Realty One

Thursday, November 1, 2018


TORONTO - The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced on Wednesday:

BC Lions defensive lineman Odell Willis was handed a maximum fine following his high hit on Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback Zach Collaros.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats linebacker Curtis Newton was fined for a tourist hit on Ottawa REDBLACKS kicker Richie Leone.

Calgary Stampeders receiver Markeith Ambles was fined for an illegal blindside block on Winnipeg Blue Bomber linebacker Jovan Santos-Knox.

As per league policy, the amount of the player fines was not disclosed.



John Knight said...

What a joke

SWC said...

I can see Proulx missing the hit in the speed of live action.
But, there is no logical reason for the paid employee that is supposed to be the concussion spotter not seeing Collaros laying on the turf, then slowly getting up only to take a knee to gather himself for one step then going to one knee again for a bit. HOW DO YOU MISS THAT?

Football Fan said...

This is the absolute minimum that should have happened to Willis, and only because I don't think he has a history of this. I'm not a Proulx hater but he should suffer some consequences as well. That was a clear, viscous, head shot and there's no way he should have missed it. That said, although Collaros was clearly stung by the hit there was no indication that he'd been concussed, and indeed we still don't know if he was. He wasn't wobbly on his feet and didn't appear confused, for example. It looked like he was recovering from a hard non-concussive hit, so I think the spotter was right not to pull him. Given his earlier delayed onset concussion this year, however, I think was was fine for us to pull him for precautionary reasons after that. They way I understand a delayed onset concussion is that it's initially not a concussion but something close to a concussion that can much more easily turn into a concussion with subsequent lesser hits if it isn't given time to heal, so us being cautious with him in a non critical game like that makes sense.