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Wednesday, January 30, 2019


1 - HERE'S WHAT I THINK: Craig Dickenson was Jeremy O'Day's first and only choice to be head coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, for all the reasons I laid out here last week before it happened. Sure it looked like O'Day shopped around by asking for permission to speak with others - leading pundits to believe Dickenson wasn't Option A - but in the end, Dickenson was the clear, and only, choice. That's also why I think the Bombers and RedBlacks denied permission; because they gambled the Riders were going to hire in-house all along. Just my $0.02.

2 - THE D.C.: Dickenson's first big decision will be to name his defensive coordinator and that shouldn't take long. The coaching staff is congregating this weekend, and I'd be shocked if we didn't hear an announcement within a week's time. My pick? Jason Shivers. He's been the secondary coach with this staff for quite some time, is an excellent coach, and it's a logical progression. However Mike Benevides and Gary Etcheverry are available as well. I just don't know how much room Dickenson has with the current staff limitation imposed by the CFL.

3 - NOW FOR A QB: In conversation with a CFL-type over the past few days, he noted that Dickenson isn't walking into a good situation given the fact Saskatchewan doesn't have a top-flight QB on its roster. I shot back that this would be the case for whomever took the job, and now that position becomes the most-important signing for Canada's Team. If they get their guy, Dickenson's job becomes that much easier. If they don't, Dickie has plenty of more work to do. But there's no reason not to be optimistic about the Riders heading into 2019.

4 - JONES'ING: Like many, I have a tough time believing Chris Jones was looking for any road out of Saskatchewan but 3DownNation's Justin Dunk has an impeccable track record with his insider reporting. Through all of this madness - and Jones' departure to Cleveland - one notion keeps rattling around in my head: "You've gotta do what's best for you". The mantra "All For One, One For All" is a nice rallying cry and makes for cute locker room posters, but that's just not the way it is in pro sports anymore. Or society.

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5 - SUPER BOWL LIII THOUGHTS: The coaches news conference Monday evening proved the changing of the guard in pro football -- New England's Bill Belichick was in his best suit while L.A.'s Sean McVay was in jeans. Can we meet in the middle and wear a pair of khakis and a golf shirt? ... I stand by my prediction that the Patriots will win this one by double digits, particularly after the Rams' Nickell Robey-Coleman started running his mouth, trash-talking Tom Brady. Forehead-smack. ... Rhianna turned down performing at halftime out of support for Colin Kaepernick and now Maroon 5 - who WILL perform at halftime - cancelled their pregame news conference to avoid a scene. How gross it is when politics interferes with sports.

6 - SUPER BOWL BROADCAST TEAM: Jim Nantz and Tony Romo will broadcast Sunday's NFL championship game on CBS. Nantz is the gold standard but it took me awhile to come around on Romo's commentary. I didn't know what to think initially because he's smashed the mold set by hundreds of colour commentators who've come before him. But, as a Cowboys fan, I wish he was as good at predicting defensive coverages when he actually played for Dallas, rather than now that he's in the booth.

7 - GO PATS GO: The Regina Pats have found their goaltender. His name is Dean McNabb. ... Prior to Tuesday's 5-2 loss to Calgary, Pats fans were buzzing on the Brandt Centre concourse that they're excited about the future of this team. Friday's 4-0 home win over Brandon was tabbed, "The best game of the year". The Queen City Kids are taking their lumps right now, but I suspect their playoff hiatus will only last for one year. .... As one WHL scout said to me this week in Safeway, "The Pats are still packing the barn". Good on ya Regina. ... Whose decision was it to do away with nachos at the concession? I can't go along with this. ... I've got nowhere else to put this so I'll put it here: The Hockey Canada and Hockey Regina initiative to go with half-ice for novice hockey is quite simply the stupidest idea since Fox TV's glowing puck in the 90's. How are kids supposed to learn how to skate??????

8 - RON MACLEAN: Got a nice note from Hockey Night In Canada icon Ron MacLean this week saying he's enjoying our book Heart & Soul of the SJHL. Swift Current will host Scotiabank Hockey Day In Canada on Saturday, February 9 and Ron plans to feature the book as part of the festivities. I can't thank him enough!

9 - BELL LET'S TALK: Wednesday, January 30 is Bell Let's Talk Day across Canada in which the telecommunications giant will pour millions into the Mental Health effort. Some in the Addictions field are scoffing at the gesture, saying Bell doesn't spend a nickel on Addiction (which is a mental illness), but I applaud Bell for its initiative. Let's just remember that this is a 365-day problem, not just a one-day celebration. But it's better than nothing.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS: Moose Jaw, SK has rebranded itself as "Canada's Most Notorious City". Sure, why not. ... The Kootenay Ice moving to Winnipeg is a tragedy only for the 1,500 people who went to the games in Cranbrook. It's heartbreaking when a city loses its team, but see Point #4. ... Saw TSN 1260 Edmonton's Dustin Nielsen asking his Twitter followers why the love-in with Kelly McCrimmon as the next GM of the Oilers? The reason is simple: 2 WHL titles on McCrimmon's watch with the Brandon Wheat Kings (1996, 2016) and a perennial contender. As Kelly noted, business in the NHL is pretty much the same as business in the WHL (x 1,000,000). ... One-and-a-half thumbs up from the MMG for the Mathew McConnaughey flick Serenity, now playing in theatres. I was impressed, but my family wasn't. The plot line is a little thin but I enjoyed being able to mentally spend 90 minutes on a boat in Florida with big Matt. Who's kidding who? I just enjoy the popcorn and the best hotdogs in town, at Southland Cineplex.

Y'er welcome,


SWC said...

There's a time and place to do what's best for you. That time and place isn't a week after signing an extension.

Rod Pedersen said...

No there isn't!

You're never going to get over this!


Travis said...

So if we keep Shivers on at DC does that give us the opportunity to bring on a new OC? Maybe Diniwiddie or Mueller?

Rod Pedersen said...

Perhaps it means another DB coach needs to be hired.


Rudyman said...

I think most would agree that to advance yourself in your chosen career, you need to work harder, take on more responsibilities. So if an opportunity came that opened the door to more advancement, less responsibility, most likely not have to work as much, and the pay is the same would you say no because "I signed onto a contract" before I knew this opportunity was available?
People need to give their heads a shake.
Now add to that that your boss was one of the leaders in getting a cap on your advancement, and forced you to take a 10% pay cut. Would you still not want the position that had more opportunity?

No, some believe you should take what you have and live with it. Never to better yourself. They get all bitter because some people do better, get better and be better.

If your happy being loyal in your dead end job working for you boss who is working against you, good for you.

I think the problem is you, not Chris Jones.

Rod Pedersen said...

This ^^^^.

Sadly it's a common way of thinking around here.


@mrt_man said...




Rod Pedersen said...

You may be right on the popcorn thing.

Anonymous said...

If Winnipeg and Ottawa knew that Dickenson was going to be hired, why deny an employee an opportunity to make a career move that is a step up, nothing to lose if your theory is correct. All they did is piss off the employee, why stay with an organization that is going to limit your opportunities?
McNabb has shown good potential, what happened to Paddock?

Anonymous said...

When an extension is agreed to and signed is completely different from when you hear about it.

My sources say Jones extension was signed in mid December but not announced until his staff was signed under the new cap.

And his contract ALWAYS had an out clause. This wasn't something new added in.

joe bunyawk said...

Maybe Jovon Johnson would be a candidate to take over the defensive backs as a coach and Shivers gets the bump up to coordinator...JJ seems to have expressed some interest in coaching...just to throw a name out there...

Anonymous said...

In other CFL news, Bowser, Drummond, Leblanc, dreamers on someone else's dime. Maritime Football not happening if others don't pony up. If one reads between the lines, Ambrosie backpedaling a bit on Schooners football timeline with variable excuses. He best should be working on more immediate league concerns like helping kickstart CBA negotiations.

Glen G

Anonymous said...

When the Jones announcement was first made, like many, I was furious since I was a Jones supporter since day 1. First at Jones, then at Rider management for allowing a clause in his contract that could put the team in such a vulnerable position. Seeing the moves since though, I feel a lot better. The general consensus is O'Day was 100% the right man for the GM role. The general consensus seems to be Dickenson was the only logical choice for Head Coach. If Shivers is promoted to DC, I think most would be accepting of that as well, and in my opinion, none of this plays out much different if it took place 2 months earlier in November instead of January. Long story short - it appears the Rider management had proper succession planning in place which is the sign of a successful management team. A lot of good men got to advance their career, and the Riders remain a strong organization that promotes career development and thus continues to attract top talent. I think the team will be as strong as ever so bring on the 2019 season!

Anonymous said...

I think the assistant should have had a clause in favour of the Riders stating that if the head coach leaves, we can let his assistant coaches go without financial penalty. For example, McAdo was Chris Jones choice, not ours. Now we are stuck with him and the receiver’s and quarterbacks’s coaches too.

Anonymous said...

A few things:

1) The time and place to do what is right for you is the minute and second of everyday. When you take care of your side of the street which many of us fail to do until we deteriorate mentally and physically then maybe if we're lucky a light bulb goes off. Work hard, do the job, when it's time for a change it's time for a change an nobody is owed an explanation period. With Chris Jones as if he would turn down and opportunity at 51 years of age to go to the big show. Put it this way he can always go back to the CFL.

2) When your employer caps your salary, and tells you to take a pay cut and was the one advocating for that cap, when wins and losses drive revenue.......your employer just told you what he thinks of your value.

3) Read the paper about SaskTel workers thinking they are treated unfair......I flipped and went SaskParty/PC and I honestly pray next election privatization is on the agenda and that company along with the Casino gets the old for sale sign up.

4) When an employer says all for one one for all.....sign over your mortgage and utilities to him and he can assume that responsibility if he isn't then onward and upward.

SkPensFan said...

You point about half ice is absolutely absurd. Its about skill development, skating included. Full ice means the 1 kid that can skate better than the rest just gets the puck and skates the entire length of the ice. Not good for developing any skills. The more puck touches for everyone, the better. It's worked great for US hockey. And has always worked great for soccer. Stop supporting things for the simple reason that it's always been that way. Look for the best way, regardless of history.

Matt said...

All right ..all right...all right ...

Anonymous said...

Today's Prediction: Mike Reilly will become a BC Lion again. Ricky Ray will become an Edmonton Eskimo again.

Russell Cone said...

MacAdoo will be the OC to start this season. I want to see what he can do with A) A better receiving corp and B) A healthy starting QB. A is the key, IMO.

He was the OC when the Riders had 35 TD passes with Kevin Glenn and Brandon Bridge.

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rod but you are 100% wrong with respect to the half ice Novice initiative. Name another sport where 7 + 8 year olds play on the same field as the pros do. Soccer does not play on a full field at the young ages. Baseball does not play on a full size diamond at young ages. Basketball does not use a 10 foot net at young ages. RMF plays cross field at the young ages.

Half ice at young age group is for skill development.


Anonymous said...

haha, looks like Obama is back with the "A few things "


IMAGIRL said...

Rod, I know you read these here goes.

The Chris Jones announcement came out a day or 2 within you leaving your position.

Which leads one to believe you are going where he is?

Inquiring minds want to know.....

Anonymous said...

Another thing:

Re the half ice thing for Novice. I am glad my son made it through Midget hockey and I am so away from Hockey parents.

When I laced my son's skates up in Novice and maybe it's playing in Gray/Milestone and the small town hockey mentality, but if he heard it once he heard it 10 times - you want the puck you get your a$$ in gear and go after it. Skill doesn't = HEART.

As he progressed through the divisions if he heard it once he heard it 10 times, "You don't slow down for anyone period" and/or "If anyone is upset you are scoring BLEEP them."

Hockey and how kids are coddled is no longer my business. Mine did well, continues to do well and learned the lesson minor sports are supposed to teach. They are to teach if you want something in life you go after it period - the same effort going after a puck is the same skill you need to sit in an office and get a job and the same effort you need to go ask a girl out - the guys that learn to play and live with jam are the guys that go places.

....the rest of the kiddies can get fair play, touch the puck, get through it and learn life is not fair.

Y'er Welcome
O....meh let's go with Jerry;)

Hope you're well Rod, down the road when my house is cleaned up I'll be reaching out to do the right thing. For now all the best and peace.

Dean said...

The Colin Kaepernick story is troubling for me.

Good on those big name performers turning the NFL down.

The owners and the president made it more political than it had to be.

Colin Kaepernick isn't good enough to backup any team in the NFL?

I'm glad the Riders are publicly owned team. I' d really have a hard time cheering for a team owned by some rich SOB.

Its BS. I hope is the lowest watched super bowl in history.

Anonymous said...

Bring back CARM. !!!!!

Tim from Kansas said...

Hi Rod, I really enjoy the comments being re-activated.

I know there's going to be a few nut job statements, but that aside, in a 1 minute read, we all get the sentiment / various points of view from the whole province. This is great.

This makes people come back several times a day, and thanks for that.

Tim from Kansas said...

Regarding quarterbacks, I think the game is evolving away from "defense wins championships". In 2019, quarterbacks win championships.

There are probably 50+ Division 1 quarterbacks graduating this year, and 50 more available who have spent time on NFL practice rosters. Jeremy O'Day needs to find 3 good ones that have the skill set to play Canadian football. It just old fashion hard work. Young quarterbacks like Russell Willson Cam Newton Baker Mayfield Mahomes Wentz Goff and more are proving that young guys can be successful and they don't bust your salary cap.

If young quarterbacks can play in NFL they can also play in Canada. I know CFL vets have a proven track record but why pay $600k for a 34+ guy at the end of his career who is more prone to injury, rather than work your a$$ off to evaluate young guys (both intellectually and athletically), hire a great QB coach to teach them, and let's go. When you find the right one, you solve a problem for 10 years, not 2.

Anonymous said...


RODPEDERSEN.COM trending back to the #1 sports blog in Canada (minus McGuire).


LF said...

BW, you took the words out of my mouth. Actually it is squirts/initiation that do 1/2 ice and I think Novice do about 2/3 ice.
Full ice for Novice is like 200x400 foot ice for adults and 12x8 goals. Now that would be stupid.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tim, hire a great quarterback’s coach and let Walsh go.

Anonymous said...

Brendem McGuire is the only one who has actually told it like it is. If Dickenson was actually their first and only choice they would not have sought permission to talk to better options. Floating the balloon out there that they had already selected Dickenson and this was being done for window dressing doesn't hold water. After all they hired O'Day without a search didn't they. After all how many HC jobs did Dickenson interview for, or for that matter OC or DC positions. Trestman wouldn't put up with the garbage he had been left with and without permission the Riders were left with little to choose from. They took what they thought was the best of the meagre remaining candidates. Had LaPolice been available he would have been here. They need a DC and soon one would expect and OC. McAdoo likely won't be here long. I'm sure Jones will find him abetter job in a better place. O'Day took the easy road out and perhaps his only road out. The Riders HC's last on average 2-3 years, and that will happen here. O'Day has tied his can to Dickenson and in a few years they both may be kicking that can down the road. The only acceptable progression from a 12 win season is a Grey Cup. Anything less is a huge step backwards.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! this blog just hit an all time low with obamakov back lurking.

Anonymous said...

now changed to,


RODPEDERSEN.COM trending back to the #1 sports blog in Canada minus McGuire, A few things:


3RD and 1 said...

What R U talking about? Treshman was never asked to interview. Every GM interviews as many candidates as possible. Especially a 1st time GM taking over a week previous.
Dickenson in Calgary was groomed to take over. If that isn’t the case then interview everybody possible.