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Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones held his year-end news conference on Tuesday but rather than discussing Sunday's playoff loss to Winnipeg, Jones dropped the bomb that his staff is facing a rash of layoffs and paycuts for the 2019 season.

Jones addressed reporters Tuesday morning at Mosaic Stadium.

"The hardest thing I've been having to deal with the last 24 hours, quite honestly, is the cap that we've had on football ops," Jones said. "When you get knocked out of the playoffs, then you have to go in and welcome your upcoming staff and support people and tell them that they're going to have to take a 10% paycut."

This is all part of the coaches salary cap and staff limitation laid out by CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie last spring which limits salaries to $2.7-million and 11 coaches per team.

"That's where I've been for the past 48 hours is trying to get all these numbers. You've got a certain amount of people, and the unfortunate reality is that there's about five or six people who won't be with your organization anymore," Jones continued.

"And then rest of them that are here, some of their bonuses and reasons that they came here are being taken away along with a 6-10% paycut."

When asked during the 23-minute news conference if Offensive Coordinator Stephen McAdaoo will return in 2019, Jones replied "Absolutely".



SWC said...

The Leader Post says Jones is keeping McAdoo as OC. Not good news.

appleguy said...

Ambroise, the man the great business reputation, has stumbled and blown this one. At a time when we have a new US league starting up with very deep pockets and guaranteed contracts, for the players (3 yrs) and lots of dollars $$$ for the coaches (I'm not sure their contract is guaranteed). CFL teams have no choice to have free agent players leaving but this management cap is going to probably drain a lot of 2nd, 3rd level coaches and eventually some head coaches and GM's.

This looks like a decision that was made without the GM's input or vote which means the teams had no choice in the matter. There's a good chance (speculation, on my part) that the negotiation to bring Halifax into the CFL played a signifigant role in order to lower the entry level point. The CFL head office could have gone about this a better way by maybe opening up their purse strings from the extra money from our last TV contract, et. Even if the GM's, President's, etc did vote it is still a really bad idea that will dimish the quality of play and the entertainment factor will follow.

Frankly, it also sounds like the teams with poor attendance & fan base complained that the Riders had an unfair advantage which is horse pucks. The Riders went through the lean years while other teams spent money out of the park & consequently bought their Championships. Now that the tables are turned the previous high spenders that are now not as profitable want to take that away from the Riders, etc. The truth is for whatever reason those teams are to lazy or don't care to follow the Riders example and start marketing their teams into a profitable scenario.

The CFL in 2019 and progressively in the following years will lose fans, attendance and TV audience until they make a U-turn to right the CFL ship. The players, coaches and front office will also leave the sinking CFL ship in the same manner.

I've been a Rider fan for 58 years and this has to be one of the stupidest moves by the league that I've heard of.

In closing, a big thank you goes out to Coach Jones, the Assistants, Players and Support staff for a, good/almost great, year of football. I am realist in life and an (Geopolitical) analyst by trade. Without your franchise QB in the playoffs it is highly improbable that a team will make it to the next level or the GC.

A big thanks also goes out to Rod and all the Sportcage regulars for keeping fans up to date on the latest news & views. Rod, your show is the best in Canada! .... GO RIDERS!!! ....

Unknown said...

Way to say it apple guy i agree totally with yu

Mike said...

Appleguy just said it the way it is. I agree and you wrote out my thoughts much better than I could've.

When we were the loveable losers all this crap other teams did with million dollar players like Rocket Ismail and Flutie didnt matter as long as they were winning.

Along comes the salary cap era and the Riders are on an even playing field with the other teams, start making money and then start winning. Doing all the right things.

But now they start crying that the Riders cheat or overspend among other things. Then they try and shove it in our face that we needed a telethon to stay afloat. Yeah if we weren't subsidizing those teams overspending back in the day maybe we could've had money on the bank for the lean times.

Sorry for my rant but I'm getting crusty in my age and I've had it with other teams always worried about what the Riders are doing.

Worry about your damn team and we will worry about ours.


Randolph Charles said...

I suspect that secretly the Stamps brass (maybe even Edmonton Grey Cup organizing committee) wished that the Riders would make it past the Bombers, as there is no fan base that boosts an economy like the Riders' does. McMahon and Commonwealth lose tens of thousands of dollars with the Riders out of the playoffs. Pay cuts and layoffs may be due over there as well.

LGF said...

I agree with reduction in coaches and support staff I have counted as many as 32 people dressed in black on the sidelines during a game. A little excessive

Football Fan said...

I agree that Ambrosie stumbled on this one. If they wanted to control spending on coaches then they should have frozen the amount you can spend and let time bring things in line. Forcing a team to cut 6 people is far too disruptive.