickenson". And to that, the place erupted into raucous cheers. Dickenson is very popular in the Rider Nation and that support will serve him well.

5 - DO THE CHARLESTON: CFL sack king Charleston Hughes was only on stage for a brief time Friday night but had the crowd in stitches. Regarding Jones, Hughes shrugged as well saying "Everyone in football grows up aspiring to be in the NFL. It's the cream of the crop". Regarding Charleston's innovative sack dance, he told Healy he came up with it while playing with the Philadelphia Eagles and tweaked it when he came to Canada. He calls it "snow-surfing".

6 - GOT THE SHIVERS: Onto other things. When I predicted earlier this week that Jason Shivers (pronounced SHY-Verz) would be the next defensive coordinator of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, I actually forgot he has the most experience on that side of the ball on that staff. In fact, only Dickenson and OC Stephen McAdoo have more CFL experience in that locker room so promoting Shivers makes even more sense. I've talked a lot with him over the years and he's ready. Nothing against Mike Benevides, but bringing in an outside voice could upset the apple cart.

7 - BO KNOWS: The word I'm getting is to not expect Bo Levi Mitchell to sign in the NFL. The reigning CFL MVP is not tickled with the offers he's getting and isn't interested in holding a clipboard on the sidelines. He wants to play. So expect him back in Calgary in 2019.

8 - ALS REBRAND: The Montreal Alouettes unveiled their new logo and new uniforms on Friday but it's being reported franchise face Johnny Manziel missed the event due to the flu. Man, he has the flu a lot. But who cares if he was there? You don't need your best players for a jersey launch. You need a couple mannequins. Have you ever noticed though, that it's always the losing teams who re-brand or threaten to move out of the city (Coyotes, Raiders, Chargers, Rams, etc.)? TRY WINNING and see how that works for ya.

9 - CFL ABROAD: If I had a nickel for everytime somebody's said to me, "Whaddya think of the CFL in Mexico and Germany?" On its surface, I think it's completely cockamamie. However I have so much confidence in Commisioner Randy Ambrosie that I'm more than willing to see how this all plays out. To quote John Frenzy, "He's a winner all the way". And as a former CFL GM pointed out to me this week, if these expansive efforts yield even just one player per team, it's worth it. I understand scouting and personnel enough to know that's true.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS: You used to be able to negotiate with the RCMP over speeding tickets. You know the old, "What's your rush?" as they approach the car. Now, it's all business and they don't care what the excuse is. My bad; I've been nabbed twice on my cross-province trips this winter and it's time to slow down. ... Everyone scoffed at Saskatoon Blades ownership ever since they bought the team from the Brodskys but no one's scoffing now. ... The Saskatchewan Rush have now lost back-to-back games and it's already not sitting well in the Bridge City! Particularly, I'm sure, with ownership. What expectations! ... We've got a few seats left for Sober Bowl II at Famoso for Sunday's Super Bowl. Click here to order yours. ... And then after that we're headed to Mexico on the annual CKRM client trip and we'll be enjoying the annual Rider Party in Puerta Vallarta. Life is good!

Y'er welcome,


Anonymous said...

Any more details about the Rider party in Mexico? I will be in PV at that time.

Rod Pedersen said...

It’s on Feb 6! I’m not sure where. Stay tuned!! I’ll find out.

Anonymous said...

No bo please go!

Russell Cone said...

Sorry Rod. I’ve been a Blade fan my whole life and I’m not convinced of the new owners/management yet. Haven’t made the playoffs in 6 years or
Won a playoff game in 8. I’m concerned that rhw GM was trading draft picks for 19 year olds when this isn’t the year they’ll do a run. That, unless I’m wrong, is next year. I’m still not over the fact that the fired Brockman at the end of last year. Win a playoff round or 2 and maybe then I’ll be convinced. And by the size of crowds this year, I’m not the only skeptic.

Russ from Saskatoon

SWC said...

If Bo Levi gives the NFL the middle finger I will be his biggest fan. A month ago I commented that it was ridiculous that he had to 'work out' to satisfy the egos down there. There's miles of video tape showing what he can do under pressure, yet they treat him like a raw rookie. It's their loss and Canada's gain.

Anonymous said...

You still get to go on the CKRM trip even though you don’t work for them anymore? Gee that’s pretty good!

Could keep on defending Jones but there’s no point anymore. Craig is the guy now and it’s time to unite behind him. Need all of Rider Nation onside for this season.

Gunderson's Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Rod Pedersen was a goalie? That makes sense, accounts for the hairline red tan he sports at the back nape of his neck. All joking aside, heard he was decent.

Go Pats Go


lee said...

check the past line up for the dinner in saskatoon been attending for years its outstanding

3RD and 1 said...

Hey Rod, I’ve been a big fan of your Website from the beginning. I’m glad that you have maintained the site with your resignation from the Sportscage as well as the game day microphone. Man that was a gutsy move! All the best where your new path leads.
I understand you can not discuss what you will be doing in the near future. But my curiosity can’t be helped to ask if you will continue this site once you start you new venture.

Rod Pedersen said...

I see no reason not to continue this website. Thank you for the kind words!


Anonymous said...

Great kinsmen dinner Friday..great guests..great stories..wonderful supper..go rush go another championship this year I think

Anonymous said...

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!! A.B.P.

I found your comment more then Interesting about the RCMP radar love and how they seem to be working hard on their way out! What I don't understand is the Integrated Rural Crime and Traffic Section that the Provincial Govt put together to generate revenue. RPS Traffic Cops strafe southern Sask targeting the elderly when they go for the mail without a seat belt in small towns and worse they target Rider Fans driving in for home games on surrounding highways far out of Regina. How low can you go? There's more, Regina also sends out their Parking Police to ticket Riders fans that park on streets outside Mosaic. I was ticketed for parking 7.8 meters from the street corner when their bylaw from hell states 10 meters. 10 meters is over 30 feet!!!!!! So Rider Fans are contributing to the Mayors Slush Fund. The City of Regina sucks big time when they revenue scalp visiting Fans! Stay tuned Mr. Mayor it's PUSHBACKTIME! It doesn't feel good but I threw my Rider season tickets back. If you are in Rural Sask and you see a City Police Car hacking in your area, please phone your local MLA and complain. This integrated unit doesn't appear to be targeting the hardcore scum that steal trucks and break into farm buildings, they seem to get 'joy' out of ticketing the public that support rural policing. I just don't get it!!!!!!!!

Rod Pedersen said...

Or, I deserved the ticket so I’ll pay it and slow down. Don’t speed, plug the meters, and you’ll be fine.

Jason said...

You don’t get it until you have to go clean up a body or two. Or perhaps worse tell a family member that their loved one has died. Laws are for the lowest common denominator. Wear your seat belt, don’t speed, use your signal and stop at the red light thingy and you will never be bothered by those out there doing work that you don’t have the stomach or fortitude to do.
As far as parking goes....that is and has always been a revenue stream for every municipality. Feel free to park for free at a mall and catch the bus if you go to another game.

SWC said...

4 JONES'ING: It would seem Chris Jones left this province having won over very few people.

That's pretty much the only promise he ever kept.

Anonymous said...

Hey Riderville! Mr Jones sends much love, big hello and peace out from Super Bowl LIII Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Georgia USA. Thoroughly enjoying the new status of big time NFL Executive.