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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Mike O'Shea isn't losing any sleep after seemingly being the target of some controversial comments from Calgary Stampeders counterpart Dave Dickenson.

In Sunday's CFL West final, television cameras caught an emotional Dickenson on hollering at the officials about some calls, questioning why they were taking place in front of O'Shea and then saying "(expletive) Canadian.''

Speaking Monday as the Bombers cleaned out their lockers following the 22-14 loss in Calgary, O'Shea made light of the incident.

"Well, I'm a proud expletive Canadian,'' O'Shea quipped. "Him and I have already spoken.

"Things get (said) in the heat of the battle. It really is a heat-of-the-moment type of thing and I've got a good relationship with Dave.''

Asked what was said in their conversation, O'Shea said "That's between him and I. I've got a lot of respect for Dave.''

O'Shea doesn't sound as if he'll be holding any grudges.

"I congratulate him and the Stamps,'' he said. "They won the game. They played extremely well and they beat us and they're a good football team and I think we're a good football team so, you know, they're moving on and we're not.

"But in terms of that, you know, I'm sure things get said."

Dickenson, who hails from Great Falls, Mont., apologized for the comment and said it had nothing to do with Canadians in general.

"Lesson learned, I apologize to anyone,'' Dickenson said Monday in Calgary. "I texted Mike afterwards, I texted him. It had nothing to do with him personally, by the way, I just felt the calls were coming out on their sideline as some calls come out on my sideline.''



LF said...

I am proud of how O'Shea and other home grown coaches conduct themselves on the sidelines. I've noticed for a couple years how well O'Shea exhibits self control. I've missed his mic'd up stuff but I imagine it was pretty boring and that's okay.

3RD and 1 said...

OShea has learned to conduct himself in a better manner. Sure but he simply goes into a lethargic state because underneath the dude is old school and loves to see offensive players get their head taken off. So OShea has no choice but to conduct himself as a head coach. As a player he was extremely dirty. As an Argo Linebacker it was as clear as the nose on your face that OShea was a head hunter. Every time OShea had an opportunity to hit the ball carrier he was looking to take them out. No doubt felt his Canadian status needed proving each and every week. The only way he could prove he belonged was to play the tough guy. The tough and dirty linebacker. He often lined up receivers trying to take their head off.
Yes it was a different time in the game. However his body language showed how much he enjoyed trying to be an undertaker. I remember like it was yesterday when O’Shea absolutely smoked a reciever at least a yard out of bounds. Then chuckled while the reciever needed help to get to the dressing room.

SWC said...

3rd and one;
So what? I was at the game when Bill Baker earned the nickname "Baker the undertaker". He took out three Edmonton quarterbacks, everyone with a high hit and we loved him for it.
Times change, so forget how O'Shea played. He shows a heck of a lot more class than Dickensen does nowadays.