Realty One

Sunday, January 6, 2019


Join CFL Coach Paul Lapolice, Sober Coach & Interventionist Rod Pedersen, Mental Game Coach Shayne McGowan and Nutrition Coach Jacques Delorme at the Champion Your Own Success conference in Winnipeg, MB on Saturday, March 16/2019.

At this cutting-edge event, each coach will speak for 45 minutes on their field: Leadership & Perseverance, Substance Abuse Prevention, Mental Strength and Nutrition (all pillars of the sports industry). The day will also feature a luncheon and Q&A period.

Young athletes and their familes are invited to the event (10:00 AM - 4:00 PM) at the Clarion Hotel & Suites. The fee is only $50 per person and families are encouraged to attend.

This ground-breaking program will help you get a leg up over your competition in the pursuit of athletic excellence, and in life.

Space is limited and tickets are going fast!

For more info or to register, click here:


Bill Fuller said...

Once again I stress that there are so very few comments on here anymore that it has become very boring. Open it up again and let people have some fun. Boring or uncalled for comments are better than NO comments. Check out all the blogs on here no one comments anymore and therefore probably are not even reading what is being said.
Come on Rod open up and lets get some fun into it again.

fannotacoach said...

Good luck with your mission guys!
In answer to Bill, yes comments do add to the spice of the articles however there are a few who fail to understand common decency and get personal and ugly with their comments. 3D quit the comments totally due this and I understand their reasoning. Grown ups that cannot moderate themselves do not deserve an open playing field to say what they like and spoil it for those that like to have a little fun and exchange views and witticisms.

SWC said...

All 3D had to do was block one idiot from Calgary. Problem solved.

fannotacoach said...

They blocked him and he came back with another alias over and over. A couple of comments and you knew who he was but monitoring goofs like that is a full time job nobody wants.