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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


1 - THE HEAD COACH: Chris Jones leaving Saskatchewan for the NFL's Cleveland Browns has seemingly flipped the entire CFL on its head. Indeed, no one saw it coming but we should be used to that by now in Riderville. As was noted here Sunday, the logical choice as the next head coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders remains their current Special Teams coordinator, Craig Dickenson. No one has shown me an adequate reason yet why not.

2 - PERMISSION DENIED: It's odd that Ottawa and Winnipeg would deny the Riders permission to speak with offensive coordinators Jaime Elizondo and Paul LaPolice, respectively, but that is their right. Perhaps the RedBlacks and Bombers felt those interviews would merely be window dressing so why waste the time? To use "timing" as an excuse is simply that; an excuse. Marc Trestman was hired by Toronto in March of 2017 and filled out his staff within days. They went on to win a Grey Cup. As for LaPolice reportedly being upset about the denial, the Bombers are likely gambling he'll get over it.

3 - RIDERS DUPED?: The notion that Saskatchewan was duped by Chris Jones is a silly one. Hiring him in December of 2015 produced the desired results -- consistent growth and the franchise is in a FAR better spot now than it was then. It was the right move at the time. The best course of action right now is to accept the situation as it is, and keep moving forward.

4 - HE SAID IT: Regarding Sunday's wild NFL Conference Championship games, famed Broadcast News commentator Chris Mayberry put it best on Twitter saying: "So, a Super Bowl between a team that shouldn't be playing against a team everyone is tired of seeing. Swell." It was a rather red-faced day for The Shield.

Meanwhile it’s hilarious to see people raging about how imperfect the NFL’s OT rule is. It seems these people never never knew what it was in the first place, which means their opinion doesn’t carry much weight. The CFL has the NFL beat in OT format and Pass Interference video review.

5 - OFFICIATING: The reason I celebrated the end of Sunday's NFC  title game with a blown call deciding LA's 26-23 victory over New Orleans is simple: I once saw NHL referee Kerry Fraser say in an interview that he's never decided a game with his whistle. I threw a shoe at the TV when I saw that, knowing otherwise, but referees continue to stick to that mantra. But now WE HAVE PROOF that it happens. I generally take the refs' side knowing full well that they're all great guys, they're human, and mistakes occur. But don't try to tell me that referee calls don't *sometimes* dictate the outcomes of games.
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6 - SUPER BOWL PREDICTION: So it's the New England Patriots against the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII on February 3 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The Pats have opened as 2-point favourites. Over the next two weeks everyone will be making their predictions so here's mine: New England will romp to a double digit victory over the upstart Rams. It's like the legendary fable about the Old Bull and the Young Bull. Tom and Bill aren't dead yet but the story of the Rams - and where they were before the emergence of Sean McVay and Jared Goff - should give every struggling franchise some hope if they only hire and draft well.

7 - BOMBERS #1: Winnipeg broadcasters Troy Westwood and Jim Toth finally got me to concede last week on TSN 1290 Radio that the Blue Bombers are the CFL West Division frontrunners at the moment. With every other team in the conference in a state of flux at the QB position, Winnipeg currently has a leg up. But I'll remind you that IT'S JANUARY!

8 - B.T.: Of the many messages I received last week regarding my announcement of stepping away from Rider Radio after 20 seasons in the booth, one meant more than all the rest. It was a very nice note from former Rider GM Brendan Taman. I thought he hated me! It was real nice to share a laugh with B.T. and reconnect. I never thought he deserved to be fired in the first place! However he loyally tied himself to head coach Corey Chamblin which should tell you all you need to know about one Brendan Taman.

9 - ESPN: This is why I have The World Wide Leader In Sports piped into my house. It's mind-boggling that in 2019 I would turn on my TV on a Monday morning hoping to get a coffee table discussion about the blown call in the Rams-Saints game, the GOAT-ness of Tom Brady and even the high stick on Connor McDavid, but find it NOWHERE on Canadian television. Just reruns from the night before of SportsCentre and Sportsnet Connected. We've already watched the games and seen the highlights! We want analysis. There's room on TSN, Sportsnet or Sportsnet 360 for a live morning show, sort of like a guy's version of The View. Y'er welcome.

10 - WHAT'S NEXT: In this transition time for me, there will still be plenty of coverage of the local sports scene on this blog and on my social media feeds. There's an exciting new opportunity on the horizon but it will be weeks, maybe months, before an announcement is made. Until then, THANK YOU for all of the support and keep it right here for all the latest news and analysis!



Anonymous said...

Hey Rod, any thoughts to doing your own weekly podcast while you’re in between jobs? The Cage was so popular because of your unique personality and views on the sports world. Guaranteed the listenership would be through the roof. And best part, no filter so can say what you want!


Joan M. said...

We will really miss you on Sports Cage and broadcasting the Roughrider games, but wish you all the best for future endeavors. J.M.

Brady Y said...

Only Jones haters like that donkey from a local radio station....I wont say his name let's just call him D. DAVIS...wait that is too obvious Darrel D...are claiming the Riders were duped. Anyone with an IQ above eleventeen realizes this is a huge opportunity for Jones and should be happy for him.

Anonymous said...

O'Day needs to fill the gap at head coach until things sort themselves out, team contracts,league business. 21 years of service with Roughriders, he's got to have the answers to the teams woes even if it's short term appointment.

Anonymous said...

Davis is a card carrying member of the Old Boys Club. They’ve had it out for Jones since day one as they despise anyone who is an outsider. Just ask Roy.

Anonymous said...

In o’day we trust —- we sure now know who we can’t trust.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Carm. Ya

Enigma said...

You got a guy who wants to live his Montana dream in the off season and certainly won't be on the town hall circuit in the winter, Won't be in the city or living in the city. You got some people who want a life long part time football guy as their HC even suggestions of convenience, safe bet, liked by some players, stop gap measure or whatever. It's the Saskatchewan way. Take the least likely guy to succeed and enjoy enduring failure. Had we taken a mediocre football guy to run this club three years ago we would still be loaded with overpaid non performers and likely still trying to get to .500. It's the Saskatchewan way. So many enjoy losing far too much to understand winning. This team is now near elite with having won 12 games. Sadly there are some out there who still yearn for the sad sack days, and they are truly

O'Day is inheriting a football club infinitely better than the one Jones took over a few years ago. He has learned much more knowledge than he had and better positioned to be a good GM. He's not going to hire a "stop gap" coach. That's what a loser would do. He will hire the guy that has the most quality experience and give him the best chance of winning. Having a staff in place doesn't mean much to the incoming coach because he wouldn't have enough time to establish his own group in such a short time. Some of the current coaches will leave in time and some will be drawn away to better opportunities. Those are the opportunities that so many out there don't want them to take. Losers often don't want others to succeed or take a better job. They think Saskatchewan Roughriders are the alpha and omega of football. Get a passport and travel perhaps! The Riders has lost a lot of talent to the NFL and that speaks to the great job Jones did, and it hurt the team's talent pool. I guess we're better off with lesser talent as long as they might buy a home and live here.

If the Riders hire McAdoo the fans will be upset. If the Riders hire Dickenson then MacAdoo will be unhappy. Nobody on our coaching staff is good enough or proven enough to be our HC. Loyalty to Jones isn't a criteria for a hire. O'Day is smart enough to know that he inherited a 12 win football club and has a great opportunity here. He's not going to take the chance and blow it on a stop gap measure or to soothe ego's of current coaches. The current coaches can get on board or hand in their resignation.

Anonymous said...

Durant for hc, dressler for oc, and John chick for dc. Book it. Take all the time you need .

Anonymous said...

Yeah reporter DD really looked like an idiot with some of his columns. Never really payed much attention too him anyway.

Those excited about Jones leaving or taking shots at him for leaving are the haters that never liked him anyways. 5 wins, 10 wins, 12 wins. He’s set us up for success this year. It all comes down on who the new coach finds for a QB.

I like Dicky as the head coach. Our staff is in place so let’s promote from within. It’s what the Stamps do...and they have had a little bit of success lol.

Randy Durovick said...

If the NFL wanted to get things back on track and restore confidence in the game - they would implement the rule of allowing pass interference calls to be reviewable for the upcoming Feb.3rd Super Bowl Game. Why wait until the off season for the Teams to huddle around the board table and make a decision that every Team wants implemented NOW!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, if Jeremy O'Day is all that they say he is, he with the Roughriders culture, the 21 year Roughriders service. You'd think he'd have a plan moving forward, maybe he would appoint himself interim one season "stop gap" head coach to coinside with rest of "coaching staff and their 1 year contracts". Maybe, just maybe he's the wrong guy anything Roughriders. He's certainly off on the wrong foot interfering with other CFL teams contractual personnel and causing dissension within the league.


Anonymous said...

Ed, interviewing people under contract to improve their position is not interfering or tampering or causing dissension around the league. What are you a Rider hater?

Anonymous said...

Ed, how is O'Day interfering?? He followed the rules asked for permission to interview Lapoloice & Elizonda and was denied end of story. If anyone can be accused of interfering it could be Winnipeg and Ottawa for denying their staff an opportunity for advancement and
the Riders a head coach.

Anonymous said...

What don't you understand of a legal signed binding contract?
Blue Bombers, REDBLACKS organizations had the foresight to protect their business interests with no outs as others (*Roughriders) should learn to do. (JONES)!