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Saturday, December 22, 2018


SportsCage and 3DownNation CFL Insider Justin Dunk reports Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Jordan Williams-Lambert has obtained an NFL option window.

As a settlement of a grievance filed under the collective bargaining agreement, the Riders and CFLPA have agreed that Williams-Lambert is eligible to workout and potentially sign an NFL contract under the NFL option window.

The 24-year-old initially signed a two-year contract with Saskatchewan in April 2018, before the reinstatement of the NFL window in CFL contracts.

The CFL playing rights for Williams-Lambert will remain with Saskatchewan should he not be signed by an NFL club prior to February 12, 2019.

Dunk reports Williams-Lambert has already worked out for the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and New York Giants.

He went unselected in the 2016 NFL Draft out of Ball State University – recording 200 receptions for 2,723 yards and 24 touchdowns in 44 NCAA games with the Cardinals – but inked an undrafted free agent contract with the New Orleans Saints where he spent the 2016 season on the practice roster. The Saints waived Williams-Lambert during training camp when an injury settlement was reached.

More NFL interest has come for Williams-Lambert after a first CFL season in which he caught 62 passes for 764 yards and four touchdowns for the Riders. The impressive campaign led to Williams-Lambert being named the West Division Most Oustanding Rookie.

Saskatchewan avoids souring the relationship with a young, up and coming receiver by allowing Williams-Lambert to try his NFL options.


Anonymous said...

While I’m not happy this had to go through the grievance process, and he did sign a contract for 2 years. Chris Jones has publicly stated he would not hold someone back from furthering themselves, this is a move of good faith by the Riders. If things don’t work out for him south of the border, I’m confident he will return to the green and white.

SWC said...

Jones didn't give it to him. He filed a grievance.

Old Rider Fan said...

Mixed feelings. As dumb as this may sound ... maybe we should have min 3 year contracts in the CFL. Realize the NFL carrot helps recruit but it's a complex team game and the revolving door gets tiresome. We may want the best talent but that's not possible so why not go for some consistency. At $100k (Cdn) we can't compete with the new league right now anyway.

Steve said...

I dont see the new league lasting for 3 years. With there 3 yr deals.
NFL backed the old NFL Europe. Before that some NFL Owners had ownership stock in certain arena football league teams. The Early Arena league was profitable wayyy back.
As for NFLE. The NFL chose to up the Practice Rosters to 10. Its about 100k for NFL practice roster players should they stay the whole season.
32 teams × 10 PR = 320 players that can be signed off any teams practice rosyer at any time.
You saw wat happen to UFL.

Steve said...

What gets me is that this new League the AAF will allow players out of that ridiculous 3 yr contract for the NFL & not the CFL.
Even though Territorial picks incuded Assigned CFL teams & NFL as well as NCAA