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Friday, December 21, 2018


HALIFAX - Proponents for Halifax's proposed CFL team say they have now sold more than 6,000 season-ticket applications - and will present more business details to city hall as early as today.

Halifax Schooners founding partner Anthony LeBlanc says that level of ticket sales is in line with what the organization expected.

He says the group expected to submit a business analysis to the Halifax Regional Municipality as early as today.

LeBlanc also announced that his group plans to unveil drawings for a proposed stadium in the Halifax area by the middle of next month.

On Thursday, the Canadian Football League announced a regular-season game will be played somewhere in Atlantic Canada in 2019, as part of the Schooners franchise drive.

LeBlanc said the Toronto Argonauts will face the Montreal Alouettes on Aug. 25, probably at a temporarily expanded stadium in Halifax, Moncton, N.B., or at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, N.S.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Nothing but good news, let’s get that tenth team!

Brewster said...

You did not mention the LPGA exciting event with Brooke Henderson from Canada winning. Bruce S.

@mrt_man said...



Old Rider Fan said...

Hope it can fly. Little worried to see only 6000 when the investment is only 50 bucks.

Steve said...

After all the talk forever I can see how people can be skepikal. But its still early since announcement so 6,000 on the deposits. Looks like a 50 - 50 type thing

Steve said...

The Schooners are using the Rider model where the Riders are the Provinces team.
The Question will be can they pull the whole Atlantic Region together.

Steve said...

Whats a bit different this time Around is that the Maritimes have there own Divion in QMJHL now.
Very similar to the WHL has a practically its own division in Sask.
Although there is no Official Connection. Riders do promote thru all the WHL teams in Sask.
& Yes the Sportscage covers all the Junior Hockey among other sports & leagues in the province.
It kind of ties it all together.

Steve said...

A Really Great move is the Riders Taking Training Camp North to Saskatoon.
Maritimes team in Halifax have a very similar situation where the Schooners can go North for TC in Moncton NB.
The Riders also make stops in other places in the province. Schooners could do the same.
But the SportsCage coverage ties it all together.

Steve said...

Wats interesting now is that Halifax will have a franchise come to The NLL to play Indoor Lacrosse in the Scotia Bank centre. To go wit the Moosheads & the NBL Canada pro basketball team.
Seems to me that this could be building a nice bace for a CFL team

Steve said...

Add that to the CBL Canada with the Atlantic Division consisting of teams in St John, Montcon, Prince Edward, Halifax, Cape Breton.
As Well as Maritimes Division in QMJHL. Alot of interest in pro sports

Steve said...

They should just make it Official and say its gona be in Moncton. Get it promoted.
Get those 6,000 season ticket deposit holders first choice of seats. Then start promoting among
MARITIMES Junioes Division.
NBL Canada Eastern Div teams in Maritimes.
Etc. Etc etc