Realty One

Sunday, October 28, 2018


REGINA - Defensive lineman Zack Evans and defensive back Ed Gainey scored touchdowns and Brett Lauther kicked four field goals as the Saskatchewan Roughriders beat the visiting B.C. Lions 35-16 on Saturday.

The Roughriders clinched a home playoff game for the first time since 2013 with the win and the Lions guaranteed that they would cross over to the East Division for the post-season.

Tre Mason also scored a touchdown for Saskatchewan (12-6), a seven-yard run in the second quarter that gave the team a 13-0 lead.

The win also bumped Roughriders into a tie with the Calgary Stampeders (12-5) for first place in the West Division. The Lions, already having clinched a playoff berth, are 9-8.

The Riders have a bye next week, while Calgary will visit the Lions in the final week of the regular season.

Saskatchewan's week off may help answer questions about the health of quarterback Zach Collaros.

Collaros was on the receiving end of a hard hit to the shoulder and head area from Lions defensive end Odell Willis. Collaros stayed in the game and finished the drive, one that ended in Mason's 10-yard touchdown run.

Collaros did not return to the game after that score early in the second quarter with his team up 13-0. Collaros completed five of eight pass attempts for 52 yards. Brandon Bridge and David Watford split time under centre for the remainder of the game.

The Riders were without Collaros for four games early in the season after he suffered a concussion in Week 2. The team had a 2-2 record without their starter.

Saskatchewan's first defensive touchdown was set up when Willie Jefferson stripped B.C. quarterback Travis Lulay near the Lions goal line. Evans scooped up the loose ball and plunged into the end zone for the score.

Gainey's 41-yard interception return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter tied a CFL record for defensive touchdowns in a season (11). That score gave the Riders a 32-9 lead.

Lulay threw a 44-yard touchdown to Bryan Burnham in the third quarter for B.C.'s first touchdown. Lulay completed nine of 20 pass attempts for 94 yards and one touchdown. He was intercepted twice. Jonathon Jennings replaced Lulay in the fourth quarter.

Cody Fajardo also scored for the Lions on a one-yard run in the fourth quarter.

The Riders were 3-4 in August and have rattled off an 8-2 record since. B.C. is 6-2 in its last eight games and won three straight heading into Saturday's game.

(Canadian Press)


- Not totally sure what Zach's status is but the medical staff thinks he's going to be fine.

- That's Odell. That's football. It's not like he had any intentions. He's a Hall of Famer and it was just a football hit.

- We've got a couple goals in mind. We got a good football team. We got a few days now to get healed up and find out who we play and when.

- Wally's a Hall of Famer and it's an honour to be on the field with him. Since we've been here, it's been a hard road to go against his football teams.

- Willie played pretty good. He batted a ball early and forced a turnover and hit the QB and forced another turnover. He's a good player and can impact plays.

- I'm proud of em. There's no doubt. Zach's been out a couple times and Brandon Bridge has come in admirably. We've won four games with Brandon and that's a tribute to him and the team. This team knows what they are. We're warming up at the right time.

- We know the temperature of our room. We handle what we can handle and that's how we play. We stubbed our toe in all phases at different times but we were fortunate to weather it and come through it.

- They got a little more aggressive when Bridge came in but it's comforting to be able to hand the ball off and get yards. The 199 yards or so is a tribute to them.

- Tre Mason is a big part of our football team, but the injury doesn't look good. He's come a long ways this year. If he can't go, we're lucky to have Thiggy ready.

- We know what time we're coming back next week regardless whether we play the next week or not. We'll give them their days off, then come back and start lifting and a little bit of throwing. Then we'll get into our work week. You prepare like you're playing in the semifinals and control what you can control. Whatever happens happens.

- I might take a few hours off here and there. I'm not going to go home. It's takes a day to fly down there and another to come back. If it's only a week, there's no sense in leaving. There's a lot of breakdowns to do on these other teams. There's a lot of work to do before Grey Cup.

- I told them to be careful tonight and this week, train while you're gone and remember how hard you worked to get into this position.



Anonymous said...

Amazing defense again, but my game ball goes to Cameron Marshall and the O Line. Go Riders!

Old Rider Fan said...

Crazy finish in thr west. And lots of confusion about possibilities. Kept hearing that if BC lost then they need to beat Calgary next week. But next week vs Calgary is a nothing game for them but is a big game for Calgary. Hope Collaros is ok ... feel for the guy.

Justin Case U-win said...

Even if next weeks game doesn’t help BC in anyway in the standings. The last thing BC wants to do is go into the playoffs on a 2 game losing streak. Plus they are defending their home turf.
It’s always important to have your team in the right mind frame. So Wally Buono and Ed Harvey will have the team jacked and ready to go.
Here’s a question. 2 games ago; Both BC and Winnipeg had the same record. Yet BC was announced as having made it into the playoffs. With that being said. If the EE beat Winnipeg in Edmonton next weekend. If BC beats Calgary in BC. The Lions and Bombers are tied up again.
I know they each won a game against each other. Bombers have the point differential. BC would have a better division win record.
Who would get third?
Then again if it comes down to that. Who gives a shitz as Mosaic would be the home of the Western Final

Brady Y said...

Actually old rider fan I think BC needs to win ti stay in the West dont they?

fannotacoach said...

Agreed Old Rider Fan, BC can't get higher in standings so no need to get hurt while Calgary needs the win to finish #1 so I see them winning. It was nice thinking Riders could finish 1st however! Not disappointed in how things ended, they have what it takes.

Tim said...

Brady Y.
BC can tie Winnipeg at best, but Winnipeg won the season series due to point differential. Therefore BC is East crossover, Winnipeg is visiting team in West semifinal. 1st and second will be determined in Calgary game next weekend. Sask will be first with Calgary loss.

Brady Y said...

Thanks for the clarification.