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Sunday, December 16, 2018


TORONTO - Kicker Zach Medeiros, quarterback Noah Picton, and wide receiver Cole Watson all signed with the Toronto Argonauts on Sunday.

Medeiros agreed to a deal through to 2020. The 28-year-old kicker/punter joined the Argonauts in July after spending time with the Montreal Alouettes during the pre-season and being released in June. The St. Thomas, Ont., native played in 11 games for Toronto and was successful on 11 of 15 field goals while punting the ball 59 times for an average of 46.1, third best in the CFL.

Picton finished his career with the University of Regina Rams (2013-2018) as one of the most prolific passers in U Sports history. The five-foot-nine, 180-pound quarterback became the U Sports all-time leader in passing yards this season after throwing for 11,494 yards in his career.

He agreed to a deal through 2021.

Watson returns to Toronto after spending the last two training camps with the club. The American caught three passes for 52 yards in one pre-season game this season after catching seven for 64 yards in two games during the 2017 pre-season. His deal goes until 2020.

(The Canadian Press)


SWC said...

Good for the Argos.

3RD and 1 said...

As good as Pictor is. A Canadian University QB will not have anywhere near the skill set needed to be a starting CFL QB. Canadian QB Brandon Bridge was brought through a much better American program for QBs and Brandon will probably be a career back up.
Unless you are born a natural athlete. The QB skill set starts at a very young age. Something that just does not exist in Canada. We love our Volunteer Dads, Uncles and Brothers for their after supper and weekend coaching of little league football. Unfortunately they Coach what they were taught 10 to 20 years earlier. Until Canada comes up with football Programs for Might C and PeeWee aged children. Just like they have for Hockey at 5AM and every rink available. The Canadian professional QB will continue to be a perennial back up to non existent.
Canadian born (Calgary Alberta) Mark Rypien played QB for the NFL’s Washington Redskins and won a couple Super Bowls. How? He was Canadian? Simple... Rypien’s family moved to Washington when he was just a toddler. Mark was coached in the US on how to be a QB.
Noah is as good of Canadian University QB there is. He took his skill set as high as he could with the available coaching. I really hope Picton gets a real shot but I doubt it. The young man is also struggling with a terrible septic arthritis foot problem. Maybe his time as a 3rd QB will allow time for the problem to correct itself in the best possible way.

Brady Y said...

3rd and 1 I couldn't agree more. Great kid off sure and a great USport QB but unless the two new leagues completely annihilate our system and we are forced to become a high-profile Youth Sports League the great kid does not have a chance. Every single reason you stated is 100% accurate. I wish more people understood it and then we wouldn't have that argument any more about the Canadian QB.

SWC said...

Thanks for cheering everyone up 3rd and 1.
Unlike you, I'm happy for Noah and since it's a 3 year contract I'd say Popp has the intention to develop Noah and I hope he has the OC to do it.

Brady Y said...

SWC 3 yr contracts meaning absolutely nothing in the CFL you know that. And Popp is GM not a coach so he ain't developing nothin.