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Sunday, February 24, 2019


1 - GREY CUP 2020: The CFL really did it up right with Thursday's ground-breaking dual announcement that Saskatchewan will host the Grey Cup in 2020 followed by Hamilton in 2021. That appeases two franchises and must be a massive load off for CFL head office. For us business owners in Regina, it's a HUGE bonanza! Kudos to everyone involved.

2 - EXCEPT THE ALOUETTES: Congratulations to everyone except Montreal, who bid to host a Grey Cup but was snubbed. Some asked where Thursday's announcement leaves the Alouettes but the answer is right in front of your face. The Alouettes are a dumpster fire and changing their logo and jerseys isn't going to change that.

3 - GREY CUP 2013: Heard Sportsnet's Arash Madani saying there's no way the 2020 Grey Cup could top what Saskatchewan did in 2013. WRONG! It'll be bigger and better but ONLY if the Saskatchewan Roughriders are in it. 2013 was the biggest revenue-generating Grey Cup in history but we all know why it was, and it almost entirely came out of the pockets of Saskatchewanians. We were glad to pay it in exchange for the greatest day in Saskatchewan history. Now, could it happen again? More on that in a moment.

4 - THE PRESSURE IS ON: I see all the headlines blaring The Pressure Is On The Riders For 2020 and that's the talk on coffee row too. But here's a newsflash: New Roughriders GM Jeremy O'Day and Head Coach Craig Dickenson are in a massive pressure-cooker right now. Forget about 2020. At the moment their focus is on 2019 and Week 1 of this season. Does J.O. have to keep an eye on 2020? Of course. But this is different than the Regina Pats hosting the Memorial Cup in 2018. The Riders need to be in contention every year or someone will walk the plank.

5 - HAMMERIN' HANK: CFL Hall of Famer-in-waiting and CTV analyst Henry Burris is finding out how much predictions can ruffle feathers. And, like me, he's enjoying it immensely! This week Hank made his 2019 Power Rankings (based on free agency) and they look like this: 1-Winnipeg, 2-Edmonton, 3-BC, 4-Calgary, 5-Saskatchewan. Cue the outrage in the 306! However, at this time, I can't say that I disagree with him. Sorry.

And good on Hank for having the cajones to go out on a limb. You take a lot of shots out there.

In order to avoid criticism you need to say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

No thanks.

6 - J.O. AND DICKIE SHOW: Hopefully O'Day and Dickenson are somehow shielded from the glare of the Rider Nation but I somehow doubt they are. They're both active in this community with varying roots and ties. But they're best off to ignore the comments from people who want to judge their performance after just one month on the job. Particularly O'Day. And Dickenson hasn't even coached a game with this bunch yet! This pair shouldn't be judged until the completion of Year 2 of their regime, which coincides with the 2020 Grey Cup. I know most Rider fans can't or won't wait that long, but I will.

7 - THE BUZZ IN THE LEAGUE: The Grey Cup announcements were a nice distraction for the public from some other really important issues. Football people are wondering WTH is going on in Halifax, and why has the Schooners talk died? Touchdown Atlantic will be played on August 25 between the Alouettes and Argos, but where? And, how much is the salary cap going to go up in 2019 and who's going to be the benefactors? Now with the Grey Cup announcements out of the way, these topics will take centre stage.

8 - CFL 2.0: At Grey Cup in Edmonton, Commissioner Ambrosie was clear that the CFL is in some rough waters but he seems to be captaining the ship out of them. At least, that's what I see. However as far as the global expansion goes, the buzz in the league is that this is an excellent marketing tactic and if it simply results in CFL games being televised in Mexico and Europe, then it's a win. But I'm hearing some of the other leagues and countries aren't big on giving up their best players to Canada. Why would they be?

9 - FEEL THE RUSH: Thoughts from attending Friday's 9-7 Saskatchewan NLL victory over Colorado at SaskTel Centre - 1) How is it that there are still some people who have yet to attend a Rush game? 2) Rush goalie Evan Kirk registered more hits than anybody else on his team! What a sport. 3) Lacrosse looks like a game that's a helluva lot of fun to play. 4) What a great reason to go to Saskatoon. It would've been nice to stay overnight, but we had to get home. The Rush are home again next Saturday.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS: 2 games for McDavid is harsh but he’s had it coming. Take your medicine Edmonton, and move on. ... After watching the Avalanche/Jets on Wednesday night, I'm convinced the Regina Pats would've won the Memorial Cup if Tyson Jost was in their lineup. A 3-0 loss to Acadie-Bathurst in the final wasn't the Pats goalie's fault. And what a dynamic player Jost is! ... What are they doing right in North Battleford? - Robyn Silvernagle, Reuben Mayes, Brett Wilson. ... It's cute Silvernagle is wearing green Hillberg & Berk sparkleball earrings at the Scotties but I'll be more impressed when Naaman Roosevelt wears them in a Rider game! ... Sandra Schmirler is the greatest skip in Canadian female curling history. Period. Don't care what anyone else says.

Y'er welcome,


Anonymous said...

Rod that is proximity bias if you believe that Sandra Schmirler is the greatest ever. She was great but passed too soon. You can't base a best ever on what could have been. History is full of folks who may have been the best ever until circumstance changed their course. You and scruffy are so worried about a local being disrespected. It doesn't lessen what she did at all. No one blames Terry Fox for only running half way across Canada. It doesn't lessen the accomplishment. What the Sandra Schmirler foundation has done (and will do) is her legacy. She was a great curler and her name will not be forgotten. Greatest ever lists are fun to argue about and it is great to talk about what could have been.
In 20 years I think there is a pretty good chance folks are refering to Rachel Hollman as the greatest ever but time and circumstance will tell. Based on titles and medals Sandra Scmirler is not the greatest ever but god I loved to watch her curl and her style changed womens curling.
If folks want to pay tribute to her open your wallet and donate to her foundation or the cancer society and not by banging your head against a wall on a message board (like i have just done)

Bill Salloum said...

5. Have to agree. I see this as a retool year for the Riders, out of the playoffs.
9. I've been to 3 Rush games. Love the sport but it's hard to get tickets in the lower bowl and the music is too loud in the upper level. I won't be back until they turn down the music or build a rink with better acoustics.

Anonymous said...

Of course the wild-card in any prediction are injuries, especially at quarterback. Just ask Brendan Taman.

3RD and 1 said...

Sadly if the Riders do fall from 2nd to 5th in the West and out of the playoffs. I don’t see any rock turned over or any kind of scenario that can be flipped to see the positives in that outcome.
Sadly someone has to be there. Last year is was the EE. Yet this year, after losing undoublty the top QB or 1A QB they should be in a deep hole. But NOPE... with just FA the loss was turned into a big gain. With the Ottawa RB’s being the loser.
With that being said J O needs to find some help on the Riders O-Line. As well as the LB core has taken a hit. My biggest concern is we paid Collaros WAY too much money again. Up front and guaranteed salary amounting to $430K is ridiculous. I can’t believe J O didn’t make his contract on games played and performance. Collaros can sit in IR and collect the exact same pay. Too me that contract is almost foolish. I’m sure Rod could have some good insight as to why Jeremy would give Collaros a guaranteed contract.
A desperate EE GM took the money he was paying Reilly and was able to sign a really good QB an excellent Receiver. Probably still had enough left over for a rookie or 2.
What we are paying Zack for the worst offence in the league is beyond comprehensible?????

Todd P said...

HAHA the Riders will NOT be in the 2020 Grey Cup!!
They will not be in the playoffs in 2019 either.

Todd P.

Anonymous said...

Team ownership in Montreal spurned, not acknowledge in Cup bid.
Heard - private ownership and its money thinking goodbye CFL.

Anonymous said...

Just taking Henry's prediction a step further, it is certain that Calgary would then cross-over to the east division into the play-offs. Therefore 2019 is probably the year that has a high probability of an all-west Grey Cup. Lets say Winnipeg vs Calgary, with Calgary becoming the visiting team from the east for a game in Calgary. The Bomber's Matt Nichols sitting at Bo Levi's locker and Bo Levi over in the visitor's locker room. This is what makes the CFL special.

Anonymous said...

Sandra Schmirler "IS NOT the Greatest Skip Ever, but if you believe that good on you . Stats don't lie and Jennifer Jones has every medal and records to prove it. Sandra Schmirler's Rink was voted the best ever and I can go along with that probably because I, as you do live in Saskatchewan. It would be interesting to see what other newspapers would have to say about this , like Winnipeg Free Press , Edmonton Journal and all other cities . I'm sure there would be different opinions from each City.

Rod Pedersen said...


Larry Schwentke said...

Rod if you haven't been to Deja Vu for their wings you best go there. a huge selection of flavours and also more than 50 different flavours of milkshakes.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is rating Winnipeg a little too high. I think Edmonton will be last and riders 4th and crossover. Still think we're a better team then last year. Defence is better and offence will be opened up. Injuries will play a big roll in the west this year. Look the salary cap is hitting bc already and the season hasn't started. Calgary and Edmonton will have the same issue.

GardenGnome said...

3rd & 1 good, realistic comments. The sad fact is, at this time, we have the same QB on offence minus Bridge who may or may not be worse than Fajardo. We have the same receivers with Roosevelt & the young backups minus Williams-Lambert & plus Arcenaux who may or may not be healthy & ready for the season opener. So in fact we may or may not be worse on offence but no better. Powell is an upgrade & a good addition. In short, on offence we are, barring further developments, going to be run heavy with a short passing game thrown in as was the case last year. On defence we exchanged one player who may or may not have been the best player in the league for another who may or may not have been the best player in the league. But we also lost Eguavoen who was likely the best player behind Jefferson & Hughes. We also lost our most versatile player in Antigha. That pretty much sums it up. To me, right now, with the comings & goings of players we look pretty much like last year's team. As far as Sunderland goes, I don't think he was a desperate GM at all. He was dismissed on social media for allowing teams to talk to Reilly unless there was some compensation coming over. In fact it was a brilliant move as he knew where Reilly was going before free agency opened & could go aggressively to Plan B instead of getting into a battle over Reilly. Toronto's heated battle for Bo Levi left them out of the free agent hunt until the following day so they missed out on some of the bigger names. That's exactly what you want to avoid. I have to agree with Henry & Rod at this point. Lots can still happen though.

3RD and 1 said...

HaHa Todd? What’s with that?
You just come on here to immediately start chucking darts. I’m really curious what guys like yourself get out of that? Really?
No body on here or in Riderville is suggesting they are anywhere near a Grey Cup team in 2019. However a teams competitiveness can be flipped in a single year in the CFL.
If the Riders were given a Nickle for every time some competitive teams fan (Especially Bomber’s) went on social media a predicted last place finishes. Or even that the sky is falling. The Green & White would have so much more money than they already have.
I remember 2013 on TSN how every non Rider fan gave them less than a zero chance of winning a Grey Cup. Hell some even predicted a 1 win season.
The facts are simple. No body has a clue about anything when it comes to this 9 team League. Example... 2014 the Riders are flying high after the 2013 GC victory at home. Cory Sheets on the Oakland Raiders IR list. The Riders sitting a 8-2 and everything looks solid to repeat. Then out of nowhere, a loud crowd, the whistle had blown, the play was dead yet not everybody heard the whistle and DD’s throwing arm was hit like a sledge hammer coming down full force. In that moment on that field both DD’s life and the 2014 Riders team would never be the same. DD gone for the year. The Riders only won 2 of the last 8 games.
The Riders will be competitive in 2019 but no where near a GC Contender. However Jeremy Oday was in the office in 2013 when SK built a GC team. So everybody with any kind of football knowledge. Meaning more football education Todd. Would agree that GM Jeremy O’Day and Head Coach Craig Dickenson will have the proper players in place to make a run at it. With a Young team President in Craig Reynolds and a newer team member in Assistant General Manager Paul Jones. Paul is an incredible scout as that was his job the last 20 years and he was the top scout in Edmonton.
I see growing pains for the 1st year in 2019 Then I see nothing but positive really good things for 2020.

SWC said...

Rod, it's sure a lot easier to agree with your football thoughts since you freed yourself of that gag order you were on. Good on ya!!!

Anonymous said...

3RD and 1,

Curious, where did you learn that Collaros will be making $430,000 in guaranteed salary for the 2019 season???

Anonymous said...

A certain Heisman Trophy winner will be landing in Saskatchewan.

Claire Voyant

Anonymous said...

Bridge is reportedly signing with the Argos. Expect a backup QB to be announced very soon. Wonder if Franklin is available for a trade? Maybe a new start in the west is just what the doctor ordered? Interesting times.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the $430,000. I thought it was an incentive based deal depending on games played.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what is more ridiculous- the Riders offering Collaros a contract or Collaros playing putting his life/health in danger. The Riders should not only finish last in the west but possibly last in the whole league. I know its only Feb but this is a very bad team on paper!!!

Anonymous said...

Heard your interview on TSN Hamilton this week. Its good to see the real Rod Pedersen come out with his thoughts. The fact you were being neutered by whoever (guessing it was Reynolds) was nauseating.

I hope your replacement (who I pray to god isn't Ballsy) is allowed to speak his mind.


Anonymous said...

To those of you whose tails are in a knot about what Zach Collaros is being paid -- He is reportedly getting $310,000 guaranteed money; incentives could take it over $400,000.

Read it here, everything is outlined in detail:

Leanne M.