Realty One

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Keith Hershmiller Photography
REGINA - The Regina Pats were shutout 4-0 Wednesday night by the Spokane Chiefs at the Brandt Centre.

The Chiefs scored a powerplay goal in the first from Ethan McIndoe and another in the second off the stick of Adam Beckman to lead 2-0 heading to the third period.

Max Paddock was sensational making 27 saves through 40 minutes and Bailey Brkin was equally as impressing with 27 saves as well.

The Chiefs added two more early in the third and took the two points in a 4-0 final.

The Pats went 0/3 on the powerplay while the penalty kill was 3/5.

Max Paddock made 39 saves in a third star performance.

What’s Next?
The Pats continue their home stand Saturday against the Moose Jaw Warriors at 7 p.m. at the Brandt Centre. Tickets are available at, the Brandt Centre Box Office and at any Regina Safeway, where Fun Zone tickets are $13 plus tax.

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Enigma said...

The Pats seem to be in bigger trouble than we were lead to believe. We were told this team would be better than most thought. I think that may have been a sell job. They've had all camp, pee-season and now 10 games. I think this "young team' thing is getting a bit old. Spokane hasn't had a shutout in 14 years but viola. The lack of speed and skill is concerning and if it wasn't for Max Paddock most nights we would be 0-10. When you give away too much for too little then that's what happens. The cupboards were emptied with nothing to show for it. This season has all the earmarks of 2004-05 where we had 12 wins. Not cool. Seattle after their championship year didn't fall apart. Why did we?

Unknown said...

We were just spoiled for the last three years and in the Mem Cup final. Lot's of teams do this in Jr hockey. You rather of a team with young pics and not competitive when the Cup was here or be right in the dance.. Pick and choose here pal..

william weppler said...

Not sure where you heard this year's team "would be better than most thought"?
What I heard was that this Team would be better than next year as that's when we will lose a number of the veterans that have been with us the last 2-3-4 years.
Also assuming that we will be trading at the deadline as we will have a few players that other Teams need to fill in their roster with down the stretch. Could possibly lose Nick, Jake, Max, etc.
To me it's a total rebuild and I am sure JP has a plan in mind as to which young players to build the "new" team around.
It all comes down to having a very very talented Team 1 year prior to being awarded the Memorial Cup host privilege, then having to try to "go for it" for 2 years in a row... that's going to empty the cupboards of any Junior Team. That had to throw a wrench into JP's plans, and I believe he said it did.
Regardless I will be there every game to see the young guys mature and cheer them on. Have to take the good with the bad, and the last 2 years were a treat to be watch.

Unknown said...

NO surprises. Its the price you pay for a couple of the best years in decades. Its the nature of junior hockey. Not like the patriots who get to keep Brady year after year and build around him.