Realty One

Friday, November 2, 2018


Odell Willis isn't very happy with CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie.

The B.C. Lions defensive lineman was fined the maximum amount by the CFL on Wednesday for a high hit on Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback Zach Collaros. 

The exact amount wasn't divulged but a maximum fine is believed to be half a game cheque.

Willis delivered the hit on Collaros in the first quarter of the Saskatchewan Roughriders' 35-16 win over the B.C. Lions. There was no flag thrown on the play, and only after the Riders challenged was an unnecessary roughness penalty called.

Collaros was forced top leave the game and was replaced by Canadian Brandon Bridge.

Willis took to Twitter on Thursday to voice his displeasure.

“Dear @randyambrosie,'' he tweeted. “Y'all fined me the maximum amount for leading with my shoulder, that's kool!!!

“Next time ima just lead with my head since y'all gon fine me the max anyway?????????????????????#Itiswhatitis

“Have a great day!!!''

**UPDATE - Roughly an hour after Willis sent the Tweet, he wrote Commissioner Ambrosie back and apologized if his comments seemed negative or threatening.

(Canadian Press)


Dan said...

HAHA - Odel can try to make that argument if it makes him feel better but it’s on film, he led with his head.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible dipshit.

John Knight said...

I don't know why he is complaining, he should have been suspended. He got off lucky

3RD and 1 said...

Even if he led with his shoulder. It dosent matter. He was finally penalized for a high hit on the QB. He was not fined for helmet to helmet. He was fined for a high hit to the QB. Plus Odel had a choice to aim for the bread basket of Collaros. He chose to go high. Then immediately brushed up into the head of Collaros.
Had Odell closed his yap and listened for once. Instead of being the one talking all the time. He would have heard what was being said and realized. Then he would not have made such an idiotic tweet.