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Sunday, October 14, 2018


WINNIPEG - Adam Bighill was signed by the Blue Bombers for his leadership and tenacious talents. He delivered big time on Saturday.

The veteran linebacker had three quarterback sacks, one forced fumble that led to a touchdown and eight defensive tackles in Winnipeg's 31-0 shutout of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

"When you get a quarterback sack it feels good,'' said Bighill, a seven-year veteran who was the CFL's top defensive player in 2015 while with the B.C. Lions.

"You're really taking the wind right out of them and it's demoralizing for them, and it's demoralizing for your opponent when you're just beating your man one-on-one and you're winning.''

Winnipeg extended its winning streak to four games and improved to 9-7, remaining in third place in the tight CFL West Division standings.

It was the Blue Bombers' first shutout victory since a 29-0 win over Hamilton in 2006. The Riders' last shutout loss was a 24-0 decision to Edmonton in 2014.

"It's just a taste of reality. It happens,'' said Saskatchewan defensive lineman Charleston Hughes, who had two tackles, including one for a loss.

`"We did get shut out. They pretty much dominated the whole entire game. Now you just really go back to the drawing board and figure out what happens.''

The Bombers avoided a season-series sweep by the Riders (10-6), who had already secured a playoff spot. Saskatchewan, which had its three-game win streak halted, finished the game with four turnovers while Winnipeg had one.

Bombers safety Taylor Loffler intercepted quarterback Zach Collaros twice and the home team scored all 31 points by halftime in front of 26,070 fans at Investors Group Field.

"We've got to protect (Collaros),'' Riders offensive lineman Brendon LaBatte said. "You can't let him get roughed up, especially early in the game.

"And we can't turn the ball over because I think no matter what else we focus on, that was the one thing that truly put the dagger in us.''

Winnipeg led 14-0 after a first quarter in which Saskatchewan turned the ball over on its second and third possessions of the game.

A Collaros pass was caught by Kyran Moore, but Bighill forced a fumble and Anthony Gaitor caught the loose ball and ran 45 yards for the 7-0 lead at 5:22.

Darvin Adams made it 14-0 after he got behind Riders safety Mike Edem and hauled in a long bomb from quarterback Matt Nichols that he turned into a 72-yard catch-and-run score with two minutes left in the first quarter.

Loffler's second interception of the game - his third pick of the season - led to Justin Medlock's 29-yarder at 6:11 of the second quarter. Medlock was also good on four converts.

Weston Dressler stretched for a 31-yard TD pass from backup Chris Streveler, who also plunged in for his own major with less than a minute remaining the first half.

Nichols completed 10 of 18 pass attempts for 155 yards with one TD pass and no interceptions. Streveler played the fourth quarter, completing three of five passes for 47 yards with one TD and one interception. He also ran seven times for 45 yards.

"I've been a part of games where our defence played good enough for a shutout, but maybe there was a single scored at some point,'' Nichols said.

"To have no points scored is an unbelievable effort by our defence. They've been playing unbelievable football and I would like to think we prepare them well all week at practice.''

Collaros was 8 for 19 for 69 yards with two interceptions. He was replaced by Brandon Bridge early in the third quarter. Bridge went 7-for-12 for 59 yards with no interceptions.

Saskatchewan head coach Chris Jones called it an "inexplicable loss'' with too many early mistakes. He was asked if he was worried about Collaros's recent performances.

"My name's not Chicken Little so I'm not going to sit here and start pointing fingers at anybody,'' Jones said. "I mean, if I'm pointing fingers at anybody, it needs to be me.''

Saskatchewan offensive lineman Dariusz Bladek and defensive lineman Mic'heal Brooks were both taken out of the game on carts. Jones said they may be out for an extended time.

The Bombers will next have a bye week while the Riders play in Calgary next Saturday.

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Tim Paquin said...

Well that was a team with zero prep. Did they just fool around at practice all week without coaches.

SWC said...

That's nine quarters without a TD from the offense. Is everybody still happy with McAdoo and Collaros?

Justin Case U-win said...

I honestly thought this Riders team had far more continuity. Had they made a game of it and lost I would be fine. The fact that this team didn’t even show up is really disappointing.
Everyone has concerns about the offence because the Defence can’t bail them out every game. Collaros having a good game against Montreal proves that it was an anomaly. After a poor showing against the EE and then being brain dead in this one.
Any team that can win big and lose big is too inconsistent to go anywhere in the playoffs.
They needed this game to take second place. The Riders lose to Calgary and Winnipeg wins their next game. They are then tied with the Riders. With another game to play for both teams. So Winnipeg can steal away 2nd place.

Old Rider Fan said...

The only 'go for it' I saw was from BB when escaping the blitz. Still reminds me young Burris. But seems those that know the game say he is not CFL starter material. Still like some excitement even when losing.

w said...

Most pathetic 2nd place team anywhere.

John Knight said...

I see that Rod cherry picks what comments are put on here

Bill Fuller said...


CJ: Absolutely. They're playing some very good football. Over the past three weeks they're probably playing the best football in the league.
So, how the hell do you answer to this Mr. Jones. That was simply a disgrace out there today and you know it. The Riders probably couldn't have beat the "WINNIPEG RIFLES" today. So Brutal in all positions . These guys just did not show up and shame on all of them.

Unknown said...

Disappointing. Lackluster. Disinterested. You name it. I was not expecting a win today. The Bombers are playing a bit better again, and I did not anticipate a repeat of the great outcome on the Riders last visit to Winnipeg. The offence has been inconsistent all year, and mix in some injuries, voila, you have a recipe for a poor result. The D cannot bail the team out every week, and when they have up the long touchdown pass to start the game, it would have been appropriate and timely for the offense to respond, as the defense has done for the offence time and again. Instead, a pick the other way for another TD. While both sides of the line of scrimmage struggled, what bothered me and appalled many others was the apathy, and that not one of them seemed to be willing to step up and say let's score at least once and build something positive for next week. Nothing. And that is a concern. How can professionals be so poorly prepared or unmotivated, all at once? Did the team check out during practices this week? Is the message from Jones not being followed? There is talent there, despite the recent injuries and some new players, but the team will go nowhere unless the spirit to play matches the skill. The only saving grace is that this is the CFL. As long as they are in the playoffs, they can shake off the poor play, get hot, and win if they are on a run for 3 weeks.

Elaine said...

Why doesn’t Collaros talk to media? Isn’t that part of his job as starting qb?

Football Fan said...

This one will bring out the losers and the trolls. Oh look! They're already there!

As almost everyone predicted, this one was set up very badly for us. Very short week. Key injuries, made worse by Bladek's, and then Evans and Edam apparently went out as well, and then Brooks. Third time playing the Bombers. Huge game for them and not that big a game for us. Some rookies seem to be going through mid-season doldrums, which is to be expected. We're still alone in second place in the league, of course, but this was a wakeup call. We need to get focused and playing at a high level as we head into the playoffs. On the injury front it sounds like Bladek and Brooks are done for the year. Let's hope that's it for the serious injuries.

Old Rider Fan said...

I know that in sports there are no 'reasons' for failure because they are always called 'excuses'. (Actually the same in business) But this loss was pretty well due to happen. Remove some key guys from an already weak O ... only have 4 days and play a road game ... and then the biggest factor is 'mental'. In such a physical game the one that wants/needs it more finds that extra 'push your self' that makes a difference. (Look at Calgary vs BC) Also think Ritchie Hall has been watching film on Jones's D schemes. Just a bad day at the office all around.

Justin Case U-win said...

Hey Football fan. Some of us comment after every game. Just because your not disappointed in a ZERO performance doesn’t mean those who are disappointed are trolls. I’m sick and tired of the bs that comes out of commenters that feel they are above others. Make your comments about the team. Your troll comments only reflect your own comments towards others.

SWC said...

Right on Justin Case U-win, I couldn't have said it better.

MSinStoon said...

Agree with Football And Old Rider Fans’ comments, looks like a case of team wide Dipsy Doodlitis (see Fred&Barney)! Problem is historically teams rarely win the week after a blowout which puts us at risk of finishing 3rd. Not a ‘football’ guy but whatever they’re doing got us this far so wouldn’t change much.
Btw, think the Lavoie&Blake acquisition for Sanford and draft pick was a solid.

Doug Mc said...

The Riders did not look into the game at all, while Winnipeg was really fired up and beat us in every phase. There were some reasons ( ie ) playing on a short week and injuries, etc.

But Collaros looked completely inept! Throwing into coverage, looking directly at the 1st choice on a passing play. It was disappointing to me, how he looked like he was really happy to be sitting in the second half. While we will have to ride him thru the rest of the year, he is not our future.
Coaching also was very inept, especially on offense. No imagination, no new wrinkles. I have learned to like Jones, but he will never put pressure on McAdoo or any of the other coaching positions.

I have been a Rider fan for 55 years and will not give up on them this year, but a lot of review has to be done on the direction of the franchise and mgt .

Football Fan said...

Old Rider Fan, also remember that success in business, as in sport, is a long term thing. If you miss your sales targets for a month, but your long term trend is up, that’s still success. If you have some setbacks, but still meet your milestone targets, that’s still success. Success in business, and in sports, is almost never a straight line equation. It’s almost always two steps forward and one step back. Even the best NHL teams almost always go through a slump at some point in the season, for another example. When you see someone excessively whining and moaning about a single loss, when the team is still 10-6 and alone in second place in the entire league, that’s a losers mentality. That’s a fake fan. That’s someone who is engaging in compensating behaviour by trying to make himself feel more powerful and tough by taking any opportunity he can to crap on the Riders.

william weppler said...

Didn't expect a win either but it's the injuries that concern me going into the playoffs. Hard to fill the holes with quality starters now, but if Zach and the O don't start clicking it doesn't really matter does it?
Some of the other West teams have injuries as well so that might even things out.
In Jones I trust!

3RD and 1 said...

I’m too am baffled in how this years Rider team can get itself jacked up and ready to take on Giants. Yet a little wrinkle here or there and this same team comes apart at the seams. I just don’t get it? Even if your going to pack it in and accept defeat. Can you not at least play with some pride. I said this last year when the team played like this. That incredible [=S=] Logo\emblem on your uniform stands for so much more than just the name of this Province. The 1st and foremost that “S” represents is the word stud! Not Sissy! Yesterday I have to say I was embarrassed by our current team. It’s OK to go into a competitors home and lose. It’s even OK to take a bit of a beat down once in a while. Hoping the 2 Ottawa beat downs were enough. Yesterday that S that stands for were we live; also stood for Sloppy, Stupid, Suck, Sickening and in the end, after the outcome was decided it truly stood for Sad! Sad for the lack of trying. Sad for a team writing its own destiny came out so lethargic. Sad because of the whole darn thing!
These games with that lack of effort is usually when you have casualties and sure enough it happened. We lost 2 that we really couldn’t afford too.
I have not been Pro or Con when it comes to our Offensive Coordinator or our QB situation. I mean we were winning games. Sadly it was inevitable that the other 2/3rds of the team couldn’t help the offence. That is the biggest concern the whole year and continuous to be here st the end of the season. I have never seen such a lethargic offence on a team above 500. He’ll even Smooth Johnny Foozball that lacks the most CFL experience out of any starting QB CFL knows how to score points. So for our OC not having any kind of connection with the guys on O is again really Sad!
Paying Collaros $400K + for the type of performance he has given us this year is just Stupid! When U can not succefully move your team into field goal rang the whole game is beyond comprehension.
Right now I miss Kevin Glen’s ability to throw down field. Hell I even miss good old DD’s play behind center.
The truth of the matter is the $400K plus should buy both DD and Collaros or Kevin and Collaros for the year. No way has Collaros been worth his big pay check.
I hope Zack proves me wrong but I just do not see this team going far in the playoffs.

Now, just because I wrote down my shock and disappointment ***football fan*** Does not make me a loser or a Troll. However I would suggest your comments attaching others make you sound like a keyboard warrior. Which usually in real life isn’t much different than the name called at others.

Anonymous said...

Glad it’s not November. The Riders haven’t played this bad in a loooong time. Hopefully they got that out of their system. Tall order in Cowgary next week. They’d better show up for that one. Go Riders.

w said...

If the offence were a sperm bank, there'd be no babies in the world. That is all.

Football Fan said...

@3RD and 1
Somehow I missed that last paragraph, so let me be more blunt. The suggestion that we should be able to get DD and Collaros or Glenn and Collaros for $400k is utterly ridiculous. What century are you living in? How is it even possible that you could be that far out of touch? You can't even get 1 mid-tier starting QB for $400k. I think Massoli is making in the mid $200k range this year but that's because he signed that contract when he wasn't a starter. You can be sure that his next contract will be in the $500k range. And if you know so little about football that you don't know that good teams have bad days, then maybe you should be doing a lot more listening and a lot less talking. And you claim to be shocked that the Riders played poorly and lost, so clearly must not have been paying any attention at all to the media this week because EVERYONE was predicting a loss for many of the reasons already discussed. But in spite of this you still feel the need need to come on hear and whine and wail because your precious expectations haven't been met. Pride in the S my butt! You ought to have more pride and at least have some idea what you're taking about before you spew your nonsense here!

Rod, the bigger problems is that these kinds of "fans" are egged on by people in the media like Darrel Davis. He does the same thing, and then they feel empowered to join in. And the only one who can take on Davis is someone else in the media. Do we have anyone in the Regina media with the intestinal fortitude to do it?

Tim said...

Hey Football Fan:
1. I agree I don't think we can't get two quarterbacks like that for $400k.
Having said that I always thought that $430k was high when the Riders signed Collaros, and still do. But maybe Jones thought he would play "up" to his contract, which hasn't happened so far.
2. Regarding Darrell Davis. I think the best thing other media can do is provide a better product alternative than what Davis offers. I think Sportscage does that. I switch the channel whenever I hear Davis is on the show. I think Woodsy and Suitor are what make that channel worth listening to, but they are on far too little in my view. Ratings are big, and I think turning the channel makes the biggest statement about content to the people in charge of the programming.

Tim said...

... my previous point 1. should have read "can" not "can't".

Football Fan said...

@ Tim
But he isn't overpaid. 3DownNation reports most of the QB contracts. Per 3DN Nichols is making $420k this year. Harris is making $450k. Reilly is making $520k. Even Drew Willy when he was starting for the Bombers several yeas ago was making $400k. Collaros had been a top tier guy and he was making $520k, and he was due to make $540 this year, but he AGREED to reduce that to $430k. Remember that he had to agree to the cut. He could have said no and either forced us to play him the $540k or cut him, in which case I'm sure Montreal would have been interested in him. $430k is just about right considering that he was a former top tier guy and he had to voluntarily agree to the $110k, or about 20%, haircut. Now, it was a one year deal and we can decide whether we want to go forward with him next year, but we didn't overpay for him this year.

John Knight said...

"football fan" Nichols/Streveler 16 TDs,5 tds 2788 yds
Collaros/Bridge 9 Tds,3Tds 2595 yds
Reilly 28 Tds 4974 yds
Harris 18 Tds 4508 yds
How can you say Collaros is worth $420,000?
I am sure if you were paying the money you would not be happy! We need to seriously look for a free agent QB because we don't have a legit starter or back-up and don't appear to have a scouting staff to find one ourselves

Football Fan said...

@John Knight
Give your head a shake man! We're 10-6 and in second place in the entire league, and you're complaining about our QB?! How could you possibly say that he hasn't done his job? Do you not like winning? Collaros on his own is 8-3 in games where he's played at least a half. By my quick count Nichols is 8-5 and Harris is 8-7. Yes, those QBs have had some big games yardage wise, but they've also had many more terrible games. Which do you prefer stats or wins? Also remember that both Nichols and Harris have been with their teams, and OCs, and most of their top receivers, for years. Collaros is in his first year here and he's had two raw rookies to work with, one guy in his first year in the league, and recently one guy we just picked up a couple of weeks ago. We've also had big issues on our OL early in the season and now again in this past game, and yet Collaros is STILL 8-3 in games where he's played at least a half. Seriously dude. How can you complain about that? Another factor is that after his concussion and Bridge's struggles I would bet that we were intentionally conservative with his play calling. We've given up the fewest sacks in the league and that's not because we have a super stud OL. I think that's the effect of play calling that was designed to protect Collaros. And note that this strategy has worked. Again, Collaros is 8-3 in games where he's played at least a half, and we are currently SECOND PLACE IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE! If you're a fan who cares about winning you should be happy, very happy.

Next year is a different story entirely, of course. There is going to be a gaggle of top and mid tier QBs on the market and it's anyone's guess what will happen. Assuming BLM tries the NFL there are two I might take ahead of Collaros, Massoli and Reilly. Massoli I'm quite sure will re-sign with Hamilton and Reilly I'm quite sure won't re-sign with Edmonton. I would offer Reilly as much as $600k, and to pay for that both Collaros and Bridge would have to move on. Reilly has been very durable so I would gamble on a young, cheap, backup - unless someone like Glenn or some other vet wanted to take a cheap deal in the hopes of getting a GC ring - and then our total QB budget wouldn't be all that different from this year. There are waaay to many variables to really even guess at what's going to happen, but that's what would happen in my perfect world anyway.

John Knight said...

Football fan. Hey DUDE. Collaros is NOT 8-3!. Defence and special teams won those games, not Collaros. Have you not been watching! Wake up and give your head a shake. There are many, many better QB's in the league including an old guy named Glenn. We will go no-where with Collaros. We will only be playing one playoff game then cleaning out lockers and hope we can get a QB for next year

Football Fan said...

@ John Knight. Yes dude, he is 8-3. He's not 3-8 or 5-4. He's 8-3, and what that means is that he's done enough at his position for us to win those games. Bridge is 2-3 with the same team for comparison. And for most people that's the point, winning games. You, apparently, are telling us you don't care about the W-L, but instead you would rather that his stats looked pretty. And seriously, Glenn is nowhere near as good as Collaros, and I'm a Glenn fan. How many times did Glenn get pulled last year? Whenever he was under pressure we had to pull him for Bridge, and our OL was better last year than it was this year, due largely to injuries and first year starters this year. We did well last year because both Glenn and Bridge played well, and we had a better OL and a veteran receiving corps last year. Collaros has played much better this year than either of them did last year, and he's had a worse OL and a rookie laden receiving corps.

"We will only be playing one playoff game then cleaning out lockers and hope we can get a QB for next year."
-We're probably going to be playing Winnipeg in the semi-final, and we've beaten them twice already this year. And if it happens to be Edm or BC we've beaten each of them too. You seem to be living in some kind of alternate reality.