Realty One

Saturday, February 2, 2019


The Montreal Alouettes unveiled their new identity on Friday, culminating with the presentation of the team's new logo and uniform during an event held at the Société des arts technologiques, where players, alumni, staff members, fans and Alouettes' partners, as well as public personalities gathered.

"Taking this step goes well beyond a rebranding exercise; we have defined the identity of the entire organization," said Alouettes President and CEO Patrick Boivin. "This new identity can be summarized in one word: MontreALS. We came to the conclusion that our DNA must reflect Montreal's DNA even more. We intend on better connecting with Montrealers in different areas that define our city such as music, gastronomy, fashion and culture, among other things."

This unveiling is the result of exhaustive work, which started during the Alouettes 2017 training camp, in collaboration with the brand design agency GRDN agency.

"During this process, we met with hundreds of people: players, alumni, employees, fans and partners," declared Sébastien Boulanger, Director of Creativity at GRDN. "It was essential for us to respect the Alouettes rich tradition, while also making this new identity more current and in better alignment with Montreal."


Anonymous said...

Dallas Stars have it right, Minnesota Wild have it right, GREEN is the color.
If only the Saskatchewan Roughriders would follow suit like the Alouettes of Montreal and rebrand ala the Stars and Wild GREEN.
Saskatchewan Roughriders Football
Club currently displaying a flaky sparkly green lime.


FG said...

Stars green??? Pretty sure they're green is the same, if not lighter, than the Riders colours.......


Anonymous said...

1997-99 Vintage Dallas Stars green
Current Minnesota Wild green.
A blend of both for the Riders.
North Eastern College USA has the look down pat.

Riders need to darken their green a bit, currently lime like infused. They should just go back to their original traditional jersey colors/logo, that's the best.

Mr Old School