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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


REGINA - Saskatchewan Roughriders coach/GM Chris Jones is leaving the CFL team to take a coaching job with the NFL's Cleveland Browns.

The move comes one week after Jones signed a one-year extension with the Roughriders, taking him through the 2020 season.

However, the deal reportedly contained an out clause if Jones landed an NFL job.

"We are proud of what Chris came in and accomplished through his three seasons as general manager and head coach,'' Riders president and CEO Craig Reynolds said in a statement. "His work obviously didn't go unnoticed and we congratulate him on his opportunity in the National Football League and thank him for his contribution to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.''

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Jones signed his extension with the Roughriders after Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported at least two NFL teams had "done extensive research'' on the veteran CFL coach.

New Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens does have a connection with Jones. The latter was a graduate assistant with the Alabama Crimson Tide during Kitchens's final year as a quarterback with the NCAA team in 1997.

Jones, a 51-year-old native of South Pittsburgh, Tenn., joined the Roughriders in December 2015, one week after guiding the Edmonton Eskimos to the Grey Cup as head coach.

The Riders steadily improved under Jones, registering five, 10 and 12 regular-season wins in each of his three seasons with the franchise. He was named CFL coach of the year in 2018 after a 12-6 season, but the Roughriders lost the West Division semifinal against the visiting Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Jones came to the CFL in 2002, taking a job as defensive line coach of the Montreal Alouettes. He moved up to defensive co-ordinator the following year and stayed in that role until taking the same job with the Calgary Stampeders in 2008.

The Toronto Argonauts hired Jones as defensive co-ordinator and assistant head coach in 2012. He stayed there for two years before becoming head coach of the Eskimos in 2014.

Jones has won four Grey Cups as a coach.
The Roughriders will become the fourth CFL team with a new head coach for the 2019 season. Corey Chamblin of the Argos, DeVone Claybrooks of the B.C. Lions and Orlondo Steinauer of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are the others.

The Roughriders did sign assistant vice-president of football operations Jeremy O'Day through 2020 earlier this month. Paul Jones joined the organization as the assistant GM with a two-year deal while director of football administration Mike Davis and football operations co-ordinator Jordan Greenly also both return.

"We are fortunate to have many quality football leaders and coaches on our staff,'' Reynolds said. "We will evaluate and will look to fill the vacancy quickly.''

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Brady Y said...

Well there u go all the jack-wagons who hated him for the last 3 years can sit and watch Reilly go to BC and the Riders fall back out of the Playoffs. But hey they have what they want now so this will shut them up.

Tim said...

Two words. Marc Restman

JackD83 said...

He came in the same way he went out. What did anyone really expect?

@mrt_man said...



Mike Stackhouse said...

Bang on comment. Get your popcorn ready for fans backpedalling .

Unknown said...

It will be very interesting how this unfolds. Now we start all over again. We have no consistency. Good teams have this. I understand people move on to better themselves, but I feel our CFL is sliping. I enjoy football. I support the riders as best that I can. Lets hope Jeremy can pull a rabit out of his.


Gainer is my Hero said...

Lapo, come on over!

SWC said...

"Moderate suc
cess", so where's all the comments from the "In Jones we trust" crowd?

Steve said...

MCAdoo days are done now for the Riders for sure. It may appear the CFL is in disaray coaching wise.
But the NFL is worse!!!
And it shows ALOT.

Lori Hutchison Hunter said...

Good riddance!

Clay Paget said...

I see where not many Jones haters are commenting on Jones departure.
As for McAdoo I have never been a fan of his, so if whoever comes in as HC they may not need him.
Marc Tressman would be a good choice but the club has to move fast with the free agency fast approaching.
Clay P

w said...

Three years of not being able to win big games is nothing to celebrate.

Harley Man! said...

I’m sorry to see him go. I enjoyed the excitement over the last couple of years. I was hoping that this year would be the year for another Grey Cup. Now we start over again.

Unknown said...

The next Rider head coach will be Richie Hall.

Randolph Charles said...

And so ends the Don Matthews 2.0 era. Similar in that he took a floundering team and brought it to a level of respectability, (or mediocrity, depending on how you look at it) and then left. The sad part is that I believe that there are head coaches/ GM's out there that could have accomplished what he did and still appealed to the community aspect of a team like the Roughriders. (Ken Miller comes to mind) This should be kept in mind when Jones comes calling again, when he miles out in the NFL

Harley Man! said...

Marc Trestman

Steve said...

What is everyone opinion about Craig Dickenson being named Head Coach as well as still being the Head Special Teams coach.
He has almost been exclusively a CFL coach of Special Teams. Coached under some of the best CFL HCs during his time.
At 47 yrs old he is still young & surely has an understanding of how the CFL works.
MCadoo is a good position coach as an Olineman. But not an OC.
Cutting both Jones & Mcadoos contract should open the cap to find an offensive QB minded OC.
As Well as a CFL DC whether it be a veteran or younger guy who knows the CFL being promoted from somewhere who has been an experienced & succefull defensive position coach.
The Riders could hire a young asst Special Teams coach that can be groomed under Dickenson

Steve said...

Jones philosophy was let the defense win games. Have a conservitive offense & dont let them mess up.Hense why McAdoo was always his hire as OC.
Reminds me of how Buddy Ryan ran the Eagles in the NFL as the HC.
& he blantently came out & just said that.