Realty One

Thursday, November 15, 2018


TORONTO -- The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced today:

Winnipeg Blue Bombers defensive lineman Jackson Jeffcoat was handed a maximum fine following his high hit on Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback Brandon Bridge.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers offensive linemen Patrick Neufeld and Sukh Chungh were fined for late and unnecessary hits on Saskatchewan Roughrider players on Sunday.

As per league policy, the amount of the player fines was not disclosed.



IMAGIRL said...

and now they are in the finals. Lovely! Too little, too late!


3RD and 1 said...

They should fine OShea for being such a tool. Any Head Coach that defends that kind of hit has to be an ex dirty Linebacker. Oh, wait... Oshea was the dirtiest Canadian Linebacker ever to play in the CFL.
Loved to smoke unsuspecting receivers a half yard out of bounds

Unknown said...

He should be suspended.

Morgan said...

Pathetic! This league is a joke! They preach player safety and then they let a brutally violent offender off with a slap on the wrist!

Booger said...

If you really wanted to make a statement about player safety, he should have been suspended for remainder of the season with no playoff bonuses. Gotta hit em where it hurts or nothing is going to change.

Booger said...
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Glenn Matich said...

Ridiculous! Automatic suspension for intent to injure, 25 yards, and a fine.

selskys said...

Hey Sports Fans..... I really believe that the time has come for the CFL and other contact sports to have an advisory board to view the call and then determine if the illegal hit should be looked at by the police, a prosecutor and the criminal courts. Hitting anyone in the head with intent to injure is a criminal offence.

I also believe that players like Collaros and Bridge should start civil proceedings or notice that they will come after the perpetrator should medical complication arise in the future, like a lot of CFL, NHL and NFL players have had.

I also don't understand the media who after O. Willis concussed Collaros twice in recent years, said he isn't a dirty player.

I also don't get why Rider management, except Murphy, have been so absent on these cases. I also don't understand the CFL refs and Ambrosie either.

Neither Collaros nor Bridge signed up with the CFL to get their head butted and sustain a brain injury.

Where would the Bombers be if the Riders had head butted their two top QB's and took them out of the game?


Gord said...

I understand people being angry at the hit, it was a very dirty hit. The exact type of hit the league is trying to get rid of in every way. But you cant just change the rules and suspend him just like that. The league needs to implement changes in the offseason so hits like this are suspendable its that simple. I was more angry at O'shea's comments defending it. I think he lost quite a bit of credibility throughout the league and within the media with his comments. It was pretty shocking. Bridge is 6"5 and Jeffcoat clearly jumped up and led with his head to make contact with his helmet. I thought it was worse then the Willis hit.

SWC said...

Gord, I agree it was worse than the Willis hit. You could see the Jeffcoat/Bridge helmet to helmet at game speed. Willis/Collaros you needed slomo to see it.

Shayne said...

The max fine allowed by the CBA is half a game check. CFL players get paid $3400 for each playoff game. So his fine is $1700.

Russell Cone said...

Suspensions in the CFL are useless. The player always appeals and the game goes by and it turns in to nothing. Fine is the best they have to discipline a player. This is something they should change in the CBA.