Realty One

Tuesday, December 25, 2018


By: Brendan McGuire
T’was the night before Christmas and in Chris Jones’s house
No quarterback was stirring, not even a mouse

Willie Jefferson sneers as his free agency nears,
“Get me a QB! Or you’ll regret it for years!”

If the Riders can’t find a quarterback, Jones’s job will be on the line
And even worse yet, Old Man Willie may not re-sign

The defense is fine
Fit enough on some nights for the whole team to dine

Kyran Moore and Christion Jones
Give the return game good enough bones

While Brett Lauther and Josh Bartel
Make a terrific scoring cartel

Nick Marshall, Ed Gainey and Sam Hurl too
Make games at Mosaic a complete and total zoo

Shaq Evans has world-class speed
But his drops have been costly, indeed

There are running backs all over
Marshall, Mason and Thigpen make this offence no pushover

The O-line has been flat
Nay, they can’t all be Brendon Labatte

McAdoo’s play-calling has been a real big fail
For his offensive woes have landed him in talk radio jail

We gave Brandon Bridge a good try
But to think he’s the answer would be a big lie

A good Christmas wish would be a healthy Zach
But everyone thinks he won’t even be back

There really is only one answer
Or the season ahead could be an awful blur -

We desperately need Reilly, Mike
As he's the one Rider Nation truly would like

Just give us our quarterback
No need to talk smack

Time for Reilly to give our Grey Cup hopes new light

And to Rider Nation, all a good night

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